The Signpost Perspective: Kurschner and “Antichrist”

I met Alan Kurschner at the Las Vegas Prophecy Conference this past August. We agreed to read and review each other’s books – my book Daniel Revisited and Alan’s book Antichrist. Since yours truly is the author and teacher of the Four Signposts, I feel I must review Alan’s book (as I do with all prophecy works) in two ways – the first as a work standing on its own, and secondly as a work relative to the Signposts.

Antichrist by Kurschner

So I finished reading Alan Kurschner’s book, Antichrist before the day of the Lord. As a work of scholarship standing on its own, I must say Antichrist is an excellent reference for, and treatment of, the topic of a pre-wrath timing of the Rapture and of the reign of Antichrist during the seven-year Tribulation. And while I will not take a public position on the timing of the Rapture so as to not allow that topic to be a stumbling block for a large segment of today’s Rapture-occupied Church to receive the Signpost message, Kurschner’s book nevertheless makes an excellent argument for the pre-Wrath position. It personally made me reconsider some passages of Scripture and re-think that topic.

Overall if any work on this topic could convince people that the Rapture is indeed pre-wrath, it would be Kurschner’s book. Kurschner extensively quotes and uses Scripture to prove his points and includes close examination of the Greek words behind our English translations. I believe Antichrist should be included in the set of works to be studied by any serious student of end-time prophecy.

I also appreciate the scholastic climate he sets in his book where he writes on pg. 21 that “we should strive for the most likely interpretation without trying to say more than Scripture will allow us to say.” I take that same position in my work, and Alan holds true to this statement in Antichrist as well.

Regarding the relation of Antichrist to the Signposts keep in mind Kurschner, like almost all teachers, had not heard of the Signposts. But to set an overall framework for the reader of his research targeting the last half of the Tribulation, he had to address the entire seven-year Tribulation at some point. And so Kurschner does speak to all seven seals of the scroll handed to the Lamb in Revelation 5.

Prior to the knowledge of the Signposts, the popular position has been that all seven seals are broken during the seven-year Tribulation. The Signposts of course, argue that the first four seals are broken prior to the start of the Tribulation.

I do appreciate Alan’s intellectual and scholastic honesty. It becomes evident on p. 47 where he writes, “Concerning the first three seals, I think we are at least certain as to when they will occur (maybe even before) the seven-year period. My purpose in this section is to focus on the fourth and fifth seals, which we are more certain about…I will keep my comments on the first three seals to a minimum.” In other words, he doesn’t make pretenses of topics he has not investigated and instead concentrates on giving the reader a proper treatise of the last half of the Tribulation.

Now, according to the new Signpost interpretation written about in my book, the first three seals, when broken, begin the First, Second, and Third Signposts. I write in my book, “If the fifth, sixth and seventh seals represent events unfolding during and at the end of the Tribulation, couldn’t the first four seals perhaps represent events occurring before the Tribulation?” I then spend over the course of a few chapters showing that, yes, the first through fourth seals are opened prior to the Tribulation. I also wrote, “I did not intend for this book to go into any great detail about the rule of the Antichrist during the Tribulation.” Like Alan, I concentrated on the teaching of the area of end-time prophecy that I researched.

It would seem that God puts a burden on the hearts of many of us to explore particular parts of the end-time story that God is revealing, and wisdom is given in part to many people.

Joel Richardson was given wisdom on the origin of the Antichrist. Nelson was given wisdom regarding the Olivet Discourse. But for Alan, it is the last half of the Tribulation, the Antichrist’s rule, and a pre-wrath Rapture. And for me, it was the Signposts all occurring prior to the Tribulation and Rapture.

The fact that Antichrist and Daniel Revisited seem to complement each other in respective areas of eschatology provides evidence to this idea.

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  1. Mark, I read “Prewrath, A very short introduction …” by Alan a few weeks ago. I thought the same thing. Your book and his compliment each other quite well. I am also in agreement with you about how God has distributed to each one of you wisdom in the different areas of eschatology. May God continue to use and bless you all. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Indeed! God is rapidly giving His eternal wisdom regarding the End-Times to His trusted and faithful disciples. It would be very wise for Church leaders to stop discounting proven and solid prophetic teaching by at least considering what God is doing through those teachers to see if it is so. Compare the prophetic teaching against the gold standard of God’s Word and proper exegesis.

    My own church home is a perfect example of that prophetic sleepiness. It is a bible-believing, teaching, missions-orientated church and loves the LORD. I wouldn’t be there otherwise if it wasn’t. But I have never heard a sermon series or a reputable prophecy teacher speak at my church home. Sad, isn’t it? And the congregation hungers for what it is sorely lacking because of the close-mindedness of my church leadership on this subject.

    So for believers like me who love the prophetic Word and the Prophets, I must get my hunger satisfied elsewhere on my own. So believe me, I have. God has graciously given me so much understanding on this subject, that I likely understand more than my own Senior Pastor who appears afraid of it, let along give a message on it. It makes me so sad, and leaves my church home vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. Why? My church is prophetically sleeping and will be caught unaware because they do not understand the times and cannot interpret signs.

    One more comment, I will wade into the rapture timing and make a very good case for my answer. The answer I’m about to give comes from “The Last Shofar!” by Lenard and Zollar and their piece of the prophetic puzzle they lay down and their intensive research of Christianity’s Hebrew roots. When will the Church rapture happen? On a future Rosh Hashanah known only to God. When Jesus speaks that no can know the day or hour of his coming in the clouds, he was speaking in a Jewish idiom of Rosh Hashanah which the disciples understood immediately. However, that Jewish corporate memory was lost by the Church when Emperor Constantine by order removed any Jewish tradition and rites from Church teaching and practice! What a water shed of understanding “The Last Shofar!” will give to prophecy students, myself included. Another recommended book for serious prophecy students.


  3. Mark: Please explain. Perhaps I am slow to understand.Are you saying that the 1st 3 seals have already broken?

  4. Mark, what a fine review of Alan’s book. I have read this book as well and IMO it is the definative resource on the rapture. Two other excellent books on the rapture are “Prewrath Rapture of the Church” by Rosenthal and “The Last Shofar” by Lenard and Zoller. I recommend all three books highly.

    Here is a link to Alan’s website:


  5. Good4u1,
    Thanks for the recommendation on the book.
    I believe you are right about that hunger for truth in prophecy. Thats why, too, so many people try to fill it with anything including the nephilim, aliens, and why some will cling to the Roman Antichrist theory like a boat passenger clinging to a life raft.

  6. Afo,
    Daniel Revisited explains and puts in to perspective questions like these. In my book and on this website I posit that the first four seals are broken prior to the Tribulation. (But that does not mean they have all been broken yet.)
    Kurschner was talking about the possibility of the first three seals being broken prior to the Tribulation.
    Our world has not gotten that far time-wise, yet. Only the first seal has been broken. The second seal is about to be.

  7. I thank the LORD every day for having come across Joel Richardson, Alan Kurschner and Mark Davidson’s – and a few other’s – inspired insights, without which we’d still be in the dark about what’s happening around us and what’s still to come. All I can say is that with increasing knowledge of what is now being unsealed comes increasing faith and trust in the divine plan and justice, and the promise of salvation.
    May the Most High give us the strength and endurance we will need to face the testing times ahead!

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