Eight Predictions Stemming from the Four Signposts

Predictions?  Is this such a good idea?  How many prognosticators have fallen after making predictions that have not come true?

Well, it looks like I’m already in the predictions business.  Many of the articles written months ago on this blog contain predictions of what to watch for here in the end times, and let’s face it, the Signposts themselves act as predictors of grand sweeping events to occur in the Middle East prior to the Tribulation.  Before the discovery of the Signposts, much of Bible end-time prophecy has just been head knowledge and competing theories.  At some point, wouldn’t you expect Bible prophecy to become reality, where head knowledge becomes applicable to living, and where the rubber meets the road?  As far as I can tell, it is happening with the Four Signposts.  We see it in the Middle East week by week.

So because we are starting a new year and for the sake of blog visitors, I thought it good to gather some of the near-term and more impacting predictions written about on this blog into one list.

The “predictions” given in this blog, however, are not simple prognostications where current events are taken by themselves and extrapolated in a trend to arrive at a conclusion.  No, the “predictions” given in this blog are based on the Signpost interpretation of prophetic scripture.  The Signpost interpretation is derived from a plain reading of Daniel 7 and 8, on top of the foundation laid down by a study of history to show us the meaning behind Daniel 2:40 and 9:26.

The Four Signposts written about in the book Daniel Revisited and on this blog provide an outline of four major events to occur prior to the Rapture and Tribulation.  The Four Signposts Summary page provides a brief description of the Signposts themselves.  We have already experienced the First Signpost.  (Even the First Signpost carried a prediction prior to 2003.)  We have three Signposts to go.

Anyone reading the articles on this blog have seen that events in the Middle East are converging on the Second and Third Signposts.  This by itself is compelling proof that the Signpost interpretation may very well turn out to be correct.  For example, knowing that Iran will invade the Middle East, one can see that Iran’s actions such as its nuclear program, its missile program, its war games, its mobilization, its dealings so far in Iraq and Syria and with ISIS are all preparing Iran for what God’s word seems to be showing us Iran will do.  Someone who does not know the Signposts would say Iran is just acting aggressively.  But the Signposts tell us Iran will invade the Middle East and to what extent, and how successful Iran will be.

However, the Bible is silent on how the Signposts begin, which leaders are involved, and the course that events will take.  God is apparently concerned only that we see the major event when it occurs so we can prepare and respond appropriately.  Comparing the current state of affairs in the Middle East to the Signposts, we can make some speculative predictions as to what may happen in the near future in the Middle East as it converges on the Signposts, to perhaps alert us to the Signposts getting closer.

So in summary, we know Daniel 7 and 8 to be truth.  The Signposts themselves are one man’s (yours truly) interpretation of Scriptural truth.  The Signposts are therefore a theory.  The predictions given below only stem from a comparison of the Middle East of today to the perceived Middle East of the Signposts, i.e. they are predictions arrived at from the theory.

Five familiar images here in 2015, clockwise from top left: Syrian president Assad, Saudi king Abdullah, Turkish president Erdogan, Iranian supreme leader Khamenei, and ISIS militants.

Five familiar images here in 2015, clockwise from top left: Syrian president Assad, Saudi king Abdullah, Turkish president Erdogan, Iranian supreme leader Khamenei, and ISIS militants.

So here is a list of eight “predictions” of events that should occur IF the current Signpost theory holds up:

1) Iran and ISIS. Iran will commit the men and materiel to continue to tie the Islamic State (IS) down prior to the Second Signpost.  Iran will not allow IS to advance much further in Iraq.  They will do this to both bide their time until they are ready for their invasion, and to keep IS a threat so that the world will ask Iran to come out and deal with it in force.  I wrote about this earlier, and it is being confirmed so far.  The West underestimates the scheming of Iranian leadership and their measured, considered moves as in a chess game.  Shortly after the Second Signpost begins, as the massive invasion begins, Iran will demolish IS and do so quickly.

2) Iran’s nuclear program. Iran will develop nuclear weapons and will threaten to use them.  Nuclear weapons capability is the factor I believe that will allow Iran to do all it wants to do (per Daniel 8:4b).

3) Syria. The current Assad-ruled regime in Syria will be removed and replaced by a Sunni government.  I wrote about this here and it is necessary for Turkey to ally with Syria in a Confederation (per Daniel 7:6).  It could happen any time prior to the expected point that Turkey allies with Syria sometime in the Third Signpost.

4) Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan will remain in power and step into the role of prominent horn of the goat (per Daniel 8:5) as the Second Signpost unfolds.  Erdogan is by far the most prominent, popular, aggressive, and authoritarian politician in Turkey with visions of his country returning to Empire (as in the days of the Ottomans).  We saw Erdogan’s candidacy for the goat’s horn in this post and this post.  If it is not Erdogan then another politician would have to quickly rise and replace Erdogan in popularity.

5) Egypt. Egypt, one way or another, will become dominated by Sunni Islamists.  This development should occur sometime during the Third Signpost if not sooner.  We saw this briefly with the presidency of Muhammad Mursi before the secular Egyptian military clamped down and ousted Mursi.  Just as Turkey is half Islamist, Egypt is as well but its secular side is ruling.  In Turkey it is the Islamists.

6) Nations ceasing to exist. Many nations in the Middle East – including Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the U.A.E. –will cease to exist as political entities during the Second Signpost.  Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Iran will cease to exist in their current form during the Third Signpost, but will return in a different form during the Fourth Signpost.

7) The Gulf oil. The Gulf oilfields which contain one quarter of the world’s oil reserves and produce one-fourth of the world’s day-to-day supply will be controlled by Iran during the Second Signpost and by the great Sunni confederacy during the Third Signpost.  Control by Iran will result in worldwide economic chaos (per Rev. 6:4).

8) Israel. Israel will continue to exist, and due to certain possible events such as the coming Psalm 83 war, may be even larger and stronger by the time the Fourth Signpost has finished, with the third Temple already built.

Finally, as an aside, two things I will not predict are (1) dates for things to occur (i.e. date-setting), and (2) the timing of the Rapture (i.e., pre, mid, or post).

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  1. Very astute, Mark. Thank-you. Very interesting days we live in, with signs everywhere in all areas of life pointing toward the return of the Lord in, I hope and believe, our generation

  2. “We saw Erdogan’s candidacy for the goat’s horn in this post and this post” – the two “this post” occurrences are not yet are linkified.

  3. Fixed. Thanks for keeping me honest, Adamant.

  4. Mark,

    I agree with you, there is nothing at all wrong with taking a theory such as the Signposts and extrapolating them into predictions. This in fact is a way to examine whether or not the theory is factual. Nice job.

    I have a question however. Daniel 11 makes significant references to a war between the King of the North (the Antichrist) and the King of the South (most likely Egypt-based.) If Sisi or a similar leader antagonistic to the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, this future conflict makes sense. If a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated leader arises, it makes no sense with the Fourth Signpost which these Daniel 11 conflicts seem to include.

    I would like to propose that Egypt does not have change leadership. When the second Signpost takes place, Egypt and Turkey will have significant reason to align without a leadership change in Egypt. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The threat from Iran might be sufficient to cause both Egypt and Turkey to align for a time during the Third Signpost. In fact the remaining Sunni nations might all align. Is this why even Albania is included? Then after the prominent horn is broken and the Antichrist arises, then he will spark the civil war in Egypt and fulfill Isaiah 19.

    Just my thoughts.


  5. Nelson,
    There are so many details to remember that sometimes we might forget one or two things.
    You are saying that it makes sense or not based on the Egyptian leader being with the Muslim Brotherhood or not. But remember, this battle is to occur during the Fourth Signpost. We have no idea what the political and religious climate will be at that time. Things like the Brotherhood may be long gone at this time. The battle between north and south during the Fourth Signpost will be a battle between two egos, each leading a quarter of the Middle East, and each wanting to be Caliph if not Mehdi. Political sects and various factions may be completely different at this time.
    The battle of the north and south occurs during the fourth signpost, long after the Confederacy has united and done its thing and then fractured. I believe Daniel 11:36-43 is a narrative of the Fourth Signpost. Vs 36-39 talks about how the man to be Antichrist operates, what he believes, and how he rises to power within the new Turkish-Syrian nation. Vs 40-43 is a rich and detailed account of the wars fought between the Turkish new nation and the Egyptian new nation. Verse 40 shows that the trigger that causes the future Antichrist to storm out is that the Egyptian leader (during the fourth signpost) makes war with him.
    You also mention Albania; Albania is included for the same reason that Syria or Iraq is included in all these signposts – the 7 heads of the 4 beasts in Daniel 7 are the end-time versions of the empires that tried to destroy the Jews in past history. They are the players on the stage, willing or not.
    Also, the Confederacy attacks during the Third signpost with a personal, embittered, Esau-hates-Jacob type rage that can only come from religion and not nationalism.
    You sort of forced my hand here, for I am in the middle of a study of Daniel 11, and was going to write about Daniel 11 at some time in the future.
    Blessings, and Thanks,

  6. This Daniel 11 stuff would be highly interesting, making the fourth signpost much more clear. Certainly something for your “Material for a Future Book” category. Thanx for you allowing your hand to be forced… 🙂

    I am not yet 100% convinced of the signpost interpretation, but I take it very seriously. At first I was 50% convinced, but after “The Winds of Heaven Connect the Horsemen to Daniel 7” made it more plausible I am at 66%. Suppose the Iranian conquest of the Middle East really occurs, I will probably get to 99%.

    I am certain enough now to dare talk about it to others. When I do so, I never say “this is it”, but I do call it a well founded possibility, to be taken seriously. In this way it is not threatening and people do not become adverse unnecessarily. To people whom I expect to be adverse anyway, I still sometimes can tell about it in an indirect way: about the rising probability and consequences of an Iranian invasion of the Middle East. If that should really happen, then they might want to listen to the signpost interpretation.

    But even if the theory should prove to be wrong after all, or partially so, I still shall maintain that you did well in pursuing this approach.

  7. End time prophesies are difficult for me to understand. Thank you Mark for making it easier to follow the times. Why does our President seem to be making it easier for Iran to rise with nuclear capabilities?

  8. Looks like we will soon be able to add Yemen to the list of nations listed in the 6th prediction. We are looking at a new and revived Persian Empire in the making.

  9. Mark,

    This is a little off topic of this post…but I was watching former UN Ambassador Bolton on the Kelly File tonight. Bolton was commenting on the new information from Netanyahu who stated that Iran has significantly upgraded their ICBM capability. The Israeli PM said their weapons they have currently could already reach Israel, but that is not their goal with their upgrade. Their goal is to be able to reach America according to Israeli intelligence!

    Now, is the PM just trying to hype this to scare American citizens to take action against Iran in a more drastic way so Israel doesn’t have to or could this really be the case? Here is the clip I saw:


  10. Good4u1,
    The Iranians are a long way from having an ICBM with the range to reach the US. In my opinion, if anyone suggests Iran could have such a weapon in a few years it is only hype.

  11. CarolinaSistah,
    Our current president is assisting the Iranians with their nuclear capability for the same reason as Carter helped establish the Islamic Republic and George W. executed the First Signpost: God is using human “wisdom” to carry out His plans.

  12. Seems to me that we really can’t put anything past Russia. They’re about to sell Iran new missile defense systems, so who’s to say a few long range icbm’s won’t be in there. I think we can safely assume that they are gonna get that capability sooner than we may think.

  13. Also our President is opening the door wide open for Cuba. That’s another scary scenario. Russia is in bed with them also.

  14. Thomas,
    I was thinking about that possibility, but thought it outlandish. But you’re right, one never knows. That would be the only way Iran could have the ICBM capability sooner than later.

  15. His plans are indeed coming to pass before our very eyes. It’s a time of joy and sweet anticipation!

  16. Noticed Furnishing’s post today on Yemen’s religious ties to Iran. Always an interesting post at his site. He explained awhile back why European troops on the ground against ISIL would actually connect to an Islamic prophecy of end times to which it could emboldened them.

  17. Hey Gary!

    Dr. Timothy Furnish is really a very knowledgeable guy…I saw him give a presentation at Concordia Lutheran Seminary last fall on Mahdism within Islam and it was informative. I too read his blog and follow him on Twitter to get the most up to date info.

  18. I found a few interesting articles today. The King of Yemen stepped down and now a group of shiite rebels called “Houthi Militia” have taken the presidential palace. The Houthi are a militant group backed by Iran. It has been said that Iran now controls four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, and Sanaa. I looks as if the invasion has already begun, albeit a rather stealthy and covert operation at this time. Keeping my eyes open!

  19. With the third temple in existence, is it logical to assume that the Islamic Jesus (AKA Isa) would somehow be linked with that. While I agree that the prophecies are ME centric, and previous eschatological theories involving Rome are shown to be erroneous, the Pope has indicated that his time in office will be short. Somehow that seems strangely convenient and timed for Isa to emerge. I would expect him to be refuting the teachings of Jesus Christ, and installed as the highest authority of the Catholic Church. He would then convert followers to Islam.

  20. I had being following Joel’s trumpet site. He also follows the Islamic paradigm and not the erroneous Pope-Vatican-Rome nonsense.

    However, based on my studies, I believed that ISIS will grow and dominate the Middle East and Iran will JOIN. With ISIS being the first beast of Revelation and Iran the second. However, you suggest that Iran will destroy ISIS and will take over the empire created and established by ISIS! Iran will take over a well established Caliphate from ISIS. Let’s remember that the largest America embassy is in Iraq. A state of the art embassy useful and powerful as a war fortress and head quarter.

    But if Iran takes over the world as the first beast who then is the second Beast?

  21. Martinez,
    The Islamic paradigm theory is gaining in popularity though it has a long way to go.
    Daniel 7 is the timeline and history of the end times. Daniel 8 provides the details in parallel. Its as simple as that. We saw the Iraqi lion get its mind changed. We are about to see the bear/ram run out and conquer much. ISIS does not have an empire. ISIS is a sign and a trigger only. ISIS is also a preview of the greater atrocities to come but it will be Mideast-wide when Iran runs out.
    I would not say the caliphate of ISIS is well organized. Many people like the ACLJ are making too much out of ISIS. Just wait until the real activities prophesied in Daniel begin, it will make ISIS look tame.
    Please read the book. Iran is not the beast. Turkey won’t be the beast. The beast comes after that. And the false prophet after that.

  22. Thanks Mark for the clarification.

    I guess I will have to read the book!

    Also. My studies show conclusively that ghr “Man of Lawlessness” is not any of the Beasts in Revelatikn. Might actually be the Pope, or the Mahdi.

    Not, I do not subscribe to the Pope-Beast-Antichrist nonsense, HOWEVER, million of Christians DO. And it is obvious that Satan could very likely leverage that error for his gain. It would work as this: Church leaders claim that the Pope IS the Antichrist AND Beast of Revelation. The Bible CLEARLY says that the Beast/Antichrist will be defeated by Jesus HIMSELF. Therefore it follows that (here is the deception, the trick): Whoever kills/destroys the Pope MUST by definition be Jesus HIMSELF!!! So if Satan rises a Muslim leader or any other powerful/charismatic figure AND that person kills/apprehends/”destroys” the Pope, then those churches MUST by logical conclusion, by their own eschatology, worship THAT “Jesus”. Their own eschatology obligates them! The only problem is that if the Pope is the INCORRECT Antichrist then the church is digging itself in a hole and readying itself for deception.

  23. Where does the U.S. Russia, and China fit in your 4 sign post theory?

  24. Alfred,
    Good question. The U.S. is very involved, China and Russia, not so much.
    U.S. – Daniel 8 says the ram, Iran will run out and be able to do all it wants to do. No one will stop it, even the U.S. This suggests the U.S. could be in trouble of some sort. Up to now, the U.S. has played the leading role in making the First signpost happen and is helping the second and third signposts occur.
    China – See this post. Russia will be the energy supplier to China, I believe, after the Second Signpost begins.

  25. Makes sense, ever since I left the European Union/Russia theory. I always believe the rest of the world was just supporting cast members in the final events. The ten nation confederacy of the Middle East and the ten nations in Genesis 15:19-21 are the same, I believe.

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