Even if Nothing Happens September 13, It Already Did

Even if nothing happens tomorrow or the next day, something already did happen. It happened on Thursday, September 10th in the U.S. Senate chamber. Republican leadership, on which the hopes of Americans who wanted the Iranian Nuclear Deal stopped were resting, tossed aside the Constitution, and therefore negated the votes of most Senators, to give Obama what he wanted.

The U.S. Senate and Obama both told the world that the United States has given its permission for Russia and China to make its people the inspectors in Iran, to wait up to 24 days to see a facility, and to only examine uranium enrichment facilities, not weapons facilities. The United States has given its permission for Iran to go forward with the Second Signpost.  Since the United States has had power in the Middle East to make things happen or not happen, the Second Signpost could not have happened without having the right (read, “wrong”) American leadership.  We have a President who wants to see America’s power cut off.  And so that’s why he is the perfect man to be President at this time to let the Iranian invasion of the Middle East, i.e. the Second Signpost, to move forward.  It did not even matter that the Senate was led by Republicans – God still caused it to happen.

If nothing else happens on or around September 13 this event was enough. The event Thursday will cause the snowballing of event after event as part of the Second Signpost, to bring the United States down, and to usher in the remainder of the Signposts, one after the other. If Jonathan Cahn is right in his presentation about what he suspects the next year is all about, a teacher who does not know about the Signposts, these events will occur over the next year starting tomorrow.

And I agree with Cahn about being prepared. Keep gas in your tank. Keep maybe a month’s food and cash with you. Have some silver. But most of all get right with God.

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  1. In your previous post, you said that the moving forward of the second signpost will bring America down. How do you see this happening? I know the petrodollar will likely be done away with. Do you see our country ceasing to exist? Also, some are saying that if Obama betrays Israel at the upcoming UN meeting by voting in favor of a “two state solution,” America will immediately experience God’s judgment. What do you think of this?

  2. Reblogged this on David S. Jesse and commented:
    Really good insight by someone who I’m beginning to trust more and more. Take time to read this one.

  3. Janae,
    I do not know if America will cease to exist or simply exist in a different. In my book I explain why the Second Signpost would bring our nation down, as well as in this post, this post, and this post.

  4. I would just add one more item to your list regarding why it is likely that Iran will invade the ME…but they will likely wait until the “billions’ of dollars are released from the West to begin their operations for that funding is vital. I could be wrong, I believe those funds begin being released next year, but again, unsure of the exact timing. Mark, it might be a good thing to see if that can be verified in your research.


  5. Good4u1,
    I’ll check into it, thanks.

  6. during this same ending of the seven year shemitah we are apparently entering into the Great Shemitah or Jubliee year ending next fall 2016. At the same time as this iran deal was pushed through we seeing Russia now in Syria helping Assad and these two are also in cahoots with Iran.
    it seems to me that Isis is also in cahoots with Turkey with Turkey going after Kurdish peoples and such… what are we to make of this inclusion of Russia now with iran and Syria?

  7. Momonapurpose (…and everyone too),
    What are we to make of Russia building up in Syria? I was planning to make this topic a post later today. But in order to raise up a community of brothers and sisters who are learning to read the Signposts in the Middle East, how about all of you think about it first. We know from Daniel 7 and 8 we have Four Signposts. Start there; everything in the Middle East fits in to the Signpost interpretation. And here’s a clue – how does Russia helping Assad fit in with the Second Signpost? I’ll make the post later today. See how close your answer is. Bless you all.

  8. If I had to rank 3 groups of dates in Sep/Oct, as the most potential possibility of disaster hitting us, it would be:

    1) Sep. 23rd – Yom Kippur
    2) Sep 28th-Oct 4th Sukkot 1-7
    3) Sep 14-15 – Rosh Hoshana 1-2

    We have to thank God for being so merciful to this nation and for delaying his judgement for such a long period of time, since this nation left God.

  9. Well… I’m thinkin’ that as I watch what looks like an airbase being built or restructured in Syria, and Russian aircraft flying across the very path the ram will take westward…. then i think about the bear with the three ribs in his mouth ( I know the bear is Iran who will basically control Iraq with along with Russia and Syria). The stage is set for the Ram to make its move and no one can stop them .

  10. Thomas,
    Yes. There may be additional preparations but it seems very close now.

  11. Momonapurpose,
    You are asking the right question.

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