IRGC Video: Dreams of the Second Signpost?

What might the supreme leader and IRGC commanders be thinking and planning in order to carry out the Second Signpost, the invasion by Iran of the Middle East prophesied in Daniel 7 and 8? That question has come to my mind from time to time. Of course the Bible only tells us it will happen – not when, or how. But we might have part of an answer in a video that came out on January 7 on YouTube.

A frame capture of a video showing an animation of an all out Iranian rocket attack on Ghawar and various airbases.

A frame capture of a video showing an animation of an all out Iranian rocket attack on Ghawar and various airbases.  A rocket leaves a trail overhead.

A reader saw a video on Walid’s site, which was posted January 15. I decided to go to the originating site on Youtube and do some digging. Apparently someone used an Iranian video company,, to produce a 5-minute computer-game-style video of a massive Iranian rocket attack on the Saudis’ main oil field (picture) and several airbases. It was placed on the website, which is an IRGC propaganda site.

Of course the bomb blasts are on the scale of atomic bombs but produce no mushroom cloud, and other liberties are taken, but it portrays – even if the IRGC is fractionally successful as shown – a massive and frightening first strike to get the Second Signpost going.

Most commentators will say this is a portrayal of an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia, but, no, this would be bigger: this would be the Second Signpost. An attack like this shows, as the Bible says, the Iranian attack will indeed be like a ram butting outward (Dan. 8), and it will take peace from the earth (Rev. 6) in the first few moments. We cannot know how Iran will cut off the oil and cut off sales in US dollars, but blowing up the entire Ghawar oilfield would indeed be effective. The Ghawar field is why Saudi Arabia can out-produce every other country in the world in the current drive to lower prices. By far the largest field in the world, if placed on the eastern seaboard of the USA it would stretch from New York City to Baltimore (150 miles), have a width a bit less than that of Long Island, and be 300 feet thick.  I doubt Iranian rocket forces could pull off an attack like this, but it makes one wonder what might be in the realm of possibility, or audacity on the part of the IRGC.

Can you imagine the worldwide panic that would happen from such an event? In its invasion Iran would require a few days to take over 25% of the world oil supply causing all sorts of worldwide economic and logistical problems. Ghawar, however, producing over half of Saudi Arabia’s daily production of ten million barrels, if knocked out not only would take 7% of the world oil supply out immediately, but if the destruction that occurs reflects what’s in the video it won’t be repaired and brought back on line until after Christ returns. It would be permanent in light of the Signposts to follow. Iran, through shock and awe of its own, would begin the Second Signpost effectively.

Could this video just be some IRGC commanders’ dreams of the Second Signpost?  Or might it reflect some reality of the first few moments of the Second Signpost?

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  1. Momonapurpose, Roz,
    I don’t think it was coincidence that both of you saw and linked that article.

  2. Do you have any sense of when the second signpost might start to take place?

  3. Janae,
    I can only guess when it might start. A spring time? Whether years from now or tomorrow I do not know and the Bible is silent on it.
    Since we do not know and cannot know, we must always be prepared.

  4. One possible clue as to timing, at least in a spiritual/seasonal sense, may be seen in the rhetoric of Iran’s chief cleric, Rouhani, who was recently quoted as saying Iran was not a threat to the region, but instead “a messenger of peace, stability and security in the region and the world.”

    Rouhani’s words reminded me of 1 Thes 5;3 – “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape”

    While the military ‘horn’ of the Persian ram prepares for battle, the official government policy spokesman ‘horn’ speaks of peace and prosperity. Doesn’t make sense except as a rhyme with the standard mode of operation mentioned in the verse above.

  5. The Saudi Arabia currency has been ‘pegged’ in value to the U.S. dollar for some time. There is now speculation by some in the financial blogs-sphere that this may suddenly change. Their theory is that S.A. is reportedly needing to take more drastic measures to avoid further lowering their standard of living (they’ve been recently raising money by selling bonds for the first time). Another obvious way for them to raise money is to boost the value of their number 1 export (oil) which is traded in U.S. dollars. How would they do this? By suddenly removing their peg to the dollar. When a nation devalues their currency it is for the purpose of increasing the relative value of their exports to other nations. S.A. would only do this as an act of desperation because the price of crude oil has fallen lower than they originally anticipated (partly because of the removal of economic sanctions against Iran). This ‘de-pegging’ event is being predicted/expected in the relatively near future (weeks away) by at least one self-titled ‘currency war’ expert. The value of oil exports from the U.S. dollar perspective would then be further compromised (meaning lower oil prices per barrel here). The value of Iran’s oil would theoretically also fall (if they peg to the U.S. dollar). We already know low crude prices are having a negative effect on the global economy. This could be the lighting/striking of the match which triggers a whole-lotta-trouble in the Mid-East and elsewhere.

  6. Daniel,
    Just so you know, Rouhani is not the chief cleric but only the president. The president has no real power but is a mouthpiece – a more conservative one like Ahmadinejad or a more moderate one like Rouhani – only. The supreme leader is the top cleric and is the first horn. The president counts for nothing.

  7. Thanks for the clarification/correction on the clerical status of Rouhani. The context of the article in the link seemed to label him as a ‘reformist cleric’ and I mistakenly used the term ‘chief cleric’. You’re right, he’s an official policy mouthpiece and his rhetoric doesn’t represent the true underlying intents or ‘nature of the beast’.

  8. Today again, messages abound showing something is brewing:

    U.S. forces setting up airbase in northeast Syria

    Biden: PKK is terror group ‘plain and simple,’ threat to Turkey like ISIS

    Biden: US and Turkey prepared to seek Syria military solution

    What we learn from the first two is part of the third one.

    I presume Iranian leadership was already less than pleased with the increasingly aggressive attitude of the Saudi’s, which includes the recent grand anti-terror league (both anti-ISIS and anti-Iran) under Saudi leadership, which includes Egypt and Turkey.

    It seems the USA are now giving both permission and support to the Turks and their aspirations to the East – which are contrary to Iran’s (and Russia’s) aspirations. If I were Iran’s leadership, I would be far less than pleased with this.

    So, will they attack now, pre-emptively, before everyone is united and ready to take them on?
    Or will it just wait and weather it out again, until the lifted sanctions allowed it to have become stronger than they are now?

  9. This also fits with what I wrote above:
    Kerry (in Arabia): most of Hezbollah’s arms come from Iran
    This is against Hezbolla, Assad and Iran – and also against Russia and China.
    The president of China himself is in Iran right now (, and China has signed 17 agreements with Iran (

  10. All Glory to God

    I find this article very interesting

    If this is true. It shows that Putin is willing to consider a Syria without Assad. Depending on how Assad plays his cards, this could open the door for Turkey.

    God Bless

  11. Mark, I think this is of interest to you, unless you already know all about it… An ugly story that fits in the whole picture, about the Iranian supported Shi’ite version of ISIS: “al-Hashd al-Shaabi”. It is just as active and murderous as ISIS, but is less in the news.

    “There are many indicators that ISIS’s hold on major Iraqi population centers is weakening. If its threat dissipates, as we are promised, we will be left with the threat of an Iran-sponsored entity that is more powerful than the conventional armed forces and compels Iraq’s institutions to do its bidding.
    Is it thus possible that this “other ISIS” represents the greater existential threat to Iraq and the region – an Iranian Trojan horse for which extortion, abduction, sectarian cleansing and mass killing of civilians are legitimate weapons of war? Many believe so.”

    The article shows how gruesome the Second Signpost might become for the Sunni local population.

    See also:

    “Dozens of paramilitary groups were united under a secretive branch of the Iraqi government called the Popular Mobilization Committee, or Hashd Shaabi.
    The Popular Mobilization Committee was headed by Jamal Jaafar Mohammad, better known by his nom de guerre Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis, a former Badr commander. Mohandis is the right-hand man of Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force. The semi-official PMF took the lead role in many of Iraq’s security operations. From its position at the nexus between Tehran, the Iraqi government, and the militias, it was increasingly influential in determining the country’s future.
    Most of the groups followed a call to arms by Iraq’s leading Shiite sheikh Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. But Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, was also a key factor in the decision to fight.”

    See also: “From Militia to State Force: the Transformation of al-Hashd al-Shaabi”

  12. Adamant,
    Good catch and thanks for the link.
    I would think any militant Shia-versioned “IS” that might arise would be recruited by the IRGC. The article even says some of these groups are resembling the IRGC. The IRGC would use them as minions during the Second Signpost.

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