Davidson’s Best Guess End-Time Timeline

Many have asked for a chart to put together the main events of the end times from the Signpost perspective. Timelines can be dangerous because they can be followed too closely and relied upon too much.

But I also realize the utility of timelines and how with one picture they can relate events to one another. I also started to notice some real dates as I dug in a little deeper which were very close to the opening and closing dates of the Jewish seven-year cycles. Also, it looks like big events usually don’t happen on the cycle start/finish, but a cycle can have a theme. Like for the First Signpost, the five cycles thus far are: conquest, conquest, WMD/bow, making the lion stand, continuing to watch the lion.

Each of the remaining Signposts being assigned to their own cycle was just a guess; however, the Bible itself gives us hints that these events might not be so quick. On the other hand, they can’t be so long that they exceed one person’s lifetime as Jesus said in Matthew.

So here is a timeline showing the major Signpost/Tribulation events, and how they relate to one another. I’m up for revising it. I hope you all find it useful. Download and distribute it freely per the notice in the bottom left corner.

The Best Guess End-Time Timeline. Available for Download.




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  1. Hi Mark

    How did you come to your conclusion for when the ‘generation’ started (one lifetime)?


  2. LOL, just before opening up my email notification of this I’d replied to one of my readers who’d asked “Does this mean things are going to get even worse unless we intercede?” (in response to an intercessor’s vision) as follows:

    ‘My ‘take’ on this is the OT and NT prophetic scriptures are now playing out and the Lord desires our working with Him not only through prayer and revelatory intercession but also in manifesting His glory in our personal lives as His revived church, thereby being witnesses of Jesus as well as encouraging our brethren. This is part of the preparation of the Bride.

    ‘In my humble opinion, Father’s actively enabling that to happen and His game-plan allows for the flexibility of His sovereign will to act whatever the outcomes of interplay between secular and spiritual forces. Yes things are happening, but if taken in the overview, perhaps not in strict sequence of a literal reading of the prophetic passages. That is, on top of those – or threaded in between – account has to be taken of what’s actually happening and developing in the world.’

    (https://richards-watch.org/2017/04/05/intercessors-vision-of-heavens-council-meeting-on-uk/ refers)

  3. Ryan,
    Of all the events related to prophecy in direct or indirect fulfillment, some events are directly called out in the Bible (like the Antichrist going into the Temple and declaring himself God) and some are supporting events (like the actual building of the third temple whenever that might be -after all there must be a temple for AC to walk into, but there is no prophecy – as far as I can tell – specifically saying Israel will build it prior to the AC entering it).
    So with that said, I believe the end times began with the release of the first rider and the breaking of the first seal. Israel being founded, and retaking the temple mount in 1967 were fulfillments of prophecy, but are precursors to the end times. Jesus said when you see the budding you know summer is near, like Israel’s appearance. But the final countdown of the end times itself is the four beasts vision of Daniel 7 and the seals of Daniel 6. The both point to the final seven great events of the end times. The first was the first rider and the first beast (which I wrote about in Daniel Revisited chapter 9).
    So when Jesus spoke in Matthew 24:4-8 about wars, famine and seismos (2nd, 3rd, 4th Signposts), he also spoke of not being deceived by false christs. I believe Jesus was speaking of all four signposts as well as the tribulation and his return in Matthew 24, and He said that ALL THIS will be witnessed by one generation. Some say the seven seals of Rev. 6 are just within the Tribulation. I reject that notion, and that the seven seals are seven end time events. I will be explaining this point thoroughly in my next book.
    This is why I start the “lifetime” with the appearance of the first rider and the first signpost.

  4. Richard,
    Timing is everything – thanks for your note. Also, hence the scripture that says only the Father knows about that day.

  5. As of this week Trump is currently trying challenge the support of Assad after the use of chemical weapons was used. The train stations in St Petersburg experienced a terrorist attack this week. Congress continues to slant toward an anti-Russia policy and attitude with this current investigation. CNN does not like the RT media arm of the Russia media and its influence in Europe. If the US continue to press this bias towards them, I am convinced that the RT will assist Iran and their influence on the Middle East. Trump is handling Yemen horribly and now this week with what I am seeing with Assad, it’s going press Putin’s buttons. I have often wondered if David’s Wilkerson’s project concerning a Russian attack was still possible. We shall soon see. Concerning the timeline, is it possible of it being seven years earlier, Mark?

  6. Hi. If I’ve understood you correctly, you are suggesting that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th signposts include not being deceived by false Christs, and that the 2nd signpost perhaps began in 2015.
    Well, I was wondering what kind of false Christs do you think may arise. Will they be more convincing than the ones we’ve already had, such as Sun Myung Moon and other cult leaders who have been tantamount to a Christ figure. These have largely come and gone – I’m not aware at the present time of any others, though there may very well be. Do you think they would be so convincing that Christians themselves could be deceived?

  7. Gary,
    By seven years earlier I assume you mean Christ’s return. Answer: yes, absolutely it could be. That’s why I put in the title “best guess.” 😉
    A signpost could easily be longer or shorter.

  8. Yellowyarrow,
    Hi. I’m suggesting the time or theme or era of the Second Signpost is now, though the actual invasion has not happened yet. I noticed that in each of the past cycles there was a new theme, but the highlight events wouldn’t happen until further into the cycle. So I suggest the actual invasion will happen before 2022 (but just a guess).
    The false christs will come and go with the ultimate being the AC. No, I don’t believe Christ’s followers will be fooled – the real Christ’s coming will be like lightning and will rip the sky open – a tough act to fake. Matthew 24 tells us this. And the First Signpost I believe falls into the same category as “don’t be deceived.” Not only should we not be deceived as to what is and is not happening in the end times (and the First Signpost seems to be a 35-year warning to “get this”) but every leader of each Signpost will be viewed as a caliph, or messiah. Saddam himself was viewed by some to be the Antichrist when he started rebuilding Babylon in the late 1980’s. I have written about this very topic in my new book.

  9. Ah, Mark…I have to tell you about that phrase, “…about the day and hour no one knows, but only the Father knows” quoted by Jesus in Matthew 24:36. Jesus is speaking a jewish idiom that all of his Jewish hearers understood at the time he spoke it. But because the Church has forgotten her Hebrew roots because of Constantine abolishing jewish tradition and thought in Christian teaching we take it at literal value lending to a misunderstanding that Jesus is coming back any minute which is not the Lord’s intention.

    Anyway, it would take far to long to explain properly but the bottom line is Jesus is referring to a future Rosh Hashanah when in one day the dead saints will resurrect, the living church/saints are raptured to heaven and God’s wrath begins to to be poured out upon the unrepentant. If you want to understand this and so much more from a ground-breaking paperback book entitled, “The Last Shofar” by Joseph Lenard & Donald Zoller. It has become a classic standard in biblical prophecy. I highly recommend it.


  10. What interesting, Tim Warner places the 120 cycles of Jubilee years (from Creation and in using events listed in the Bible) will conclude mathematically on 2036.

  11. Had no idea what was going to happen tonight after my post earlier, Mark. Just read minutes ago that Trump approved firing Tomahawk missiles on Assad forces at the airbase in Horns for the report of using gas. Ron Paul is contesting the original report as not making sense. It will be interesting to see how Putin intends to respond to this.

  12. Julie,
    I always believed the fall feasts would be the time Jesus returns. If Lenard has proven the resurrection occurs also at the same time, well, if Jesus is only going to come back on a Rosh Hashanah, then wouldn’t the pre-, mid- and pre-wrath positions go away, leaving only post-?

  13. Oh, no…I guess I didn’t make myself clear…the resurrection of saints/rapture is when Jesus is on the clouds directing his angels to gather the saints to him and return to heaven. The rapture and The Second Coming are not the same event, but related I’m sure you know this. The rapture is the cloud event where Jesus never touches the ground, but The Second Coming is when Jesus returns to touch his feet on the Mt. of Olives splitting the mount in two directions of North and South to finish off the Antichrist/Armaggeddon/Millennial Kingdom inauguration, etc. Once I finally understood this, prophecy made very clear sense for me thanks to the Lenard/Zollar book.

  14. Actually, to answer your question about which rapture position the bible supports in my view, it is pre-wrath. Leonard/Zoller book finally put that issue to rest in my mind. But there are plenty of other questions in prophecy yet to be fully answered, of course. 🙂


  15. Dear Mark,

    Your choosing 2036-2043 similar to my version 2037-2044 but with different background of prophecies.

    My calculation based on 6th trumpet of Revelation and Rev 18 about Babylon Harlot.

    6th Trumpet is dual prophecy about 200 millions army and 2 witnesses.

    200 millions army time are hour day month year and my calculation will be hour (41.6)+ day (1000)+ month (30)+year (360) = 1431 years.

    2 witnesses talking about 1260 days/years with additional 3.5 days/years

    Since this all related to islam so i choose islam important years then added with those numbers:

    200 millions calculations:
    – 570 + 1431 = 2001
    – 610 + 1431 = 2041
    – 620 + 1431 = 2051
    – 632 + 1431 = 2063
    – 660 + 1431 = 2091
    – 661 + 1431 = 2092
    – 750 + 1431 = 2181
    – 782 + 1431 = 2213

    2 witnesses calculations
    – 660 + 1260 = 1920
    – 661 + 1260 = 1921
    – 750 + 1260 = 2010
    – 782 + 1260 = 2042

    Regarding Mystery Babylon which i believe as European Union which technically started at 2000 AD we add with one hour (Rev 18:10) aka 41.6 years we get 2041.

    From 3 different calculations i got close years 2041/2042. Now with +/- 3.5 days/years i got 2037-2044.

    I believe this 2037-2044 strictly relate to 6th trumpet and Rev 18 not about rapture or second coming which i believe incalculable.

    But still very close to your calculation right? I believe something big will happen during those period.

  16. Donal,
    Just using the bible text itself I believe the end of Jesus’ ministry is exactly 4,000 years after the Fall. Therefore, AD 2030 is roughly the end of 6,000 years. Based on real end times history (see the Timeline) I simply put the Signposts left to go on a Shemitah cycle. That’s it. I believe the Tribulation will occur from 2036-2043, but it could be earlier or later. We won’t know till we get close.

    Please understand, too, I wrote the books and got into this not to push a theory for academics sake. I discovered this interpretation, and realized I had a moral obligation to warn the church because when Iran invades, Donal, its not just a wait and see thing, but will completely turn your world upside down and put us on the path to the Tribulation. It will be in your face, not just something that we can watch.

  17. Dear Mark
    Many thanks for your ‘best guess’ time line. Based on Gods 7 day week and the millennia Model i see that you concur with the 4000 years, yet calculate the next period of 2000 years to be 2043.
    I am looking at the 6000 years of man issue and try to reconcile with Gods perfection and use of numbers etc etc . For example, I note that the prophecy for the Messiahs entrance into Jerusalem was day perfect after hundreds of years, this only exacerbates the confusion over timelines.

    Can you put your finger on any reasons that it won’t be 2000 years exactly ? I have been using the timeline that Jesus Was crucified in 31-33 ad and so 2031-2033 would be the date of return, whereas you have put 2043.

    Kind regards

  18. Hi Brian,
    I can only say it doesn’t have to be 2,000 years exactly, but it could be. It might be longer, which is the way I lean. It’s only a guess. Don’t put too much weight on my guess.

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