News From Tyler: God is Working!

[ANNOUNCEMENT: Videos are available for the main speakers at this link. I highly recommend you check them out. I am told the video for my session is still coming and will be posted soon. Stay tuned.]

God showed up mightily this past weekend at the Understanding The Times prophecy conference in Tyler, Texas.

With the wonderfully orchestrated venue of the facility itself providing the stage, speakers gave messages that painted an overall picture of what God is doing in the Middle East at a personal and political level, which seemed to be well received by 900 or so of our brothers and sisters interested in understanding the times.

It seemed this conference was not only about end time prophecy but far beyond that, it was about God, for we could all see that God is not only working in the Middle East, but was also working in Tyler, Texas.

The Host and The Organizer

Pastor David Dykes of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas, offered his conference center with all its volunteers. There was the main meeting room, the side session rooms, the volunteers that helped the speakers, and the volunteers running the facility – it was all a well-oiled machine that provided the backdrop.

God mightily used the Organizer, a sister, who, I believe organized and executed one of the best conferences I have ever seen both within the church and even in my earlier years in the defense industry. She and her people worked to combine the venue with the speakers and their messages, with the worship team, to provide an environment powerfully conducive to allowing what God wanted to tell us all about what He was doing in the end times.

I thank both the Organizer and Pastor David for allowing God to work through them to allow the things He wanted people to hear, to be heard.

The Speakers

Joel Richardson and husband-wife team Tom and JoAnn Doyle, were the main speakers.

Joel reminded us all that the end times is not about terrible things, but about the reality of what exists on the other side where a world will exist where we are all in our immortal bodies, ruling with Christ who will be in Jerusalem. He also spoke in a different talk about the many times in the Bible where the Antichrist is mentioned clearly as coming from the Middle East, as well as how Islam is the result of the Biblical division between Isaac and Ishmael.

Mixed into this was the testimony of Tom and JoAnn Doyle, missionaries to not just the Middle East, but with emphasis on Muslims themselves. Both of them told of the miraculous things God is doing there to bring the lost – individual Muslims – to Him. Christ is not without a witness and has made himself known to many people there. The stories are many – make sure you listen to them as well as all the talks when the videos come out on YouTube (I will announce the link at the top of this post as soon as I know it).

I thank God for both Joel and the Doyles who showed the group of 900 attendees that there really isn’t anything to be afraid of – not from the end times, nor the Middle East, nor Muslims; and on the topic of Muslims we can talk to those who have come to our country and now live in our neighborhoods, to show them Jesus.

Also, Chris Mantei of Wings of the Eagle Ministry was tapped to be emcee. I’ve known Chris for a while and was pleasantly surprised at the gift God gave him for such a task. This experience gave me a new appreciation for how a good emcee keeps the events moving seamlessly. 

On a side note it was a blessing to also have dinner with Joel, Chris and Nelson, to be able to fellowship with these brothers.

The Signpost Message

It was in the midst of this wonderful weekend I was called to speak at one of the five breakout sessions occurring on the first day. In earlier discussions in prior months with the Organizer, who is a strong believer of the message of the Four Signposts, we didn’t know if the people might be ready for an Islamic Antichrist or the Signposts. I believe it was the right decision for my message to be given to a subset of the attendees – those who would see the highlights of my message in the folder and want to know more.

The Organizer assigned one of the larger (maybe the largest – I’m not sure) rooms for the Signpost message. The room had 150 chairs. They were all filled and there were even some people lined up on the back wall. I had prayed about my message and charts. With much prayer and thought and revision, the message was a compact, dense, and 55-minute-long talk. With the talk being videoed, I knew viewers could go back and replay it as often as needed. The talk was in the middle of the day.

My books were sold out just after the talk. Many people – I lost count – couldn’t get a book or couldn’t get into the session room. I directed them to online book sites, my blog, and the fact that the talk will be on line.

People were actively seeking this message. People wanted to know what it was about. I told all who came to my table.

An Earlier Commission

It was only after the conference was over, and I was sitting at the airport, that it finally dawned on me. My thoughts went back to February 2017. Two things related to the Signpost message happened that month. The first was that I spoke at a small church in southwest Denver. While there, some of the brothers and sisters felt the need to pray for me, to “commission” me to be released in the body of Christ to spread the Signpost message (all you brothers and sisters who prayed for me know who you are, praise God).

It was also during that month I visited another church in Denver where Joel was speaking, and met the Organizer for the first time. She said she was glad to run across me, and asked for my contact info, and that she was feeling the call of God to put together a conference. Six months later there I was at her conference, sharing the Signpost message with a roomful of people and with many others coming up to me. It was further back in 2012 when I was publishing the first edition of the Signpost message that I believe God was showing me that when the message was ready to be widely shared, in his time, I would be doing exactly what I was doing in Tyler this past weekend. Praise God.

It’s All About God

God is working in the Middle East. God is working in the hearts of Muslims and using our brothers and sisters like the Doyles.

God is also working in the church to wake up his people. I can only rejoice that He is using me to be a part of this work.

God bless you all.

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  1. What an awesome and inspiring report, Mark! It sounds like from your wonderful upbeat and optimistic tone that much fellowship was had among the speakers and participants from a gracious and hospitable host church for such a little touched on spiritual topic. A very nicely detailed accounting is very much appreciated by all of us readers of your blog.

    Thank you!


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