Amazing News Story of the Second Signpost: Get Yourselves Ready

Thanks go to one of our readers who found this article at Russia Today (RT). This news piece confirms what I’ve been saying for years – both in Daniel Revisited and here on this blog. RT may not be mainstream news here in America, but it is in Russia and other parts of the world.

Part of the article is print and part is video, shown below.

The video is a news clip from RT discussing recent Mideast events and at 01:06 talks about the likeliness of war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. At 02:50 it is stated that the new Saudi ruler crown prince Salman is rash and could be a factor in starting a war with Iran. (And why not? An American president with bad intel started the First Signpost.) Interestingly at 03:14 the video says Saudi Arabia would start a war but Iran would not. Of course the Second Signpost says Iran will run out and conquer everything, but we do not know how it will start.

The print portion of the article is even more amazing. It talks about interruptions to the oil supply, from this war, causing oil prices to shoot up to $300 per barrel, and if that happens it would cause impoverishment to much of the world’s population. I wrote about this in Daniel Revisited, Iran’s Great Invasion, and on this blog.

The folks at RT are connecting the dots. Is your church connecting the dots, too? Or are they still sleeping with their dreams of the Rapture?  This event is next in Bible prophecy – the next event to show us Christ is coming. Does Daniel 8:17, 19, 26 all say what they say for no reason? Today’s popular prophecy cannot give a reason.

With the popular and dead-end prophecy theologies so pervasive today you may be the only one to wake up your church, your pastor, and your family.  Time is short.  Events in the Middle East seem to be telling us this.

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  1. Our church is ‘dreaming of the rapture’ but certainly not sleeping. They have their eyes firmly on events taking place in the middle east. We may not all agree on ‘next steps’, however they all agree that we are likely going to see a massive global upheaval that will be used by God to bring about both persecution in the west, with the accompanying revivals (which are almost always born out of persecution). We are not praying for persecution, however we are praying for revival. We know how that takes place however…

    I have been wondering how Iran could overwhelm the ME without intervention from Israel…however this article provides the necessary insight into why Israel may remain absent during the Iran-Saud war.


  2. These things has been told in the Bible both Old and News testament prior to the Day of the Lord return to establish His kingdom on earth and to rule for a Thousand Years. Come quickly Lord!


    The map is interesting, it shows mainly sunni lined up against shia. Don’t get Iran v Lennon though. Keep in mind the Express is bordering on tabloids, so verify with other sources. They’ve been known to hype.

  4. Ryan,
    There are a few churches, like yours, that are on the watch. Glad to hear it.
    Thanks for the link.

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