Livestream May 12 on Daniel Revisited

The livestream announced earlier with Al Fadi, the director of CIRA International, will occur at 11 AM MST, Friday, May 12. It will appear on the CIRA International YouTube channel. This livestream will be about Daniel Revisited and the Signpost message.

If you missed the livestream, it can still be watched at a later time on that YouTube channel.

Another livestream is in the works for Hidden Babylon.

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  1. From your last post that the United States may not even be around for the second signpost. I get where your coming from with troop pull out but the idea the Russia and China could send over nuclear misses to destroy the US is baffling. Wouldn’t they be afraid of our reprisals and the devastation that would also unleash on their countries? Just curious as you didn’t seem to address that part of the equation. Thanks, Eric

  2. Hi Eric,
    A great question. If they did use nukes, I suspect it would likely be in a way that would take us completely by surprise, as they may have discovered a blind spot(s). The attack could come in the form of a multi-faceted, multi-front strategy. For example, Russia’s underwater drone parked off of three or four of our largest metro areas, coupled with hypersonic cruise missiles that can strike control centers from our coast in three minutes, with simultaneous attacks on our carrier groups around the world that are out to sea (or even in port). And don’t forget hiding a missile in a container on a container ship to release an EMP on either coast.
    The point is, all great empires thought they were impregnable until their adversary found a way to overcome them. The Arabian mounted over the Roman legions in AD 636, the Mongol horde against Islam ca. 1258, King Cyrus against Babylon.
    I believe Russia and China would not attack until they were certain they could take us completely by surprise.

  3. Let’s not forget cyber attacks too that could effectively knock out the ability to do anything……if it was severe enough it could keep military forces down enough. Haven’t seen Russia do anything in this realm, yet.

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