Livestream May 20 with Al Fadi, Delayed Again

My apologies to anyone who was setting aside time to view this, but the Livestream with Al Fadi has been delayed yet again. It was scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2023, and has been delayed to another Saturday in the near future.

Al Fadi sent me his apologies but texted that something bizarre happened to block that time.

One thing I learned along the way in teaching the Four Signpost interpretation of end-time Bible prophecy is that God is not allowing it to be taught en masse to huge numbers of people until the right time. Presumably, it would be the time near to when the next event—the Second Signpost—occurs. For now, the message is spreading by word of mouth.

In the last ten years all sorts of bizarre things have happened to hold the message back. These things included a phone message with a garbled return number to a major Christian TV show, and a ministry leader who even died suddenly just as he was going to alert certain important people.

So last night, I confirmed with Al Fadi I was still a “go” with Saturday. At that point I prayed asking the Lord to block it if it wasn’t time, or to unblock it if it was the time. It was during that very time when Al Fadi told me of a bizarre block.

To God be the glory.

Continue to spread the message to those you know. I’m sensing we are close to the Second Signpost, and I believe the livestream will happen soon.

Please stay tuned.

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