Excerpts From the Book, Daniel Revisited

On this page I will be posting excerpts from the book, Daniel Revisited.  These excerpts will be pdf’s so that you can download them if you wish.  I hope you enjoy them.


Daniel Revisited INTRODUCTION TN edition

APPENDIX A – A History of the Commentary of Daniel 2:40

The following excerpt is the twelve-page Appendix A in its entirety.  In the Introduction of Daniel Revisited, I discuss the sealing and unsealing of Daniel (per 8:26 and 12:4,9) and how Daniel was sealed.  Much of the sealing that God accomplished was by using the wisdom of man.  One such verse that was a stumbling block over centuries was Daniel 2:40.  Having Appendix A allowed me to give a complete story of the history of the commentaries of Daniel 2:40 over the last 18 centuries.  Here in Appendix A you can see the rather flimsy foundation that the entire theology of a Roman Antichrist is built upon.

Daniel Revisited_Appendix A_pp 269-72

Daniel Revisited_Appendix A_pp 273-76

Daniel Revisited_Appendix A_pp 277-80_end

CHAPTER 10, The Second Signpost: The Conquest by Iran, Section A

The following excerpt is the eight-page Section A of Chapter 10 from Daniel Revisited.  Chapter 10 discusses how Iran today and for the last thirty years or so is getting ready to fulfill the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation related to the Second Signpost.  Chapter 10 of Hidden In Plain Sight was mostly rewritten for Chapter 10 in Daniel Revisited.  Section A of Chapter 10 concentrates on those portions of the Biblical prophecies of the Second Signpost, regarding the persian ram of Daniel 8 just prior to charging out, where we see the second horn growing longer, later, than the first horn.

Daniel Revisited_Chap 10_pp. 173-176

Daniel Revisited_Chap 10_pp. 177-180

Daniel Revisited_Chap 10 Endnotes_pp. 259-260

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