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Hello and welcome to foursignposts.com, the original home of End-Time Signpost Theology on the internet!  I welcome all brothers and sisters in Christ; I also welcome unbelievers who are open to proof that the Bible is inerrant truth so that they may find salvation in Christ.

What is End-Time Signpost Theology?  It is, to sum up in one sentence, an interpretation of the prophetic passages of Daniel chapters 2, 7, 8, and 9 in context with a proper study of world ancient and medieval history, to reveal a continuous series of world events that started in 1979, continuing now, and leading right up to the Tribulation itself.  And it is that last part – the continuous series of events leading up to the Tribulation that has been astonishing to many people including yours truly.

It astonishes people because we who are interested in prophecy have been fed a steady diet – since the time Israel was established as a nation – of the current mainstream prophetic picture that nothing more prophetically is going to happen until the Rapture or Tribulation.  And that idea is completely false!  We have been taught that events in Europe and the Middle East are meandering their way, with some sort of hazy relevance to the Antichrist and Tribulation, and that all of a sudden – bam! – the rapture takes place or the Antichrist makes his appearance.  But this is not the truth.  Oh, there will still be a rapture and an Antichrist.  But what is truth is that the events going on in the Middle East, depending on the specific nation and event, have a specific place in the train of events leading up to Christ’s coming and by knowing these events you will know how close we are to Christ’s return, and when to expect – and not expect – the appearance of Antichrist.  Almost everyone who has read my first book, Hidden In Plain Sight, or the second edition, Daniel Revisited, has expressed astonishment or has at least admitted it is causing them to re-think the end times.  This message is completely different from anything else we have ever encountered.  And it is so different, so not expected that, frankly, if you do not read the book or this blog you will completely miss it.  And with this message now revealed the door has now been opened so that end time prophecy is becoming mainstream, for we are living in the time of fulfillment of specific prophecies.

But there are also those who have stonewalled this message – ministry leaders and pastors.  They come up with any number of reasons why they won’t even read it and explore it.  They declare that the Islamic Antichrist is unbiblical (they need to read history to see why this statement is actually nonsense).  Or they say that the Rapture is pre-Trib (which by the way is completely irrelevant to the Signposts which do not care if the Rapture is pre-, mid- or post- Trib).  They do not understand how the Signposts can change their view, for all they know is what they know.  There is a block there preventing many from learning.  But I stand ready to explain the Signposts, and debate the finer points of Scripture and history with anyone, including pastors or other ministry leaders.

The message of the Signposts is not a Bible code, but it is a plain reading of Scripture.  It is not new revelation for it has always been there in Daniel.  It was waiting to be revealed, because God told Daniel twice (in Daniel 8:26 and 12:4) to seal up the words until the end time.  And just as God said through Isaiah that a particular prophecy would be sealed and so if asked to read it, people would say “I can’t; it is sealed” (in Isaiah 29:11), so too many of the prophecies in Daniel are sealed until the end time and so could not be read until now, in the end time, just as it says in Daniel 8:26 and 12:4.

This is why the message of the Signposts could not be known until the last decade or so, and it will not be discovered by you until, like me, you are prepared to learn and to throw off the shackles of traditional, centuries-old teaching that was nothing more than guesses about a prophecy that was sealed.  The church father Hippolytus first suggested what Daniel 7 and 8 meant in the early third century A.D.  And while no one can fault him for his guesses having lived 1,800 years ago, these guesses have stayed with us all this time to make up mainstream prophecy theology up to now!

How did I discover this message from Daniel?  Shortly after 9/11 I questioned the picture of prophecy fed to us by sources like Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth, which I thought was truth up until that time.  In short, things were not adding up.  I sought the Lord with fervency to show me what was really happening in the world and with His end time plan, and to please give me the wisdom to see it.  A few days later I stumbled across the ministry of Joel Richardson and his book Islamic Antichrist who was proposing that the Antichrist was to be a Muslim.  It was a strange idea to me, and I realized the Bible had to agree and it looked at first like it did not.  But then after my own study of Bible prophecy and history stretching over years, I realized the Antichrist cannot be anything but a Muslim, for Daniel 2:40 and Daniel 9:26 cannot be explained in any other way, when real world history is considered.  To go on believing that the Antichrist is European or Roman is to ignore history, to be academically lazy, and/or to be intellectually dishonest.  You brothers and sisters who are readers and supporters of Joel’s work are already past a major stumbling block.  And the Theology of the Signposts is the application, if you will, of the theory of the Islamic Antichrist.

There are four sets of events, hence the Four Signposts, occuring prior to the Tribulation.  The first Signpost involving Iraq has happened and is now done.  It stretched over years from 1979 to 2011.  When I realized we were on the cusp of the second Signpost, involving Iran, and what terrible things would unfold because of what Daniel said was continuing to happen, I realized I had an obligation to the body of Christ to share and publish my findings in my book Hidden In Plain Sight: The Signposts of the Coming of the Antichrist Revealed.  In that book I take people by the hand through all the relevant Scripture verse by verse, and also history to reveal this message.  To truly understand the details, the logic, the history and the Scripture why the Signposts are true one needs to read the book.  What is hidden in plain sight of course is the Biblical significance of what we are seeing before our eyes in the Middle East.  For example, when we saw Saddam Hussein ruling Iraq, the uninformed would say we just saw some tinpot dictator ruling a Middle East country.  But what the reader of the Signposts would say is that what we really and actually saw was the first sign called out by the Bible, kicking off the end times and being the first specific sign that Jesus Christ is on His way!

These events happening now in the Middle East are easily seen as fulfillment of specific prophecy in Daniel and Revelation, and is the final proof that the logic and study is sound.  I started this blog, foursignposts.com, to update people on world current events and their relative significance to the Signposts.  And now people are being shown the truth and so can reach their own conclusions on what world events are matters of true concern and what matters can be mostly ignored.

Soon after publishing Hidden In Plain Sight new books and papers were published on the topic of the history of the government of modern Iran, clarifying the picture there.  I realized I had to update the book.  So I recently published the second edition, Daniel Revisited: Discovering the Four Mideast Signs Leading to the Antichrist.  In it I updated Chapter 10 to show that indeed the shorter horn of the ram in Daniel 8 that grew taller and longer had just occured!  Also, I added to the Introduction and an Appendix, the how and why as to the sealing and unsealing of Daniel.  The reader is shown that there is no way until the last ten or twenty years that Daniel could be properly understood, and that the main mechanism sealing Daniel was our own assumptions and misuderstandings about Rome itself.

Mark Twain once said, “A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes.”  And so it is with End-Time Signpost Theology.  It is taking people by surprise.  The Doctrine of Imminency saying that nothing more must happen prophetically until the last seven years arrive, has dominated our thinking until we can’t recognize anything else, and it will give way to End-Time Signpost Theology.  Who would have thought that Saddam Hussein, the democratizing of Iraq, and the rise in power of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) next to the supreme leader are all specific, Biblical, end time prophetic fulfillments!  I urge everyone that just because this message is different and unexpected, to please overcome any prejudice that might be there just because this is different and not what we grew up with, and not ignore this message.  Winston Churchill once said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  I urge you my brothers and sisters to not hurry off, but to stay, study, and mull over the truth found in my book and on this blog.  It will forever change your view of the end times.  And it will most likely change your actions in these last years.

This situation of facing a crossroads in the search for truth may be compared to what the character Neo encountered in the action movie, The Matrix.  What was unknown to Neo was that society around him was actually completely different then anything he thought he was seeing, and that reality and truth was different then what he had perceived all his life.  He was given a choice – he could take the blue pill and stay blissfully ignorant of what was really truth.  For you today that would mean that by missing out on what God has prepared in His word for His saints today, you will be more vulnerable to fear when you see all the things that are going to happen soon – the invasion by Iran, the cutting off of one-quarter of the world’s oil, the United States’ loss of the reserve currency status of the dollar, the counterattack by four allied nations led by Turkey, and the great nation that forms there and is then broken up with the final emergence of Antichrist – to be tossed here and there by fear and false interpretations of what is happening.  And the ultimate proof that this will all happen just this way is because of all the things that happened in Iraq over the last thirty years, i.e. the Signposts state what has happened which has been fulfilled, and what will happen.

Or Neo could take the red pill and learn what was really truth and reality and live his life with this new perspective.  For you today this means knowing the aforementioned events will come, so you can know what they mean, what is their significance, how close we are to Christ’s coming, knowing when and where to expect the Antichrist and ignore false alarms, and staying awake.  The next event to occur according to the Bible is a great and terrible invasion by Iran of most of the Middle East.  Will you be terrified by what happens at that time?  The Bible says the world will be extremely unsettled.  Or will you understand what is happening; that the next great event that must occur is underway and that the leader of Iran is not the Antichrist, that we still have some years remaining, and that Christ’s return is specifically closer?  Will you be looking for a rapture which in reality is still many years off, or will you be preparing yourselves for the many things to happen over the next many years prior to the Tribulation?

Yes you can make excuses and bypass this message, this book, and this website.  But I urge you not to for your good and the good of your family.  You can be a light to this world in these end times.  You can be a witness to the truth of the Bible.  You can know what is happening when others are lost and panicking.  The panic will start soon.  I guarantee you that what seems like fringe now – these Four Signposts – will change places in perception with what is considered mainstream theology now, by the time the Tribulation has begun.

May the Lord Bless you all,

Mark Davidson

17 February 2013 (Revised 22 March 2014)

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