Free Resources

On this page there are downloadable files that can be printed, copied and used by anyone to spread the word about the Signpost message.

Introduction from Daniel Revisited –

Daniel Revisited INTRODUCTION TN edition

Iran’s Great Invasion, free book –

Iran’s Great Invasion – by Mark Davidson – English
Iran’s Great Invasion – by Mark Davidson – French/Française

Book Brochure –


Chronicles of the End Times – Excerpts –


Appendix B from Chronicles of the End Times

Database of U.S. and Canadian Churches

So you’ve read Daniel Revisited.  The message burns in you and resonates as truth.  You might wonder if the churches in your community know about this.  Many readers have told me they do this.  The link below has a fairly good list of all non-Catholic churches with congregations of over 1,500 or so in both U.S. states and Canadian provinces.  After clicking the link, scroll halfway down, and on the pulldown click on your state, or the link for Canada.  The list is downloadable onto other applications like Excel – –

Database of Megachurches in the U.S.

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