Three False Antichrists, or, The Fourth One’s A Charm

Thinking about the events to occur in each of the Four Signposts as described in Hidden In Plain Sight, it dawned on me that in each of these signposts there is one person who will stand out as the leader of the nation(s) involved.  This person, depending on whether the signpost has occurred yet, has dominated or will dominate the news headlines during the time of their signpost.  I speculate that as the signposts progress one after the other, people who do not have the understanding of the signposts, will increasingly believe or at least ask one another if the newest leader to make the scene is indeed the Antichrist.  Let me explain.

In the First Signpost we had Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq.  There were some – not many – who thought he might be the Antichrist.  Of course what was more apt was that he had an inflated messianic-like view of himself.  He thought of himself as the savior and unifier of the Arab peoples, as well as a new king, Nebuchadnezzar II.  Maybe if he had been more successful at his conquests people watching him might have taken him more seriously.  He was the first man who wasn’t the Antichrist in regards to these four signposts.

For the Second Signpost the dominant person will be the top leader of Iran, whoever he might be.  He will most likely displace the Supreme Leader of Iran as the top leader.  This new top leader will be the taller of the two horns on the Persian ram, which grew taller, later (Daniel 8:3).  When Iran conquers and occupies much of the Middle East you can probably bet that many people might think that its leader is the Antichrist to come.  But he won’t be.  He will be the second man who won’t be the Antichrist.

The Third Signpost will be dominated by a future leader of Turkey who in turn becomes the leader of the future four-nation confederacy.  When this new united nation takes over the entire Middle East (except Israel), we might be surprised at the overwhelming number of people who will be saying “this is the Antichrist.”  But he won’t be either.  He wil be the third man who won’t be Antichrist; and will be seen as such after he loses his position of power and his new nation then splits into four.

But in the Fourth Signpost the real Antichrist will finally stand up.  The fourth man to rise, he will be the leader and unifier of these new nations and he will finally be the one.  There may be many would-be leaders of that one new nation of the four – the one covering the area of Turkey and maybe Syria.  But the dominant leader, the antichrist, will be the one that begins to unify the other new nations.  So be alert.  Be wary.  Be ready.  After three false starts this will be the one; so the fourth one’s a charm (so to speak).  It will be this one that unites the Islamic realm and leads the world into the Tribulation.

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  1. Interesting point Brother Mark!

  2. Mark,

    I believe this is a very likely scenario. What many people do not realize is that before the Antichrist shows his real face of terror and evil, he will be deceptive and apparently peaceful. In the beginning he will be a man who will bring peace and stability to the region. He will not come out front and start warring nations, although somewhere down the line he will eventually do. Yes, I also believe that there will be some middle-eastern leaders that will be powerful with military aggressiveness and start wars and will be assumed as the Antichrist by many people, as only to find out latter that they were wrong. I could see leaders in Iraq (Saddam), Iran, Turkey, as you mentioned, as well as other leaders could also be assumed to be the Antichrist (not in any major way), such as leaders from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others. I agree with you, when one of the horns of the ram (Iran) grows higher than the other and starts to conquer part of the middle-east, many will start to question, “would this guy not be the Antichrist of which the Bible has predicted?” Same with the leader of Turkey with his four nation confederacy.

    Only to see that these where not “the” Antichrist, many will be discouraged and loose heart on Jesus command to watch and pray. And suddenly, the real Antichrist will appear with many deceptive and peaceful words, acts and policies, and many of those will just fall in to deceptiveness and believe this man will be a great leader who will bring peace and stability for Israel and surrounding nations, as well to the whole world. What a tragedy. We do not want that to happen.

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm.


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