New Links to Help Watch Iran and the Second Horn

In this post I showed how the second horn of the persian ram in the form of the IRGC has already accumulated the power it needs to assume its new office.  I believe we are close to the time when the coup or the change to the constitution will take place and the second horn is realized.  To assist readers in watching the politics and players behind the scenes, I have added a new link section called “Persian Second Horn Watch.”  

One link is to articles written by Ali Alfoneh of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Mr. Alfoneh’s insightful articles not only report what is happening in politics in Iran, but also provides the factors causing them.

The second link is to IranPolitik.  This site produces articles on a much more rapid basis since it has a staff of several analysts.  This site weighs more heavily in reporting events in politics rather than as to why it is occuring.

Both sources are used by several others in writing books regarding Iran.  I will add more links as they come to my attention.  The posts I have written recently use these sites for some of the source reference material.  Overall, we are in a better position to interpret what is happening in Iran by using these sites, when the mainstream news report the actions of leaders in that country.

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