The Second Horn: Will It Appear in June 2013?

We are watching for the start of the major event of the Second Signpost which is an invasion by Iran of the Middle East as written about in my book, Hidden In Plain Sight.  However, there is an event that must occur before the invasion.  We believe we know what the nature of the event is, but up until now we did not know when it was to occur.  But now we may have a hint that it will occur in June 2013.

“I looked up, and there before me was a ram with two horns, standing beside the canal, and the horns were long.  One of the horns was longer than the other but grew up later.”  (Daniel 8:3   NIV)

The longer horn that grew up later is what I call the second horn.  The supreme leader of Iran is the first horn.  The event prior to the invasion will be the establishment of an office in Iran that is more powerful than the supreme leader.  The second horn will be that new office.  It has not made its formal appearance yet.  We know that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is the power behind the second horn and that it has been growing up since the first horn, the supreme leader, came into power.  And we know who the core group of men are who together lead this power, the IRGC.  Steven O’Hern wrote in his book Irans Revolutionary Guard, “The young men of the 1980s have grown into men who are powerful leaders in their own right and whose hands control the means to maintain the current regime and to launch war against other nations.” [Ref. 1]

The commanders of the IRGC (who are the leaders of the political faction known as Neo-Principalists) covertly entered politics in 2003.  In 2009 their “cover” was blown when they overtly worked to get Ahmadinejad elected as Iranian president.  This sparked the widespread protests (the Green Movement) in Iran which were then crushed in a matter of days.  Since 2009, Ahmadinejad has turned into a disappointment for the IRGC leadership.  It is my belief that the next presidential candidate the IRGC will back will be someone from their own ranks, who is in lockstep with their beliefs and political leanings.  This man is probably Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, who is the current mayor of Teheran.  This man’s name appears on the list in this post.  He is part of the core in the IRGC and the only politician in that group.  He plans to run for president in June 2013.  And essentially whoever the IRGC wants elected, will be elected.  But might something else happen besides a mere “election”?  After all, how long will the IRGC be content to take orders from the supreme leader or how long will it be before the IRGC, seeing that it has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian public, then sieze power in a military-style coup?

In an interesting article on IranPolitik, General Nasser Shabani, who is deputy chief of Imam Hossein University which trains IRGC officers, was interviewed.  Besides stating that Ahmadinejad’s allies do not have a chance at getting re-elected, the article states that, “Perhaps Shabani’s most interesting comments were about the possible rise of a new movement around election time.”  I know it probably is not the author’s intent, but the way that sentence is written seems to be saying between the lines that the IRGC will either encourage a new protest and/or take full advantage of any new protests that occur as an excuse to take over.  He said that because of the hard economic times with blame (conveniently) placed on Ahmadinejad, and comparing future unrest to the Green Movement that followed the elections in 2009, there will be new “unrest” that,

“…unlike the Green Movement, which originated in Tehran and largely took place in large urban areas, this movement would grow out of provincial cities and towns. This new movement would be influenced by daily economic problems, according to Shabani, and would include the participation of ’hard working and vulnerable’ people. He said that ’the IRGC has the experience to confront it, however.’” [Ref. 2]

In parallel, IranPolitik reports in another article that Reza Sarraj, a researcher for the same Imam Hossein University, asserts he has created a “model” of unrest that will occur in Iran, and that behind it all it is the United States which will cause it and so is to blame.  (This is classic tyranny at work where authorities are doing something dirty behind the scenes, but blame someone else for it occuring.  It reminds me of the Obama administration in my own country, who has made this a polished art, but I digress.)

Sarraj stated that there are three models for unrest, and that, “according to him, the greater sedition will in fact encompass all three models.”  So he is in fact “predicting” what will occur.  The three models are essentially: (1) a repeat of 2009 with a post-election protest, (2) an additional protest movement leading up to the election, and (3) a security crisis such as an assassination.  He is of course saying this under the guise of a prediction that all three of these things will occur.  But even the author of the article sees through this by further writing, “If the Islamic Republic believes, or claims, that the United States will use all three models to create an election crisis in 2013, the regime may be making the case for an unprecedented closing of the political space in Iran and very high levels of repression.” [Ref. 3]

Very high levels of repression will be required.  If the upcoming election in June 2013 is the time that the IRGC makes its move to create the new office of the second horn, then the “high levels of repression” spoken of by the author will probably be required.  We have seen articles about who is the power behind the second horn.  We have seen stories about the second horn growing up.  But this is the first we have seen of the timing of the takeover.  The IRGC is leaking information about what “might” occur.  I believe it is worth watching.

The popular prophecy theology that is taught these days says the Rapture is imminent, or the Tribulation is imminent.  Readers of my blog and book know that what is truly imminent is the appearance of a new power in Iran.  This is Biblical, per Daniel 8:3.  After this occurs, what is imminent will change.  It is after this new power appears, that the horrific invasion of the Middle East by Iran will be what is imminent.  And if these leaks by the IRGC are a true indication of timing, this change will happen in June 2013 at the time of the election.

Of course here at we will be watching the election very closely.


[Ref. 1]  O’Hern, Steven; Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps; Potomac Books, Washington D.C.; 2012.

[Ref. 2]  IranPolitik; Could economic turmoil lead to a new protest movement in Iran? General Nasser Sha’bani certainly thinks so.; 17 January 2013;; retrieved on 15 February 2013.

[Ref. 3]  IranPolitik; Iran Election Watch 2013: The Islamic Republic to carry out most closed elections in its history?; 30 January 2013;; retrieved on 15 February 2013.

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5 replies

  1. Thanks Mark for another insightful post. It looks like the Iranian land invasion will take the Sunni Islamic world by surprise and its no wonder The “Goat” Turkey will counter attack and crush Shiite Iran with a tremendous rage: How dare those heretical Shiites disrupt our grand Turkish model of a “peaceful” united Islam.

  2. Leaks from any political entity is meant to do one of two things either help their cause or hurt the cause of someone else…and I will be watching to see this coming Spring if it is reported that there is some street uprising in Iran before the presidential election. If so, this will be the excuse needed for IRGC to strike while the opportunity presents itself to do what it could not do peacefully…take over complete Iranian leadership. If this does happen, Mark as you have reported, it will be necessary to again inform pastors that IRGC is the power behind the growing up of the second horn and an invasion by Iran of the Middle East is imminent in the near future.

    This will be utterly shocking for many if what you report comes to pass, Mark. Just a change in Iranian leadership that is unexpected by the world will send the oil markets into a complete panic and it will make for terrible hardship on oil consumers. Oh, in some strange way Mark, I do wish you were wrong. But I know better and I’m trying to be very good with money management now.

  3. I agree – in some way I wish this was wrong. But on the other hand if all the Signposts must occur, I’m glad God has opened Daniel 7 and 8 to us, to guide us through all this stuff to happen, to the other side, to Christ’s return. I am reminded here of Psalm 23 – “…his rod and his staff, they comfort me.” Through Daniel, He is providing his guidance, placing the staff down on the ground to show us, his sheep and his people, the right path to take in these last years. This guidance will affect how we saints live our lives in a myriad of ways – what we do, how we live, even to the point of better money management.

  4. Interesting article. However, if you read “Ayatollah’s Praetorians” carefully, it is explicitly stated that just because someone was from the ranks of the IRGC, doesn’t make them a Neo-Principalist. Mohsen Rezaei, Mohsen Refiqdoost, and Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf are great examples of this. These men have become independently powerful since leaving the Guard (they’re Centrists and Traditional Principalists respectively), and they are no longer part of the club of hardline senior IRGC commanders.

    Ghalibaf is actually well-liked among the general public and seen as competent because of his ability to “get’er dun”. He’s efficient, relatively uncorrupt, and independent, and that’s why he has a low chance of being the IRGC’s man in the election.

    Also, you’re right about misinterpreting the quote: They’re afraid of a protest movement of the working poor rising. The IRGC doesn’t need to stage a coup because it is not a military force; Way more IRGC people work in the economy and elsewhere than in the security sector. For all intents and purposes they have already taken over much of the country, and a coup would actually be counterproductive.

  5. All good points. Seeing the inner workings of Iran through these sources, my purely logical side would agree with you and say the IRGC already is ruling. The Ayatollah now is completely dependent on it, and yes those who were in its ranks run much of the country.
    However I am reminded of the text of the vision itself in Daniel 8. The text of the Bible provides the underlying guidance. I am of the belief that each horn whether on the ram or goat represents one office presided over by one man. The first horn on the goat (Dan. 8:21) and the first horn on the ram are definitely both one man. And since Biblical allegories are typically consistent within one picture, the other horns should be also – the four sprouting on the goat and the second horn of the ram. That is the only reason I am holding out for a single man to occupy the position.
    I could still be proved wrong in this respect but, yes, the second horn’s power and presence nevertheless has still grown up. And the core of the IRGC who are the heart and soul, if you will, of the second horn at this stage are Neo-Principalist. Thanks for the input on Ghalibaf.

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