George W. Bush Presidential Library: Museum of the First Signpost?

You may have seen this item in the news about the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  It may seem strange perhaps that a news item about this would be on an end times prophecy website.  After all, what would a Presidential Library have anything to do with the Tribulation and the return of Christ?  Unless of course you know about the Four Signposts (as written about in my book Hidden In Plain Sight) which occur prior to the Tribulation, and that George W. Bush can be thought of as the one man most responsible for making the First Signpost happen.

It was U.S. President George W. Bush who led the United States to provide the force to make the lion stand and to change that beast’s mind.

The following story caught my attention:

As new library opens, Bush hopes for a reassessment of his legacy

President Bush wanted to provide more information to the public to show why he made the decisions he made.  He says in the article that he was comfortable with the decisions he made regarding Iraq.  So he made sure exhibits were set up in his library that allow the visitor to see and hear the same information he had, and they could see the decision he made based on the information.  People may still disagree with his decisions, but at least people will know why he made the decisions he did.

The Exhibits page on the website of the Presidential Library states,

“Interactive features in the permanent exhibition include a Decision Points Theater designed to take the visitor ’inside’ the decision-making process and policies developed during the Administration of President George W. Bush.”

I don’t know what the set of decision-making points are in these exhibits, but if it shows how President Bush decided to invade Iraq, remove Saddam Hussein, install a democracy, keep troops in the country and for how long, then this exhibit could qualify this Presidential Library to also be The Museum of the First Signpost.  It might give the viewer the opportunity to choose the answer to questions like “shall we apply force to make the lion stand (shall we invade, remove Saddam and change Iraq)?” or “how much force should we apply to make the lion stand (what troop strengths shall we use)?” or “what kind of a new mind shall we give the lion (what structure should the new government have?)”

If anyone reading this ever passes through the Dallas area or lives there and can check it out, I would be interesting to hear what all is there in the Decision Points Theater.

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  1. I think if you read Bush’s autobiography, “Decision Points” it may also help understand his thought processes during that time period. You could see if the local library has a copy.

  2. I’ll look into that, thanks.

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