You Think You Are Safe….

You think you are safe in these times prior to the Tribulation.  Whatever your economic position, you may believe that you will be unaffected or you can muddle through until the time of the Tribulation.  Wherever you are spiritually you may believe your faith will not be tested beyond what you are already encountering in life prior to the Tribulation.  You may believe these things simply because that is the church’s popular view of the end times that nothing will happen prior to the Rapture or Tribulation.  But it is an illusion, unwittingly started by men centuries ago who could not truly divine what Bible prophecy was saying simply because they were not living in the times in which prophecy was to be unsealed.  The beliefs in both a Roman Antichrist and the idea that nothing more prophetically must happen until the time of the Tribulation, are in reality being used by Hell as red herrings to attempt to catch you off guard.

If you refuse to learn what Daniel 7 and 8 truly have to say in this time of the unsealing, then you can of course go back to your life as you have lived it, and enjoy it for as long as you can during the short time of stability that remains.  Soon, everything is about to change, and you will not know what is happening or why.  For when Iran does what the words in Daniel say that Iran must do, as those words are unsealed and revealed there will be no stability or peace of mind for it will unleash event after unrelenting event of storms prior to the Tribulation.  The Rapture and Tribulation will arrive just as the world – and you – are most vulnerable.

But you, brother or sister, don’t have to be vulnerable.  This is a call to wake up.  You are invited to learn what the unsealing of Daniel is saying, what the Four Signposts are, so that you may stand fast in the storm that is to shortly begin and you will know what is happening behind these events to come.  You will know which events are truly Signposts on the way to Christ’s coming; you will know the man who will truly be Antichrist out of the series of Middle East leaders to come; and by knowing these things you will not be blown here and there by the winds of all the events to come prior to the Tribulation.  This is necessary so that whatever comes after these events – Rapture or Tribulation – you will be able to stand and be ready when He calls for His saints.

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  1. You see this is why we study biblical eschatology, so that we KNOW where we are and where we are headed and most of all, NOT PANIC. If we do as the Lord Jesus commands to WATCH and PRAY as these things that must take place because he has warned us that they must, but the end is not yet. We will be like immovable rocks tho’ the waves crash around us, we will stand and not be moved in the end. Tho’ Iran’s maddening ideology drives them to think it is their mission in life to bring about their precious “al Mahdi” through world chaos, it will be God’s unseen hand that is the power behind Middle East events to bring this fallen evil age to a close. Then the next age and the eternal reign of the rightful King will be established and what has been promised of God will be made manifest to those who are left upon the Earth and the inheritance of the Saints.

    Indeed, this is a relative calm before the storm…how long will it last? It remains to be seen. But God will move in his own time to accomplish his purposes and we must watch for it or we will not see it.

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