Announcing A New Book

The Lord is watching and guiding.  In the last post about the new book, I said I had sent the new second edition of Hidden In Plain Sight to the publisher.  That didn’t work out – the publisher made a proposal I had to refuse.  I had another publisher in mind, but while I was waiting the month or so to hear back, I got some indications that I need to change the “hidden in plain sight” theme.  The book itself is hidden in plain sight.

I realized too that some research I had done this past year on my next book needed to be used now.  Being hidden was merely a trait of these Four Signposts – but the main trait was that they are all part of Daniel only now being unsealed in the end times.

So what does all this mean?  The second edition has been further augmented so that it is another book.  Its not just a second edition, but the theme has changed with new historical material added.  In addition to Chapter 10 being re-written earlier, the Introduction is now re-written tying in the “unsealing” theme.  Also, a large Appendix has been added detailing some historical information that is summarized in the Introduction.  I delve a bit into how Daniel has been sealed and how it is being unsealed.  There was some serous time spent on the book again, causing another blackout in posts and in my personal life.

The manuscript has been sent to the new publisher, and is being edited as we speak.  It should still be out before Christmas.

I give glory to God who has held things up so that the book could be further evolved.  As we approach the time of publishing I’ll put out more information on the new title, theme, the Appendix, Introduction, and Chapter 10.  I hope now to get back to regular posting.


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