Excerpt: Chapter 10, Section A of Daniel Revisited Is Now Posted

Probably the most heavily rewritten portion of the older book Hidden In Plain Sight, for Daniel Revisited, is Chapter 10.  Posted now on the Excerpts Page is Section A of Chapter 10 from Daniel Revisited.  This is the section that discusses the Persian ram of Daniel 8 prior to his charging out to the north, west, and south.  The ram had two long horns where the longest horn grew up later and longer than the first horn.  In Hidden In Plain Sight, I wrote that the second horn was former President Ahmadinejad.  However, as I researched deeper into Iran I found a much closer source for prophetic fulfillment, and that is the IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The situation is also much more scarier and chilling.  We can see prophecy being fulfilled.

In ths rewritten chapter section in Daniel Revisited I show why Ahmadinejad did not fit the prophetic picture and why the IRGC, which I had missed earlier, is an exact fit to prophecy.

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  1. It is just so disheartening when I ask my senior pastor to read the links of your Appendix A, Mark with an OPEN MIND and God’s leading…and STILL even after all this chronology presented he stubbornly refused to consider that the traditional view of Daniel 2:40 could have been a logical fallacy on the part of the Church Fathers! I am dumbstruck and utterly sadden by his unwillingness to see anything other than “Rome” as the fourth empire of Daniel’s statue.

    I am afraid it will take a direct act by God Himself for many pastors to pay attention that it never was the Roman Empire and never will be the Roman Empire that is revived and final empire as the challenger to the holy covenant people and respective land inheritance from God. In fact, that is what is going to happen…a divine wake up call that will not be denied if they truly are godly sheperds for God to get their attention. Then I will graciously be waiting for my pastor with a smile. All of us our fallen creatures, even pastors. 🙂

  2. Yes it can be so disheartening.
    I am encouraged though by literally the move of God – not via the second signpost – but right now through some of this book’s readers. A tool is being developed so that anyone who believes the message of the signposts and that it should be told, can approach pastors and hopefully have a better chance of being used by God to make an inroad. More on this later.

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