The New Jewish Temple is Coming

So here we are at the beginning of the four blood red moons – the first to occur on Jewish feast days since 1967-68. And I was reminded of the future Jewish Temple. Just after publishing this last post about these blood moons, I ran across an article which reminded me of Daniel 9:27 and Jesus’ reference to that verse in Matthew 24:15. Together, those two verses refer to the Antichrist setting up an abomination in the Temple area that causes the desolation.

These two verses don’t say anything about how the Temple will be rebuilt or when it will be rebuilt. These verses talk about something happening with the Temple, assuming the Temple to be existing at that time. That said, I knew the Temple Institute in Israel had for years been remaking all the Temple implements including the menorah, table of showbread, and the altar. And they had been getting ready for the time to build the Third Temple and have been practicing for the sacrifices.

The article I ran across was reported on the Al-Monitor website. During Passover week this year, three days after the first of the four blood moons, Jewish men who have been taught the laws and rites of being Temple priests will actually conduct the slaughter and sacrifice of a Passover lamb in Jerusalem. This will be the first time in centuries this will be officially done, and it is being allowed by the Israeli government. It will not be done on the Temple Mount, but at a location nearby. The picture is a capture from a video on the Temple Institute events page, but you can also see it on YouTube.

Some of the Men Who Would be the Priests at the Third Temple

Some of the Men Who Would be the Priests at the Third Temple

Surprising to me is that Al-Monitor, being left-leaning and secular and more concerned with events in Muslim countries, would even report this story.

The timing of this first “sacrifice” is interesting. It comes at the time of the first blood moon. The blood moon tetrad itself is a harbinger for something momentous that is coming, which I believe is the Second Signpost. The Second Signpost will place the world on track for the Tribulation and the Second Coming.

Actions being done to restore and rebuild the Temple of course go right along with Daniel 9:27. The Antichrist will “put an end to sacrifice and offering.” And now in addition to the rebuilt menorah, the altar and the table of showbread, as well as the priestly vestments having been made, the would-be priests are going to practice that very same sacrifice that would be blocked by the coming Antichrist.

The end times are happening before our very eyes.

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  1. Zionism / New World Order (NWO) will build the temple. They are the “Principality and power” behind world events. They are using Islam to do their dirty work. The Jehadist, Iatola, teachers are first zionists. I’m not anti Semetic but, Jesus took on the Zionists of His day – The Sanhedren and said they were “of their father the devil.” “The spirit of antichrist” (anti Messiah) spoken of by John could only be significant to the Zionists. Their book is the Babylonian Talmud. It is very much the spirit of antichrist. When the war (WWIII) between Israel and the sons of Edom (see Isa. 17 -18) is finished, the remaining of Islam will convert to the God of Israel. The spirit of antichrist is only significant to the elite Jewish leaders found in Zionism. The term Messiah is only significant to the Zionists.

  2. MJ,
    I’ve heard this before. Whether it is the NWO or the Bilderbergs or pick your favorite power elites that control everything. Years ago I used to read up on all that and be concerned. But I have come to realize that just as the idea that Islamic Antichrist isn’t just an idea but has real world implications, one implication being the Signposts, the Signposts have real world implications too. In other words, all these power elites will be irrelevant and will be replaced by powers in the Islamic realm and in China.
    The only reason we westerners give any power at all to the “elites” after 2008 is because we don’t know any better. We are told by our governments to bail them out, when all we have to do is let the system crash and they have no power. The entire western banking system has been insolvent and propped up by lying accounting rules, since 2008.
    When the Temple is built, it will be by Israel – their government with the orthodox Jews. The Second Signpost will have already happened, and the petrodollar will no longer exist. At that time the western banking system will have already crashed and the western powers and western elites will have no more power. Case in point, WW1 and WW2 were fought as long and as extensive as they were only because of central banking money lending to governments to get themselves in deeper debt to the banks. WW1 ruined Britain and she had to give up her empire. It ruined Germany as well and it went into debt as well as forced war reparations. And WW2 ruined Europe.
    That word you use, “Zionist”, is a term used usually on the left side of politics. They usually speak disparagingly of those that would establish Israel. Most Christians I know – as well as myself – wholly support the state of Israel. The establishment of the state of Israel is called out in Bible prophecy as the first sign that the end times have come (check out Nelson’s site).
    Similarly, people (even Christians) call the Levant the “land of Palestine.” I will never call it that because that is the name Rome gave it when it completely wiped out the Jews from Judah in AD 135. I call it the “land of Israel” for that is what it is.

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