Turkish Government Approves Intervention in Syria

Which country will oppose and defeat IS? That’s what the media is asking. More pertinent though, per the Signposts is, which power will defeat and remove Assad from power?

An answer to both questions is Turkey, possibly.

One of our blog readers notified us of this developing story today – Turkey’s government has approved the deployment of its military into Syria and Iraq to stop IS. Here is the story from the BBC which reports on the various complications of such an action.

Turkish military unit at border with Syria.    (AP photo)

Turkish military unit at border with Syria. (AP photo)

This of course opens up the possibility of Turkey installing a Sunni government in Syria as well. Toward the bottom of the BBC story we find it speaking of a statement by Turkish President Erdoğan,

“While he said ‘an effective struggle’ against IS would be a priority for Turkey, ‘the immediate removal of the administration in Damascus’ would also continue to be key.”

The U.S. may allow this too since it opposes the Assad regime as well. I had just written in my last post that Assad had to be removed and replaced if the Third Signpost is to play out the way the Bible seems to be telling us.

Daniel 7 and 8 tells us Iran will invade, but not how the invasion is triggered. Perhaps we have yet another development to watch – Turkey’s possible removal of Syrian President Assad from power forces Iran’s hand in invading. And here we would see a development for the Third Signpost directly triggering the Second.

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  1. Hi Mark. Bit off topic here. Since Erdogan became prime minister he’s received a lot of attention and power and the president very little during that time. Now that erdogan has become president he’s still getting most of the attention and, seemingly, the power as well. What has changed? I can’t seem to figure this out. Any opinion on this?

  2. Hi hsreimer,
    Good question, and in the big picture it isn’t off topic at all. Its Erdogan himself that is changing the flavor of each office. While prime minister, you had a very charismatic man who turned Turkey’s economy around and stopped the military from intervening in the government and thus some people made him into a sort of messiah-figure, in the very constitutional position that has legal power.
    But now he has taken his attitude, charisma, and lust for power and is occupying a less powerful position while arranging to have one of his sidekicks take the more powerful position. Turks for the most part are allowing him room to be the leader of Turkey while he is working on changing the constitution.
    Aside from position, it is the man himself who is a leader, hence why I wrote in an earlier post that I believe until we see otherwise, Erdogan is to be the prominent horn of the goat.

  3. Daniel’s bear has 3 ribs in its mouth. Might that be the three pieces into which Iraq seems to be being divided into now?


    Also — the ISIS Sunni warriors are now being referred to as “Daesh” (alternate spelling, ‘daash’) by their Arab opponents. Though there’s uncertainly about how this word comes to be tossed about now in the news, it is the Arabic verb for “to crush”, “to trample down”. Try a Google search, to verify this interesting word. Will not the Antichrist’s crushing army include Sunni crusher soldiers, which right now are being referred to as “Daesh”? Interesting to ponder.

  4. If you check out The Iran Project website, you’ll see several direct uses of the word “Daesh”, as here:


    Scrolling down The Iran Project front page, one finds an article using both the words ‘Assyrian’ and ‘Daesh’ while reporting.

  5. Brief correction on the above reference to The Iran Project. It is NOT the front page of this website that displays the referenced words of ‘daesh’ and the identifier of the region word ‘Assyrian’. It is a page of past articles where the things just discussed may be found:

  6. Apologies! It appears in my ‘fight’ to get my comment together about ‘daesh’, that I’ve broken into 3 and then 4! Here’s the link to the page that’s so telling about ‘daesh’:


  7. I think you may be right. Charisma seems to play a large part in getting elected. Even more than the values that are stood for it seems. Erdogan, it seems, played it smart after gaining power to make sure obstacles were taken out of the way for future manipulation and expansion of his power. Your speculation that he could very well be the horn of the goat is very possible in my opinion. God bless!

  8. Hi Judith,
    Regarding the three ribs in the bear’s mouth, no, I disagree with Shoebat. Shoebat’s interpetation is just a modern recycling of a centuries-old interpretation where the three ribs were thought to be the three provinces of ancient Babylon.
    But remember that my message is that Daniel 7 is the outline of the end times, and Daniel 8 fills in the details. So the bear with three ribs in its mouth I believe are the same thing in outline form as Daniel 8 that speaks of the ram charging north, south and west. Three ribs, three directions.
    And yes I heard of the “Daesh” word being used. The French started using it a few weeks ago.

  9. Judith,
    Thanks for the link. The Iranian official is correct about IS in that it “is not counted a threat to Iranˈs military might.”
    As far as the word “daesh” is concerned it should be used for all of Islam, for it has been trampling and crushing its conquered areas for the last 14 centuries.

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