Announcing a Facebook page for Daniel Revisited

I am thankful to God when readers tell me that the Signpost message resonates as truth in their soul.  I am also amazed to see the Holy Spirit working in brothers and sisters and witnessing the fruit that is borne.

Some have told me of successes spreading the message to their pastor.  Others are starting Bible studies with Daniel Revisited.  One reader, Nelson, started this site that ties in the Olivet Discourse showing the bigger picture of the end times.

I am pleased to announce that another reader, Bill, started a Facebook page for Daniel Revisited.  I will figure how to better tie this site to that Facebook page, but for now it will be added to the links section.  The page is basically a mirror site of this one, and so now folks can spread the Signpost message with their friends who use Facebook.  Thanks, Bill.

Daniel Revisited on Facebook

Readers of this blog can also “like” posts using the Facebook icon.

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  1. Mark,

    You also need to put yourself on Twitter and do quick tweets to alert others to what you are doing and what is happening…but you can only do this in 140 characters. But well worth it. Pray about it. I get a great deal of info quickly from Twitter. Social media is critical to disseminate info quickly.


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