Sunni-Shia Conflict Spreads to One Quarter of the Earth as Second Signpost Nears

The second horseman (as one of the four winds of heaven in Daniel 7:1) stirs up the second beast of Daniel 7, and so starts the Second of the Four Signposts as written about in Daniel Revisited. The Second Signpost is of course the invasion by Iran of the Middle East. The Second Signpost is the first half of a great Sunni-Shia War that will soon erupt in the Middle East. And according to Revelation 6:8b one quarter of the world will be drawn into the conflict, “They [MD – the horsemen] were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” (NIV)

As I show in my book, Islam is the one quarter of the earth: it is the dominant religion in one quarter of the world’s countries, is adhered to by one quarter of the world’s population, and these people and countries cover one quarter of the world’s land area.

The Islamic Realm, one quarter of the earth

The Islamic Realm, one quarter of the earth

As I wrote earlier in this post, we are seeing an escalation in the intensity of the Sunni-Shia conflict. But besides intensity we are now seeing an increase in scope. Thanks goes to one of our readers who pointed out this article to me, which shows that the conflict has grown geographically so that it does indeed contain one quarter of the earth.

The article quotes Andrew Hammond, Middle East analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations as saying about this conflict,

“It’s reaching places that you wouldn’t imagine. Pakistan, Britain, Malaysia, Indonesia. It’s really quite a striking phenomenon.”

Well, readers of my book would have imagined it, for Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia are all part of the one quarter of the world which is Islam. The article also talks about attacks in Nigeria. And even in those countries that are not part of the quarter – such as Australia and Britain – the Muslim communities there are seeing the effects.

I do disagree with one statement made in the article that seems to be misleading. It says, “Sunni jihadists at the heart of the current anti-Shia campaign claim Shia have to pay for the bloody repression of Sunnis by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, a member of the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shia.”

I believe the real reason we are seeing Sunnis attack Shias is that not only have Sunnis been attacking Shias for fourteen centuries, but the recent calls by Sunni mosques and imams to jihad is striking the hearts of fundamentalist Sunnis not only in the Middle East but wherever the Muslim community, the Umma, exists. Sunnis and Shias consider each other worse than we unbelievers.

So now with ISIS being bait to pull Iran out, and starting the erasure of old political boundaries, declaring the Caliphate, and exhibiting butchery between Sunnis and Shias which is now spreading throughout the Umma, the stage is being set for the breaking of the second seal.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Mark. Next year may be utterly chilling as the West suffers greatly because of the Iranian invasion into the Mid East. When this happens you’ll be on the same footing before the Church as Joel Richardson is now who warned of a revived Islamic Caliphate and you of the blitzkrieg Iranian invasion of the Mid East. What could be more obvious that prophetic Scripture has met its final fulfillment? For clear thinking church leadership and thinking Christians this will be the ultimate in knowing we truly are not far from the return of Jesus and to have a right relationship with Him and share the gospel.


  2. I argee with 75% of Mark Davidson on bible prophecy and on the four beast in Daniel are Iraq, the lion Iran,
    the bear Turkey is the Leopard i have Joel Richardson the Middle Beast. i agree with him that the antichrist
    will be muslim but i disagree with the antichrist coming form Turkey.

  3. Hi Julius,
    In my book in Chapters 2 and 12, I actually show the antichrist to be coming from Syria. History shows him to be ethnically Syrian/Assyrian (with Dan. 9:26), and politically from the new nation in the northwest, covering Turkey and Syria.

  4. In the independent newspaper…..

    Sunday 23 November 2014
    Iran is shifting from pariah to possible future policeman of the Gulf
    Iran’s crisis – our crisis with Iran, if you like – is about that great and historic nation’s future geo-strategic role in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

    Canterbury UK

  5. I am interested in knowing more about your book. What does it cover, how to get a copy etc..

    Ray Herd

  6. Hi Ray,
    You can go to Amazon to see the Table of Contents. The central message is the four signposts – what they are, how they are being fulfilled (this blog continues that portion), and how scripture is simply read and interpreted in the light of ancient and medieval history to understand Daniel.
    As far as ordering it, we are in a 2-week time between editions. Places like Amazon or Barnes & Noble should have some inventory on hand. There won’t be any major changes between editions, it is simply converting over to Thomas-Nelson.

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