In the News: Preparations for Psalm 83?


Psalm 83 is one of the many topics debated today in Bible prophecy circles.  Psalm 83 is a remarkable passage of Scripture that talks about the enemies of Israel conspiring together to make war on Israel, but then are utterly defeated.

Readers have asked me if Psalm 83 has a place in the Signposts framework.  As an answer, I wrote this post some time ago proposing that the Psalm 83 war hadn’t happened yet and that it was going to be a part of the Second Signpost.  I gave reasons why the war was still in our future, and why Iran is to be the master coordinator of the enemies of Israel.

As time goes by it seems that my initial position is proving correct.  There are still some things that must happen to complete the picture, but there were three developments in the last few weeks that all seem to give us a big step forward to a future Psalm 83 war.

The List of Peoples

The enemies of God and of Israel are listed in Psalm 83:6-8.  Here they are in order in the text and who they most likely are today (the reader can refer to the map also):

1) Edom – the people in southwest Jordan;

2) Ishmaelites – these are the Muslim peoples here today represented by Iran (there are a few reasons to view Iran here as “Ishmael” but the main connection is through Mohammad and Islam);

3) Moab – the people in east central Jordan, just across the Dead Sea from Israel;

4) Hagrites – people in east central Jordan just north of Moab (see I Chron. 5:10, 19-20);

5) Gebal – also known as Byblos; the people in northern Lebanon; today led by Hezbollah;

6) Ammon – the people of northwest Jordan, around the Jordanian capital of Amman;

7) Amalek – the Palestinians living in the West Bank territory (this Wikipedia article has some compelling reasons); today led by Fatah;

8) Philistia – the people of the Gaza Strip, today led by Hamas;

9) Tyre – the people of southern Lebanon and is in the stronghold of Hezbollah;

10) Assyria – “joined them to lend strength” is Syria (and is Syria in the Signpost theory) who is now in alliance with other peoples and is only “lending strength”.

News: Iran, Syria and Hezbollah

Iran has indeed proven its place as master coordinator for much of the list of peoples.  Iran’s alliance with the likewise Shia Muslim group, Hezbollah, has been going on solidly since 1982.  Iran’s militia the Basij (part of Iran’s IRGC), Hezbollah, and the Syrian army under Assad all have access throughout much of Lebanon and in the non-ISIS areas of Syria.  The first news story is from MEMRI and presents a great threat to Israel’s security.  It reports that the Iranian IRGC (i.e., Ishmaelites), the Syrian army under Assad (Assyrians) lending their strength, and Hezbollah (Tyre and Gebal) all acted together and conspired to clear the Syrian rebels from the Syrian side of the border in the Golan Heights.  This allows the three powers to present one unified front against Israel, from Rosh HaNikra to Al-Quneitra (see red line on map).  No longer does Israel face Hezbollah by itself in Lebanon and Assad’s armies by themselves in Syria, but now Israel faces a unified and coordinated force backed by direct involvement of the IRGC.

Israel and the enemies of Psalm 83 that surround her.

Israel and the enemies of Psalm 83 that surround her.

News: Iran and Hamas

Hamas and Iran had a falling out in recent years, but this Jerusalem Post article reports that they are back together and Hamas (the Philistines) has accepted Iran’s help in full.

News: Iran and Fatah

News from Times of Israel and Iranian TV report that Iran and Fatah (Amalek) each wish that they had closer relations with each other.  We may very well see a closer relationship here much like the one Iran has with Hamas.  I find the following quote interesting – “A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it has become a necessity for Iran to enhance its powerbase in the West Bank.”  The Iranian TV story says the reason is to contain Israel.  But I think it is because God’s Word says in Psalm 83:7 that Amalek must be included in the conspiracy with the Ishmaelites.  That’s why there is a “necessity”.

A composite flag being waved in Tehran composed of the flags of (starting upper left, clockwise) Iran, Palestine, Hezbollah, and Syria.

A composite flag being waved in Tehran composed of the flags of (starting upper left, clockwise) Iran, Palestine, Hezbollah, and Syria.

Future Developments

What of the remaining four peoples – Ammon, Moab, Edom and the Hagrites?  Today these are all peoples of western Jordan.  If we are in fact seeing the Psalm 83 war preparations come to pass right in front of our eyes, we should expect that Iran manages to have a working relationship with people in Jordan.  Since Jordan and Iran have cut off relations, there would need to be a significant change in the status of Jordan.  This could either happen by these people taking leadership of the country away from the monarchy (i.e., a coup d’état) or these people working silently behind the scenes with Iran, like Shia groups do in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Secondly, from Psalm 83:9-18 we should expect to see Israel win a stunning victory over this entire coalition.  The text of Psalm 83 suggests that these enemies would attack each other and wipe each other out.  With Iran busy with the Second Signpost, the complete victory of Israel over all the immediate peoples around her could enable and embolden the start of the Third Temple.  [Israel’s territory may also very well expand into western Jordan at that time, for during the Fourth Signpost western Jordan escapes invasion by the Antichrist in his conquests to form his initial empire (per Daniel 11:41).]


Recent news seems to be confirming my initial proposal that the Psalm 83 war would be led and coordinated by Iran as part of the Second Signpost.  It is remarkable that Hamas and Fatah which are Sunni and otherwise sworn enemies of Hezbollah which is Shia are coming together as comrades under the direct command of Iran.  We should watch for further news developments in Jordan and with Fatah to see if there is further convergence of news events with Psalm 83.  These developments will not bode well for the relative stability of Israel’s neighbor Jordan.  These news stories would come at the same time as stories showing the coming of the Second Signpost itself.

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12 replies

  1. Mark,

    I appreciate your insights. This Melanie Phillips interview, regarding Jordan, is dated Feb 8. I find it incredibly astonishing.

  2. Wow Roz, that is astonishing. I will dig deeper into the activities of Mudar Zahran.

  3. Mark: I always thought that The AC will practically control every state surrounding Israel, except Jordan! And a lot of Israelites will try to escape to Jordan during the tribulation, as they did in AD 70. Do you concur with this fact or not?

    I was also hearing on the Radio, some professors talking about Jordan Army, not being under the control of its King, but rather more under the control of the US intelligencia, May be Jordan will also go through the process of Arab rising in a near future. I would think both ISIS or IRAN might want to control that vast region due to its large border with Israel, of Course after the Sunnis take over Syria.

    I know I threw out a lot of different thoughts, but curious to know your thoughts.

  4. Afo,
    I agree in principle with what you are saying but let us be careful what we call “fact”. Yes, Daniel 11:41 seems to be speaking of the peoples in western Jordan not being conquered by the Antichrist’s first major campaign of conquest prior to the Tribulation. And this seems to jive with Psalm 83 where Israel has a great victory over these people. Thirdly, the woman in Rev 12 escapes into the wilderness. All of these things seem to indicate that Israel will occupy/conquer western Jordan and then use it as a refuge later. I agree with what Scripture seems to indicate, but I think “fact” is an inappropriate word here.
    I believe that when Iran executes its invasion, i.e. the Second Signpost, it will go as far as eastern Jordan, and further towards the Mediterranean in advances further north. And Iran wants to control the Middle East, period, and instill its revolution on all Muslim countries.

  5. Joel, disagrees regarding the location of Psalms 83 war…he places within the Day of the Lord. But to each their own understanding as the LORD gives wisdom.

  6. Hey Mark!

    I know this is o/t for this thread, but Joel just posted this regarding Daniel Chapter 8 and since you have extensively researched this chapter for your book, I thought you should hear what Joel says about it.

  7. Good4u1,
    Thanks for the link to Joel’s article on Psalm 83. Without getting into any detail I believe he is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Joel and I haven’t seen eye to eye on everything and that’s ok. It was only this past year or two that he finally agreed with me after I was telling him for ten years before that, that Daniel 8 was for today and showed us an invasion by Iran.

  8. Good4u1,
    Thanks for this second link. I watched Joel’s video. Not only was it right on with my own teaching on the topic, but I love how his style of teaching contrasts with mine. God is using Joel, me, and will soon be using others as well like Nelson to teach the church with as many voices as will answer God’s call, to enlighten the church as to what is happening, why it is happening, and why it must happen.
    Truly exciting times.

  9. Indeed! My life has been more than crazy and it is getting crazier so I’ve not posted much here and I’ve not had a chance to watch the entirety of Joel’s teaching on your area of expertise, but it appears Joel is really on board with your interpretation now.

    Gotta go…my latest fire is I have a kitchen disposal emergency and anxiously await my plumber any minute!

    But even if I don’t post, I read every word you post as do many others…:)


  10. Mark, your last comment really resonates, because I’m convinced God woke me up last summer, and since then I have been reading and learning as much as possible, including shemitah, blood moons etc but it’s hard to get anyone to take it seriously, and it’s not exactly after dinner conversation!


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