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Not one, but two, new interviews have been posted on this new page for 2016. Both interviews were hosted in part by brothers named John.

You know about the interview with the Tribulation Now website; this one is now posted and can be downloaded.  This interview is one of those rare opportunities where I am allowed to speak for a while – an hour and a half – teaching about the Signposts. The sound file is three hours long, but you can join me at about 1:31:00. John is an on-fire brother who loves the Lord, and who was ready to receive the Signpost message.  Thanks to both John and Nancy for giving me the platform to speak and share.

But a few days before that interview, Charlie Engram of Good Morning Ozarks called me out of the blue and asked me to appear on his show the next morning because of the diplomatic relations being broken between the Saudis and Iranians, and doesn’t that look like another step to the Second Signpost.  Charlie, like many of you, is actively watching.

I was on early the next morning. This interview is also posted. This was a fun interview, as it usually is with Charlie. A local pastor named John was sitting in for Keith. John was new to the Signposts. Charlie and John talked just like one friend telling another friend about something new.

This was my fifth time on Charlie’s program. Charlie has become to me a great friend and brother. All three of them – Charlie, Keith and John – will indeed make the eternal kingdom that much more interesting and fun. Blessings to all three of you.

I hope you enjoy this interview, as Charlie introduces both me and the message, to John.

It is interesting to me that both of these interviews were back to back. They are both excellent for the brother or sister who doesn’t know the Signpost message. One interview was an engaging conversation among friends, with one friend introducing the message of a second friend, to a third friend. For those who enjoy some social engaging, this is a good way to connect to the Signposts.  The other interview was basically a teaching session. For those who enjoy a good classroom lecture this would also be a good introduction to the message. Interesting how God provides the best venues for the different kinds of people in His kingdom!

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  1. Superb interview Mark!!!

  2. I listened last night. Very long interview in which host allowed you to explain the Sign post and with very little interruptions. This will be worth listening to twice. I am in the process of re-reading your book a 2nd time. Good job Mark.

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