Iran’s “Muscling Up” for the Second Signpost

An oped piece came out yesterday, both on FoxNews and AEI’s Iran Tracker (a website for a premiere think-tank of Iran experts – you should have this site bookmarked) regarding Iran’s shopping list of weapon systems. And with sanctions being lifted the IRGC has tens of billions of dollars’ worth of funds to spend and check off items on their list. The IRGC knows where to shop too: Russia’s defense industries. Iran wants what is standard in Russia’s military.

The oped piece includes in the title “Iran is muscling up.” That’s a good way of putting it for though these analysts likely do not know about the coming Second Signpost, that is exactly what Iran is doing.

Iran's shopping list clockwise from upper left: S-300 missile batteries, T-90 tank in a parade in Moscow, Su-90 fighter like those used in the Syria airstrikes, and the Yakhont anti-ship missile.

Iran’s shopping list clockwise from upper left: S-300 missile batteries, T-90 tanks such as this one in a parade in Moscow, Su-90 fighter like those used in the Syria airstrikes, and the Yakhont anti-ship missile.

First on the shopping list is the Russian S-300 PMU-2 mobile surface-to-air system which can shoot down aircraft from up to 120 miles away.

Second is the T-90 tank. This was the main battle tank of Russia up until last year. Russia has started making the T-14 for itself. The T-90 however is still available for Russian allied countries.

Third is the Su-30 long range fighter-bomber which has capabilities similar to those of the American F-15. I guess the IRGC could not rely entirely on its rocket forces.  The Su-30 was used by Russia in its Syria airstrikes.

Fourth is the Yakhont supersonic missile which takes out ships up to 180 miles away. If deployed on Iran’s Persian Gulf coast, these missiles could reach the Arabian shore, i.e. no ship in the Gulf would be safe.

All of these items would be big upgrades for many of Iran’s weapon systems which haven’t been replaced in decades. Some of their homegrown systems aren’t working out the way they wanted either like their Zulfiqar tank.  The T-90 would be very welcome.

I am also reminded here of the possible “aftershadow” parallel to the fulfillment in Daniel 11:2 of the ancient Persian kings: “Three more kings will appear in Persia, and then a fourth, who will be far richer than all the others. When he has gained power by his wealth, he will stir up everyone against the kingdom of [Yavan].” (emphasis mine) Could this list of weapon systems be his gaining of power literally using his wealth?  Yavan of course is Turkey, which is Iran’s greatest enemy in the region.

The end of the article came to the conclusion that maybe the west needs to take notice and push back. It makes me wonder why the west never learns from history.  Didn’t it learn its lesson when it saw Nazi Germany re-arming in the 1930s? The signs are all over the news that the Second Signpost is coming. Sadly, I suppose people will finally “get it” once the great Iranian invasion has begun. But that may very well be how God wants it.


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  1. Your last line “But that may very well be how God wants it” makes me think of that God closed the eyes of Israel to the Messiah [Jesus]. HE many very well have closed our eyes so that HIS plan will be fulfilled.

  2. I have been a long-time reader of your blog and although I don’t know if I buy into everything that is said I find it nonetheless interesting. So I was thinking about Iran taking peace and invading other countries but the biggest problem I have with that theory is that America is still in the picture. Despite all of our trouble here and everything not right with our Country we are still by far the strongest military force in the world. I have trouble seeing how we would allow for Iran to take peace. I was also thinking about our current political scene and thought that if any republican candidate or Hillary Clinton are elected we would most likely go to war as most of the candidates are hawkish when it comes to war and defending the oil. My understanding of Bernie Sanders is that he was against the Iraq war and may be more of a dove. Therefore, in my humble opinion the only way I see that we would allow for Iran to wage war soon would be if he was elected . . . If this blog is correct the Iranian invasion doesn’t have to happen in the next 4, 8 or even 20 years but I was just speculating that if it was to occur soon a dove would have to be elected. Either way, MARANATHA!!! Curious what your thoughts are. Be well and God bless.

  3. Hi Corban,
    Glad to hear you’ve been here a while. In Daniel Revisited, as well as on this site, I have always said the reason I take the stance I do is solely due to the Signpost interpretation of Scripture. This is the plainest reading of Daniel 7, 8 and Revelation 6:1-8. The stance and construct have not changed since publishing Daniel Revisited.
    We will see how events unfold, and what you say seems reasonable, but there is one thing ruling it all: Scripture. One cannot rule out Daniel 8:4 saying the Persian ram gets to do all it wants out to the (seacoast) west, from Susa, nor can we ignore Rev 6:4 where the second horseman takes peace of mind and stability (iraynay) from the earth. Please don’t forget Scripture. It cannot be violated. Whether America helps or not Iran will get to do what it wants.
    You may have also noticed in my writing that I spend most of the time showing how current events relate to the big things we should see in Scripture, and not speculating how we will actually reach the event in Scripture.

  4. Dear Mark:
    1 – Because translations say Yvan refers to Greece?
    2 – Ìuwr: I would be better translated by awakening?
    There seems more logical that Iran will awaken Turkia?

  5. Paulo,
    We stay with Scripture. The word used in Daniel 8 is “Yavan”, whose children settled around the Aegean Sea, both in Greece and in western Turkey. Not only that but in 1924 or so Turkey and Greece had an exchange of citizens on the order of 1.5 million. The “king of Yavan” will be the leader of Turkey at that time.
    This is all in Daniel Revisited, Chapter 11. And Iran will shock everyone – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc.

  6. See this?

    Interesting quote about their “neighbors” to west, south, etc, in light of Dan 8.

  7. bill,
    Every once in a while it looks like a world figure prophesies. This looks like one of those times. That quote, “The power of our armed forces is not against our southern, northern, eastern and western neighbors,” is very interesting.
    Thanks for the link.

  8. I have been around this website quite a while and regular visitor. I read Corban’s comment and Mark’s reply up. When America’s position or action is being remarked at crucial timings such as 2nd or 3rd or 4th signpost, I recall Dumitri Duduman’s prophecies about the Gentiles’ struggle(war), which says about sudden all out attack(using nuclear arsenal) by Russia and its allies(mostly old communists countries like China, etc.). I feel God is gathering and driving and controlling all situations to a narrow time span known to His servants in advance through Bible and by His prophets. If we take Duduman’s prophecies like informations into signposts theory, may it is a more explicite explanation though it is a very destructive and difficult-to- accept situation. Perhaps an outer circumstance(big scale-gentile struggle) enable to occur inner circumstance(rather small scale struggles among mainly Abraham’s modern seeds). I suspect.

  9. Jae-Dong,
    The Bible only talks explicitly about events in the Middle East / Islamic Realm. What may happen among the Gentile nations is indeed wide open. Besides Duduman there was Youngbrandt, Gruver, and Milne.

  10. Corbin
    It is still possible that where IRGC soldiers are currently in Syria and Iraq, matters may materialize quite quickly. I don’t know what it is that is going to direct a charge toward South toward Saudia Arabia but tensions have been mounting between them.

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