Erdoğan’s Territorial Ambitions

“Suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground.”   (Daniel 8:5, NIV)

My favorite candidate for the first prominent horn of the goat, besides grabbing more power within his nation, for the past month or so has been talking publicly about Turkey deserving more territory. The Third Signpost, led by the horn on the goat, is all about grabbing huge amounts of territory – practically most of the Middle East. And remember, the four-headed leopard was then given authority to rule.

It seems like Erdoğan can’t wait.

In late September, Erdoğan said that Turkey got the raw end of the deal with the Treaty of Lausanne and that the Dodecanese Islands were wrongly given to Greece. These islands include among others, Rhodes and Patmos.

In mid-October the ambitious Erdoğan then stated that Western Thrace, Cyprus, and Crimea cannot be ignored, because there are Turk kinsmen in those lands. While Crimea and Cyprus are likely known by many of you, Western Thrace is the easternmost part of Greece that borders Turkey on land.

Now, in the last day or so, Erdoğan spoke about getting Mosul and Aleppo back. He said that just as refugees had to recently flee those cities, he referred to the Turks who fled those cities when the Treaty of Lausanne came into force. Both Syria and Iraq were provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Like Hitler’s Reichstag fire, Erdoğan had his “coup” in July. With all this talk of territory, perhaps Erdoğan will reoccupy the demilitarized border area with Bulgaria (which was set by the Lausanne Treaty) like Hitler occupied the demilitarized Rhine region? Perhaps Erdoğan might seize some of the territory he has been talking about like Hitler seized Austria? We might see some more parallels in the near future.

Erdoğan speaking last year from his Presidential Palace in Ankara.

Erdoğan speaking last year from his Presidential Palace in Ankara.  The woman to his right is his wife.

Fortunately for Erdoğan he won’t have to initiate the Third Signpost Blitzkrieg all on his own – Iran will give him the perfect excuse in the Second Signpost. Daniel 8 tells us so.  How long will he have to wait?  Literally, God only knows.

We can be reasonably sure of the major signs to watch for in seeing the parade of world events prior to Christ’s return. As always, how they unfold, will be very interesting.

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  1. Interesting that you write about this today as I was reading an article this morning about Turkey’s new maps reclaiming the Ottoman Empire:

  2. Thanks for the link, Corban. Yes it is interesting.
    The shape of the expanded Turkey also reminds me somewhat of the shape of “New Turkey” – one of the four new nations in Figure 11-3 in DR.

  3. something i have wondered about regarding the ram suddenly running out in directions all about.. what would cause it to do that? In thinking on that i have also wondered and this post of yours mark brought it back to mind.. would the goat be stirring enough to get the ram to stop it and then feel emboldened by some measure of success and finish its course.
    I had been thinking along the lines of the US, Russia squabble however i don’t think either country really wants to have a full on war against each other but Turkey/Erdogan does have some serious ambitious ideas and goals.
    So perhaps the Ram/Iran sees this coming from Turkey/goat and believes it must act against it? The element of surprise would certainly work against Turkey as Erdogan is pretty calculated much like the Iranians are like a game of chess and then without warning you take the queen so to speak.
    check mate, game over.
    just thinking here.

  4. All this puts the recent military intervention of Turkey in the Mosul area in an ominous light.
    Turkey gave air support to Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga closing in on Mosul, against ISIS.
    Those same Peshmerga should be on their guard that Turkey wants parts of their territory too. Then in the end Iran could remain the only helper for the Kurds, so reviving the ancient alliance of Medes and Persians.

    It is even conceivable that Erdogan will become so bold and impatient that Iran will feel itself forced to strike pre-emptively, maybe sooner than they plan themselves. That may then cause a setback for Turkey, that has to recover somewhat before it finally comes with the third signpost.

  5. Excellent insight and information. Looking forward to your upcoming book! Thanks for all your dedicated work! DTW

  6. This is all speculation to bait people into following your hypothesis which is already full of errors. Saddam , Hussein is not the first seal of Revelation and so your whole eschatological testimony is built on sand, not rock.

  7. Kesme,
    We will have to disagree with each other. My book shows the whole logical process deriving the interpretation of the Four Signposts. The “bait” is Daniel Revisited. Many have found it provides a compelling answer. If you think otherwise, you don’t have to keep visiting this site.

  8. Here is a good article of what Erdogan is doing in his own country. He is going exactly the same way as Iran, with his own version of the IRGC and his own version of armed youth groups.

    He is now even purging experienced police chiefs which were loyal to him… To replace them by people that will commit atrocities on his orders more blindly than they…

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