Charlie Engram Reads Chapter 1 of “Iran’s Great Invasion”

It’s always a pleasure visiting Charlie and Keith on Good Morning Ozarks there in Branson, Missouri.

A few weeks ago, they wanted to talk about the new book, Iran’s Great Invasion. During the interview on April 24, Charlie thought it would be good to read Chapter 1 of the book on the radio. I hadn’t thought of him doing that, but the Spirit was quickly telling me this was a good thing.

So here is the half hour interview, with Charlie reading Chapter 1. Play it for your church. Play it for your Bible study group. The link to the podcast is here where you can also download it, as well as send it to your friends.


The front cover of Iran’s Great Invasion.


(Special Note: I’ve been getting emails from Daniel Revisited readers who are surprised that the new book is a retelling of the Second Signpost from Daniel Revisited. I thought I had mentioned that on this blog. Hopefully, readers will pick up on the idea that Iran’s Great Invasion is for all their friends and family who are not prophecy students and, as our brothers and sisters, need to learn about this coming invasion and its impact.)

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  1. Mark

    I think you’ll be interested in the link to this article. About three-quarters of the way down it says this….

    “How about Iran and the United States fighting side-by-side in Iraq to defeat ISIS? Crazy! Iran has been calling the shots in the military. I have a friend whose father was a general before Saddam Hussein took over, and who now lives in the U.S. She was over there interviewing the director of the Iraqi military, and he said that he takes his orders from Soleimani who is the head of the Al-Quds force based out of Iran.”

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