Syria: Turks In, Americans Out, Nothing to See Here

Several news articles have come out recently, of which this one is an example, about the Turkish military moving in to Syria.

In regards to the Second Signpost, this is fairly insignificant.

First, Iran and Turkey have been fighting the Kurds who live in those respective countries for the last several years. The governments of both Iran and Turkey want to keep the Kurds from forming their own nation.

It’s the Kurds in Syria who have the most independence because Syria has been a “broken” country since 2011. Turkish president Erdoğan wants to keep all Kurds aware, no matter which country they live, that the Turks will not tolerate any Kurds starting their own country. This is why he is pushing his forces into Syria, since the Syrian government is in no position to fight the Kurds themselves.

To make the whole thing sound more humane, Erdoğan says he is setting up a 20-mile deep “safe zone” to allow Syrian refugees in Turkey to go back to their home in Syria. This is true; however, the main reason to go into Syria, again, is to fight the Kurds.

The American military is pulling out of Syria to allow the Turkish military a free hand.

This Invasion Into Syria, and the Second Signpost

So what does all this mean for the Second Signpost? Not much. With the Americans out, and the Turks in conflict again with the Kurds, one could say there are fewer obstacles for Iranian forces to run north and west. However, we’ve seen groups of military fighting one another before, such as Syrians fighting ISIS.

With possible Iranian rocket and drone attacks on oil facilities throughout the Middle East, and the numbers of troops Iran may devote to exporting their Revolution, many recent skirmishes in the region present and past start to pale in significance.

I believe the Turkish invasion of Syria is yet another battle being fought in the region that will have little effect in the long run on the Second Signpost.

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  1. Except maybe Erdogan and his forces sharpening there tools in preparation to confront the ram don’t you think Mark? Iran has spent the last 30 odd years preparing for their charge, I would think it logical that the goat, or Erdogans Turkey would have some ‘target practice’ before hand too?
    And at the time of writing, outside Gods intervention, or an untimely death….considering the totalitarian grip Erdogan has attained on ‘used to be secular’ ‘now Islamist dictatorship’ Turkey, Erdogan is the real time candidate for the prominent horn that defeats the ram and sets up the Islamic confederacy or Caliphate. Erdogan openly espouses this desire. It’s no longer covert, but openly overt and his intentions are very much out in the open and visible to anyone who wants to listen to his aspirations to resurrect the Ottoman (Islamic) empire/Caliphate.
    Would love to hear your thoughts Mark.

  2. Mark – while I agree in principle, we cannot ignore the likelihood that this will further embolden Iran to do what it wants in the face of a President who will do everything in his power, including betraying allies, to ensure he meets his voters demands…this being the removal of US troops from Syria. If this doesn’t make Iran feel like it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, wrt moving forward with its ME war desires unopposed, then I don’t know what else will do it. A buck each way for ‘common sense’ vs ‘Trumps ego’ (which, by the way, is giving me the Daniel 4 chills).

  3. I don’t know, but maybe Turkey taking too much territory will cause Iran to run? Makes you wonder too if the AC isn’t one of the IS fighters/leaders right now.

    It seems we have an answer that Trump is not wanting to get involved in another war, and the never ending impeachment drum and dividing of our country by the left will continue another 4 years if Trump wins. The news cycle is controlled by this so a lot can happen “over there”, and we don’t even notice it that much here.

    You control the news and repeat your agenda, you can control what the population thinks- be it true or not. It’s all about perception and indoctrination. Beat the drum long enough and loud enough and 4 becomes 5, truth becomes what the media says. We are seeing 1984 at work before our very eyes over all the news outlets, and Fox was the last one to fall- so it’s a done deal. The prince of the power of the air, has all the airwaves now.

    Deception is the first thing Jesus warns us about in Mat 24. Only the elect will be able to see through the decption.

  4. James,
    Of course Erdoğan has imperial ambitions, and is pushing Turkey to overstep boundaries in Cyprus, Syria, and the Aegean Sea, but what does that have to do with the Second Signpost?
    Most of the points you bring up pertain to the Third Signpost. These are all consistent with Erdoğan being the first prominent horn of the goat, as you hint at.
    Additionally, we do not know how far Iranian forces will charge into Turkish territory. And we do not know how the two nations’ militaries will fight a war, except that Turkey may airlift troops directly to Tehran. This is why any battles with the Kurds is just noise.
    I do thank the Lord that brothers and sisters like you are watching with me.

  5. Ryan,
    I may be wrong, but with Iran’s newly proven asymmetric warfare the Persian ram will indeed charge and butt and shock. Daniel 8 says the ram will do just that. So, whatever narrower regional battle is going on at the time, and whoever is winning at the time, is less of a concern.
    Remember, too, that Iran and Turkey have been fighting the Kurds in their own territories for years. These battles and skirmishes are also not significant to the Second Signpost.

  6. Steve,
    Maybe. But we need to wait and see what happens.

  7. Mark,

    In your view the US pullout of Syria and the Turkish incursion to kill Kurdish refugees is basically irrelevant to the Second Signpost. Well, I’m not so sure about that, honestly. This Turkish campaign might be a precursor to Daniel 8’s ram by stage setting because Iran is in deep economic suffering because of Trump’s severe sanctions upon the regime. Iran knows Trump is up for re-election next year. Nothing would suit Iran more than to have those sanctions removed and Trump denied a second term. The ram has already “pawed the ground” to test its strength in the region by the drone attacks by their proxies or themselves against the Saudi oil fields temporarily shutting down a percentage of the world oil supply. So it is more than capable to charge when ready.

    I monitor twitter sources from inside the Middle East to get a better real time feel of reporting, it is believed that Turkey’s incursion into Syria is only a first step. Their real goal is genocide of the Kurdish region and annexation of that land. I surmise that IF that is true and Turkey commits genocide where the majority of the Kurds are occupied, Iran has warned them not to invade Syria publicly here:

    If that is ignored by Turkey, that could be Iran’s basis for an all out invasion of the region. It is worth watching this maneuvering over Syria and Kurdistan as this continues to play out now that US troops are gone and the Middle East continues its meltdown especially as the next US election year draws near.


  8. Julie,
    Good points.
    Iran warned Turkey because Assad of Syria is a Shia and Iranian ally, as I know you know.
    Now, US troops pulling out of Syria, and Turks fighting Kurds in Syria, by themselves, are not significant.
    However, IF Turkey starts swallowing up huge chunks of Syrian territory and keeping it, than yes, this could call Iran to start the Second Signpost. Iran would not want a Sunni power taking Shia territory. But let’s see if that happens. Right now its US troops out, Turks in, on a 20-mile wide strip.

  9. Yesterday it was announced that American troops were leaving an area of Syria that Turkey was about to conduct military operations in.

    Today it was announced that the Iranian Army Ground Force has already conducted war games near Orumiyeh, which is near the Iran-Turkey border.

    And now comes an article “Iran Urges Turkey to Reconsider Decision to Invade Syria.”

  10. All of us who watch,

    Here is a fascinating whole picture look about how we got to this point in Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and the US The And as usual, Obama, the worst former president in our modern history and his utter incompetence is the cause of most of the problems policy-wise in Syria. Of course, MSM will never report or tell you the truth about this. But here it is in black and white and why your own research will be more reliable than just watching cable news.

  11. “Turkey’s military offensive on northeastern Syria has displaced more than 60,000 people in less than a day, a war monitor said Thursday.”

    Meanwhile, Erdogan has threatened: “Hey EU, wake up. I say it again: if you try to frame our operation there as an invasion, our task is simple: we will open the doors and send 3.6 million migrants to you.”

    Where did Erdogan get that 3.6 million figure? They are the people mentioned in a 2019-09-05 AP article titled “Turkey threatens to open gates for Syria refugees to go West,” which states: “Turkey opened its borders to Syrians in April 2011 and is currently home to 3.6 million who fled the civil war, now in its ninth year.”

    A 2019-08-05 Voice of Europe article reported: “Turkey has warned European countries that, if it wanted to, it could destroy Europe’s governments by letting millions of migrants from the Middle East pass through its borders to make their way into Europe. Days ago, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, ‘We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience.’”

    What would happen to the refugee situation if Iran invaded eastern Turkey?

    Trabzon, a city in eastern Turkey, is the subject of Nostradamus quatrain 5:27:
    Par feu & armes non loing de la marnegro,
    Viendra de Perse occuper Trebizonde :
    Trembler Pharos Methelin, Sol alegro,
    De sang Arabe d’Adrie couverte l’onde.
    Richard Sieburth’s 2012 translation:
    By fire & arms not far from Mar Negro ,
    The Persians shall occupy Trebizond :
    Pharos, Mytilene quake, Sol allegro :
    The Adriatic swims with Arab blood.

    “marnegro” = Black Sea.
    “Trebizonde” = Trabzon, Turkey.
    “Pharos” probably means the Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades.
    “Mytilene” = capital of the Greek island of Lesbos.
    “Sol alegro” According to Leoni, “alegro” is derived from either the Old French “alegre” (joyful), or the Italian “allegro” (brisk). Since in 5:53 Nostradamus used “Sol” to designate Christians, and since Sieburth translated “alegro” as “allegro” (moving quickly), “Sol alegro” could mean “Christians moving quickly.” This quatrain does not predict anything that Christians would be “joyful” to see happen.

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