Columbus Day: West Earth Founding Day

The great city was split into three parts.          Revelation 16:19 NASB

Over the course of history, starting in the time of Daniel and up to modern times, the world has been in the process of splitting into three parts. I write about this and make the case in Chronicles.

East Earth in its current form began toward the end of Daniel’s life. Center Earth began when the Church was born on Pentecost and the baptizing of the 3,000.

Today, October 14, 2019, is Columbus Day. This is the day that is celebrated as the discovery of the New World, also known as the Americas. The original Columbus Day, October 12, 1492, is the day Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. It can be considered the day West Earth was founded in its current form.

All three parts of the earth have accepted the Gospel or rejected the Gospel to varying degrees, unique to each of the three parts.

West Earth has had the special opportunity to pursue Jesus Christ in freedom to a degree unknown in the other two parts of the earth.

West Earth, though, has decided to pursue wealth ahead of Christ. This is just the opposite of Christ’s words in Matthew 6:33. West Earth was discovered by people motivated to find wealth. It was exploited by people looking for wealth. It was settled by a majority of people looking for more wealth in their lives.

This pursuit of wealth with its central banks and money policies has set up West Earth for impoverishment during the Signposts and Great Tribulation. God will allow this taking away of any hope of wealth, in order to bring as many people as possible in West Earth to Him.

Here is a clip from the movie 1492 Conquest of Paradise with Gerard Depardieu as Christopher Columbus and Sigourney Weaver as Queen Isabella. This is probably the best made movie for this story.

At the end of the scene, we see Columbus falling to his knees on the beach. Columbus seems to be thanking God for being led there. Most would say this is truly a significant moment. The Americas were opened up for European and Christian exploration.

Depardieu as Columbus falling to his knees on the beach of San Salvador in the Bahamas.

However, greater still, it is also the founding of the great city’s third and last part, West Earth.

Have a happy 527th West Earth Founding Day.

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8 replies

  1. I am surprise you didn’t mention, Mark, that it was also a way for many Jews to flee the inquisition in Spain.

  2. Gary C,
    The Spanish monarchy was already exiling the Jews. The Ottoman Empire at the time invited the Jew to come live and work with them because of their skills and education. The Ottomans saw administrators and accountants in the Jews. These are known as the Sephardic Jews. By the sixteenth century there were already next to no Jews in Spain.

  3. Wasn’t Columbus himself Jewish?

  4. Mark,
    Knowing the Christian persecution in China and this whole issue of the NBA ignoring the increased persecution over the past year, I made a statement to someone that it’s like they are drinking from the harlot’s cup. It has made me rethink some matters of Mystery Babylon. Some theologians earlier in the last centuries noted that they thought it represented more of a lawless fiscal system than a mere city. The writer of Hebrew, stated to remember our brothers in chains and in prison. It seems like to forget the persecution that is going on is like being seduced by the whore and drinking from the cup. Looking forward to more of your input on this topic, Mark.

  5. Gary,
    As you likely know, I devote four chapters in Chronicles to the topic.
    I will be sprinkling in on this forum more content on MB, but the momentum for folks right now is mostly with the next two signposts.

  6. “Daniel Revisited” has maps showing where first and second signposts events will happen. There are maps on the internet that go into greater detail where Sunni and Shia populations reside. Here are two maps that I find useful.

    Sunni (olive) Shia (green) non-Muslim (white)

    Sunni (green) Shia (red-orange) mixed (brown) uninhabited or non-Muslim (white)

    The second map, dated 2016, surprised me. I had not known that there are Shia areas in Saudi Arabia and mixed areas along the Mediterranian coast of Turkey and in the Istanbul area.

  7. Prism,
    I could not use the first map for a book as it is copyrighted. The second map, I believe, exaggerates the extent of Shia populations. It clashes with almost everything else I’ve seen. The first map is more accurate.

  8. The map that clashes with what you have seen falsely depicts Wahhabi areas as Shia areas, and the Shia areas in Turkey are quite different in this map based on better sources.

    One good feature in both the screwy map and this better one is that they show sparsely inhabited areas, which is important information.

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