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  1. Mark,

    When the Sunni confederacy counterattacks and defeats the new Persian/Iranian Empire in Singpost #3, is Shiite Islam obliterated as well?

  2. James,

    Thats a good question. Shia Muslims live in Yemen, the southern third of Iraq, and other places. I do think that when the four nation confederacy finishes its conquests and rules its single great Sunni nation that Shia muslims might very well be persecuted or made second class citizens. But this is speculation. Unfortunately, as I say in the book, Shia Islam is ultimately proven correct as the Mahdi arises out of the pieces of the new united nation. All of Islam (Shia, Sunni, etc.) though will be put to an end when Christ returns because the fourth beast is thrown into the fire as the Bible says in Daniel 7:11-12.


  3. Look at his hand at 00:38 min, is this normal?

  4. Hi Tom,
    You may have noticed that one of their taglines at the beginning of the show is “we love you.” The sign that Herman flashed at 00:38 is the universal deaf hand sign for “I love you.” The abbreviation for this phrase is “ILY”. “I” is the pinky extended, “L” is the index finger and thumb extended, and “Y” is the thumb and pinky extended – and so combined you see those three digits extended.

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