Signpost Theology: the Theology of “Hidden In Plain Sight”

Hidden In Plain Sight is new and different in its presentation of end times Bible prophecy.  What makes it unique is the new theology that it champions.  Its interpretation of passages from Daniel Chapters 2, 7, 8, 9, and Revelation 6, 12 and 17, show that the Bible tells of a continuous series of major and specific events occuring in the Middle East right now.  These events will be continuing in time right up to the start of the seven-year Tribulation.  These events are signposts telling us what season we are in as part of God’s end time plan leading up to the Tribulation and leading up to the return of Christ himself.  Without knowing the significance of these events, people will see them only as news headlines.

Since this book’s message begins by arguing for an Islamic Antichrist, some have said that this book supports what has been called the Islamic Antichrist theory.  But this book goes beyond that.  Daniel 7 and 8 have much to yield – namely, the events immediately prior to the Tribulation.  The knowledge that the Antichrist will be Muslim is one key.  It tells us that the events of Daniel 7 and 8 could relate to the rise of the Antichrist since a Muslim Antichrist will rise from that area of the world.  But the other key is the set of verses within Daniel 7 (Dan. 7:12,17) and 8 (Dan. 8:17,19) that tell us that these events are to be fulfilled in the end time and not in ancient times.  Together, those verses and the view of the Antichrist being Muslim, creates the four signposts.  Informally, I refer to this new theology as Signpost Theology.

Formally though, I propose calling this new theology the Doctrine of the Pre-Trib Event Sign Sequence.  The name may not flow but it does label that which it covers – a sequence of events which are signs, that occur prior to the Tribulation.  If this new theology is to be discussed it might as well be given a name.

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  1. I abhor Replacement theology in all its facets: and fear that nations such as those of Western Europe that have cursed the Jews are now experiencing there own reverse replacement: the replacement of the blessing that the Jews brought with the curse of Moslems and Islam:

    America is also guilty in assisting/allying itself with Antisemitic Islam: now we are witnessing the unstoppable growth and influence of Islam in the USA.

    America is pursuing a suicidal policy of appeasing Islam and encouraging the spread of Koranic/Fascist Islam in the Middle east under the guise of “democracy” and is helping bring about the new Caliphate which will usher in the Antichrist! Incredible but true!

    If Mitt Romney the Temple Mormon gets to be President of the USA, things will probably continue in this downward spiral to oblivion: I see Romney as someone even more dangerous than Obama.

    I doubt if a national repentance is going to take place: I hope so, but Romney is definitely not our “saviour”.

    I see that the writing is on the wall when in plain sight we see the establishment of the religion of Anti Christ in the midst of once Biblically oriented societies.

    I am taking a firm personal stand for Israel and the Jewish people: they are going to need true friends in the dark days ahead: friends that make them jealous to receive their Messiah and not fearful as the historic Christian Church has done with the repugnant suppercessionism.

  2. James,

    In the old end time picture Europe was viewed as an emerging great power used by the Antichrist. Its armies were going to march to the Middle East and start war. It is ironic that the lands it was seen as conquering might end up conquering Europe in a roundabout way.

    I have my reasons for believing that the focus of the Antichrist in consolidating power will be the Islamic realm and those areas being taken over by Islam such as Europe. And to that end the United States can resist coming under the Antichrist’s thumb as long as it has the will to do so. But I fear it may not. I hope a national repentance is in our near future.


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