“About the Rapture” Page Added

I have been receiving comments about the timing of the Rapture.  And though healthy debate between brothers and sisters is good, it will send many who would otherwise be blessed by the message of the Signposts off on a tangent.  The message to be received on this site and in Hidden In Plain Sight is that of the Four Signposts, and the Signposts need to be understood.  They also precede any Rapture or Tribulation.  Discussion about how the Rapture or Tribulation relate to the Signposts is fine, but a heated debate about the Rapture’s timing can be distracting.

In my book, I explain at one point why I need to refrain about discussing the Rapture and its timing.  I realized I needed to do the same kind of thing on this website.  So I wrote a post on a new page devoted to the Rapture, explaining in detail why there isn’t alot of discussion on Rapture timing on this site.  I hope visitors to this site can understand.

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