“None Could Rescue”: Ominous Implications for the United States from Daniel 8:4

Iranian forces represented by the Persian ram in Daniel 8:4, will charge to the north, to the south, and to the west.  This is of course the main event of Signpost #2, as identified in my book, Hidden In Plain Sight.  It is the start of the first great war of the Middle East.  As of August 2012, we are watching for the triggering event at the beginning of this Signpost.

Daniel 8:4 says,”I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.”

All nations in Daniel 7 and 8 are represented as animals or beasts – both the nations that are represented by the beasts themselves as well as other nations in the area.  For instance, the bear in Daniel 7:5 is told to “eat your fill of flesh” – this “flesh” being the flesh of other “animals.”  Daniel 8:4 goes on to say that no animal could stand up to Iran, “and none could rescue from his power.”  And this is where there is an ominous implication for the United States.  The question that I’ve heard from many people is, “wouldn’t the United States stop Iran?”  That is a good question.  The answer, I’m afraid, comes from Daniel 8:4 where it says “none could rescue.”  “None” would mean that the United States is included in the long list of nations that will not help.  Maybe a better question then is, “why wouldn’t the United States help?”

For the last century or so, the United States has been in a position of power amongst the nations of the world.  Most notable for its actions was its fighting and defeating the Axis powers in WWII.  We have certainly seen the U.S. in action recently in the Middle East.  We saw Signpost #1 come and go, where the reign of Saddam Hussein came to an end and Iraq was democratized, and that the United States was there, causing these things to happen.  Though the United States of America is not specifically mentioned in prophecy, it was directly responsible for providing the force in Daniel 7:4 that raised the lion on its hind legs forcing it to stand.  It also provided the environment for the lion’s mind (or heart) to be changed from that of a beast to that of a man, i.e. it was the force behind the democratizing of Iraq.  The United States was used by God in Signpost #1 to provide the means for prophecy in Daniel 7:4 to be fulfilled.  I am not saying that what the United States did was necessarily right or wrong, I am simply saying it was used to fulfill prophecy.

The United States has also had a hand in the preparations for Signpost #3.  Turkey, Egypt and Syria must tend toward more Islamic governments in fulfillment of Daniel 8:6 (see this post).  The Obama Administration has pressured the secular governments of both Egypt and Syria to relinquish power and allow “democracy.”

But where the United States was acting from a position of power in regards to Signpost #1 and #3, the situation in Signpost #2 is different.  Daniel 8:4 says that “none could rescue” from the power of the ram (Iran).  If Iran were to conquer the Middle East and take over the oilfields you can bet the United States would not just let that stand, and would act if it had the ability to do so.  After all, one-fifth of the oil that is consumed worldwide everyday comes from those oilfields.  These are the oilfields in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states.

But God’s Word says “none could rescue.”  God’s Word is true and cannot be changed.  This small phrase in Daniel 8:4 suggests that the United States will not rescue nations from Iran.  I can think of only one reason why the United States would not react and militarily take back the oilfields: the United States would lack the ability to project power and so would not have the ability to do anything about it.  And that is ominous.  Not only would the entire world be experiencing economic chaos, but there is a good chance that the United States itself could be in great distress internally, as much as it pains me to say such things being an American citizen.

There are, indeed, many forces at work internally right now to bring down the might of the United States.  Government debt and government spending, which has steadily been increasing for decades, is now going parabolic towards a breaking point under this most recent administration.  To keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debt and to keep the banking system afloat, the Federal Reserve may be forced to print dollars like it never has before (this is nicknamed “QE 3“) which will cause a currency-induced hyperinflation, which will destroy the purchasing power of the dollar.  Obamacare (if not repealed in January 2013 after the elections) may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Not only would Obamacare accelerate our taking on more debt, but it is the first time in the history of our nation where we allow the government to tell us to buy something.  We may see revolts over what is deemed as an unconstitutional power grab by the federal government.  Any of these factors if played out could contribute to the U.S. no longer having the ability to project power around the world.  How soon could this happen? 

It would be prior to, or during, Iran’s invasion.  Before Iran’s invasion, Daniel 8:3-4 says that Iran’s leaders are reshuffled, where the first leader becomes second and the second leader becomes first.  And how soon could that happen?  The short answer is, anytime.  Ahmadinejad, who is the man holding the second position (President of Iran) is to step down at the end of his second and final constitutionally-mandated term as president in the first week of August 2013.  If he is going to make his move I would think it would have to be while he is still in power.

In conclusion, the U.S. was the power behind some of the events in Signpost #1.  But Signpost #2 is different for the U.S. – I believe it hints that the U.S. will be occupied with troubles of its own, and in a word, hobbled.

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  1. Congrats on the book! I found out about it while reading Joel Richardson’s books. I have been a huge prophecy fan since I read late great planet earth back in the 80s….and no I don’t agree with it but it was intriguing. I think one of the biggest scriptures people miss in prophecy is Ecclesiastes 1:9. That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done. There is nothing new under the sun. For example the garden of Eden…tree of life..where was it? I believe it is the exact spot where Christ hung on the cross. Jesus was the second Adam. Just as Adam was to take all of humanity to the tree of life and failed Jesus was victorious on the cross and we come to the Cross of Calvary and we take our children to the Cross of Christ. Nothing new under the sun. Also look at the tower of babel….the beginning of false religion….the first picture of Antichrist as displayed by Nimrod….the plains of Shinar…….the place where this whole thing kicks off according to your thoughts on signpost #1. And we know what happens to Babylon….nothing new under the sun. It will be the Assyrian…..nothing new under the sun. Another beautiful picture is found in Genesis 45 when Joseph….type and shadow of Jesus…reveals himself to his brothers and proceeds to tell them in verses 6-7 that there is still 5 years left of tough times and that God has sent Him to save their lives by a great deliverance. I believe that is the picture of the 12 tribes of 12,000…..144,000 who are sealed in the book of Revelations and come to know Jesus in year 2 of the tribulation time. 144,000 Billy Graham’s…..wow! Nothing new under the sun. The great thing about the theory of Islam as the end time Antichrist religion and the stuff both you and Joel Richardson are writing about is……it fits. As we examine the story of Abraham and Sarah along with the stories of Ishmael…wild donkey of a man fighting with his brothers and Esau lineage marrying into Ishmaels. We see that God is not in the business of of recreating this new type of story that is hard to figure out. There is nothing new under the sun. It all goes back to where it began. There are so many more pictures that God has layed out and I truly believe more will be revealed as we get closer to the end of the age. If God layed it out to Noah the time of the flood through the name of Methuselah…..who by the way was named by Enoch who is the “gentile” of the 2 witnesses along the other witness “Jewish” Elijah that are going to show up soon on the scene…..I feel quite confident He will reveal it to us. Anyway thanks for letting me ramble! Apologies for sloppy writing…..I am not a writer. Keep up the great work!

  2. When Daniel saw the 4 beasts coming out of the sea, not only he gave descriptions to what these animals looked like, but he also saw and understood specific interactions with an “invisible entity”. As to the Lion, wings were plucked off, it was lifted up from the earth, made to stand on two feet and a man’s heart was given to it. As to the bear, it was said: “Arise, devour much flesh” As to the Leopard, dominion was given to it. As to the fourth beast (the dreadful and terrible one), the saints where given into the hands of its little horn for a time, times and half a time (Dan 7:25). In Revelation 13, we find more actions by an “invisible entity” do to this beast, a mouth was given to speak great thing and blasphemies, and authority was given to continue or exercise his power for 42 months. Again, it is given authority over the saints to make war. Authority was given also over every tribe, tongue and nation.

    We can see a pattern related to each beast. An “invisible entity” is doing, saying or giving something to these beasts. The question is who is this or these “invisible entities”? Invisible, because the text does not give and identification. The entity could be a man, king, nation, kingdom, religious system, spiritual forces or even God himself. It really requires spiritual discernment and a watchful posture to identify these “invisible entities.”

    I agree with you, USA was the “invisible entity” or force behind the actions done to Iraq (lion). Now, who would be the “invisible entity” saying to Iran (bear) to “Arise, and devour much flesh”? This voice is very powerful, because the bear actually does arise and devours much flesh. As seen in Dan 8, no other animal could stop the ram to trample the other animals to the west, north and west. No one could deliver the animals from the bear’s mouth from devouring them. Who could be the voice saying to Iran to devour much flesh?

    Perry Brown

  3. Interesting theme there, Perry. I continue to be amazed at how much information can be packed into four verses (Dan. 7:4-7), and how there can be many facets realized in reading them.
    So to recap what you wrote, the first beast was acted upon, where the source of the force doing the action was the U.S.-led coalition.
    The second beast will be told to do something.
    The third beast will be given something, in this case, authority to rule.
    The fourth beast, interestingly, was not forced to do anything, not told to do anything, or not given anything, it just was, and just acted.
    For these last four great acts before the Tribulation, Iraq had to be “manhandled,” Iran has to be told or convinced, the four nations must receive, but Islam is sufficient enough by itself just being Islam – terrifying, crushing and devouring.

  4. Yeah, for each beast an “invisible entity” does something to it. Or it’s act upon, or told to do something or given something. I believe these actions are related to the main purpose of each beast, in the prophetic sense. Prophetically, each beast has a purpose for paving the way for the coming of the little horn (Antichrist). It’s still little hard yet to put all pieces together to give us the big picture, but I believe the Lord is just begun to unseal the Book of Daniel and much more revelation will be granted for those will seek it (Dan 12:4, 9).

    It is also interesting to see that the first beast (lion – Iraq) had it’s nature altered. The beggings of the lion when it came out of the sea, it was a fierce beast, but soon it was altered to a different nature, the lion did not act like a lion as before, it was given a human nature. Of course all of this is symbolic and allegorical. Iraq once was a wild beast under Saddam Hussain, specifically in relation to their foreign policy, handling weapons of mass destruction and minority genocides from within. Since the US led coalition entered Iraq and “democratized” the nation, these beastly nature was altered.

    We still see lot of sectarian violence in Iraq. This is where I believe has to do with the second beast, Iran. Shia Islam is growing in Iraq. Iran has stepped in and has much influence in Iraq. I believe that part of the “devouring much flesh” of the bear and the pushing westward of the ram has to do with the increasing violence and struggle of Iranian backed Shia’s in Iraq. When this will come to its very heights, Iran will aid militarily in Iraq, topple the “democratic” government and establish a Shia Islamic Republic. This will only last for a short period of time, because the Turkey led coalition (leopard and goat) will come and destroy the momentarily Shia and Iranian greatness.

  5. Interesting perspectives. Keep in mind, though, that the bear that is told to “consume much flesh” is also the ram that charges out in the three directions. These two passages together suggest a more rapid takeover of the surrounding territories, much like the Nazi blitzkrieg of WWII. The “much flesh” is the equivalent of many nations, and the charging by the ram is the equivalent of speed. I do not discount what you are saying for there may be some infiltration such as in Iraq, but by and large it will be many nations, and fast, I believe.
    Also, the ram will become great once it has finished its conquests. Will it be in the form of one great Shia nation, or a series of smaller ones? My bet is that it is one great nation because the ram will rule with those same two horns – that will be the government authority.

  6. Mark,

    I do not limit the ram influencing/attacking/conquering only to Iraq. But, I see three nations conquered as in the three ribs in the mouth of the bear. There may be much more influence and sectarian violence in other countries. Take Syria and Lebanon for example. What’s happening in Syria, is that the Shia Alawite sect is losing it’s power over the nation. I believe, soon the “rebels” will eventually take down Assad and call for “democratic” elections, and surprise, Sunni Muslim Brotherhood takes over. Could this happen to Hezbollah in Lebanon also? Only time will know. When all of this happens, Iran wont just sit there and watch all of this happening, they will fight for the coming back of Shia leadership in these nations.

    But I still believe that the three ribs in the bear’s mouth are three nations, west, north and south. However, not limited in influence or militia attacking to these three nations, but much broader. I would say that they will think it’s the time for the Shia to overcome Sunni.

    Likewise in ancient empires, after Cyrus overtook the Median Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire conquered three major (or at least most important) kingdoms, represented by the three ribs in the bear’s mouth and three cardinal directions that the ram pushed, Babylon, Lydia and Egypt. But the conquests did not limit to these three Empires, although they were the most significant ones. For example, Cyrus conquered Cilicia in Anatolia, Pontus region in north-eastern Asia Minor came under the control of the Persians. Darius, the Great, also invaded the lands of the Greeks and Scythians.

    Although, I do believe there will be three major conquests of Iran in the middle-east (Iraq as one of them), there will be in other nations with Shia influence, turmoil, sectarian violence and terror, rebellions, uprisings, etc. even so some Shia groups in those nations coming to power.

    All of this Shia “victory” will only last a very short time, because Turkey and their 4 nation confederacy (I believe, Egypt and Syria involved) will rise and destroy the Iranian/Shia supremacy in the middle-east.


  7. Perry,
    As I explained in my book about the bear (pp. 172-177), the three ribs in the bears mouth simply represent the three directions – north, south and west. The context is in the similaraties between the bear and the ram. One charges in three directions and one is told to feast and gorge, with three directions seen in its mouth. The “much” flesh comes from the word sag-ghee’ (Strong’s #7690) and conveys the idea of many or exceedingly or abundant. I believe any of these ideas reflect much more than the number three.
    I think you might be thinking of three nations being consumed because for years theologians said the three ribs of the bear reflect the fact that the Persian Empire consumed the three provinces of Babylon. But these ribs in the context are not three nations but three directions – and in those three directions there are many nations. Also the word “west” should be “seaward”, i.e. towards the Mediterranean. That all by itself would include Iraq, Syria, eastern Turkey, and perhaps Jordan and Lebanon.
    Also the Bible tells us about bears in 2 Kings 2:23-24 and Proverbs 28:15. Both passages tell us of a bear rushing about going many places to cause damage in many places.
    Your last paragraph I talk about in Chapter 11.

  8. China will back Iran in the war against the Sunni muslim nations. The reason oil, they want to control the Middle East. Russia won’t commit suicide attacking the U.S. militarily. That won’t happen. China after Iran takes all the territory it can will change tack and back Turkey in their attack against Iran, again it is in their best interest to do so, for then they will control all of the Middle East except Israel. However the little horn will arise and will not be aligned with China, and will do all that the AntiChrist [little horn] is professied to do and then China will again come against the Middle East in full force only to be stopped by the return of the lord Jesus.

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