“5… 4… 3… 2…”: The Countdown To The Big Event Has Begun!

You probably know the feeling.  If you could sum up the experience of seeing a countdown prior to the launch of a large rocket, or of being part of a countdown to ring in the New Year just before midnight, it would have to be “anticipation.”

As soon as you hear those numbers being counted down, you anticipate the great event that will be happening as soon as the count reaches zero.  Anticipation felt during a countdown may include excitement if it is something good, or anxiety if it is something you fear happening.  You may find yourself speculating – oh so briefly during that time – the sights, the sounds and emotions you will experience when the moment arrives.

The Four Signposts, as explained in my book Hidden In Plain Sight, actually allows us to experience the same thing for the first time in regards to the return of Christ!  How is this possible?  It is by understanding that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, rising out of Islam, and that Daniel Chapters 7 and 8 have their only true fulfillment now in the end times.  That doctrine telling us that nothing more must happen prophetically until the Tribulation or Rapture is false.

The Second Coming of Christ, anticipated for almost 2,000 years is probably the biggest event in human history since He died on the cross, was resurrected and rose into heaven.  Christ’s physical return will start a complete paradigm shift for earth when the kingdoms of the world become the kingdom of our Christ.  His followers will be resurrected and will have been transformed into their new immortal bodies.  In a grand countdown, Christ’s moment of return where the heavens are rent and He appears in the clouds ready to descend, is “ZERO.”

In the countdown, the Rapture and Tribulation that immediately precede that grand moment, covering seven years, is “ONE.”

The Fourth Signpost, involving the man to be Antichrist subduing and uniting three new Muslim nations and then uniting seven more to make ten, covering an unknown amount of time, is “TWO.”

The Third Signpost, involving the four-nation Sunni confederacy which conquers the Middle East, taking back the lands conquered by Iran, and conquering Iran itself, is “THREE.”

The Second Signpost, which involves Iranian forces rushing out and conquering much of the Middle East, occupying the oilfields and causing economic havoc and various degrees of famine throughout the world due to the loss of one-quarter of the world’s oil, is “FOUR.”

Last, or should I say first, is the First Signpost.  This is the Signpost in which the leader of Iraq was bent on conquest and his capability to launch missiles tipped with WMD was unknown.  This is the Signpost in which that same nation, Iraq, was forced to behave and think in a more civilized manor with a form of democracy forced on it.  This same Signpost is “FIVE.”

So we now have have a countdown!  The countdown to the return of Christ has begun!  The First Signpost came and went from 1979 to 2011.  And now we know – that was “FIVE!”

And with the war in the Second Signpost preceded by the two leaders of Iran feuding where the Supreme Leader will become second in Iran – all according to Bible prophecy – as soon as that is resolved we will hear “FOUR!”

I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  This author is in anticipation.  I am excited about the coming of my Lord and Savior and King!  But I am also faced with anxiety because of the things that are to occur here on earth and in my country between now and His return.  So I continue to practice Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything…”

“FOUR” will sound soon!
Spread the word about this message of the Four Signposts in Daniel Chapters 7 and 8.  Tell your friends and your pastors.  The Countdown to Christ’s return has begun!

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  1. Yes Mark it is very exciting!

    I am afraid the vast majority of the Body of Christ isn’t yet taking the factor of Islam seriously enough. Even a sound Bible Teacher whom I hold in the highest regard for his teaching gift believes that there must be a one world government that gives way to 10 geographic regions or kingdoms before the Anti Christ arises. If this is so, we have a very loooong way to go before the Lord’s Second Coming.

    I think the view that there must be a rebuilt Judean Temple in place of the Moslem Dome of the Rock makes Christians not take Islam seriously enough: thinking that it will be of little or no consequence in last days prophecy. I don’t think a secular Israeli government is dumb enough to demolish it and invite Islamic wrath.

    The dome could be where the Mahdi comes and makes the desecration of the Holy Place complete: the Abomination of Desolation.

    I wonder if Israel will attack Iran before the USA presidential election? The consequence of this may be what flips the leadership in Iran on the way to Signpost #2.

    Could it even take place on Yom Kippor? The Iranians might not think that it would come on the holiest day of the Judean year. Perhaps the government of Israel could get a special dispensation from the Rabbinate due to National Survival. This could catch the Iranians napping big time.

    What will our world look like without abundant relatively cheap oil?

    A huge shock: a wakeup call is coming soon.

    Shalom friend,


  2. Truly an easily read book with adequate delving into the prophecies to confirm the author’s conclusions. It is well for those who believe and anxiously await the return of Christ to wake up and live like we believe it. Such a stark difference between our loving jealous Jehovah God who leaves everyone with a choice, and a vengeful punishing ‘god’ who demands that everyone believe in him or they deserve death.
    Thanks for the book, Mark. You have done all of us a service.
    In Him…Cinda

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