Amazing New Buzz About Iranian Leadership: A Power Grab by Ahmadinejad?

Those who have read my book, Hidden In Plain Sight (pp. 166-7, 171), or who are regular visitors to my website know that the message of the Four Signposts says that there will be a power shuffle within the government of Iran. This power shuffle will occur just before the great war begins where Iran will conquer much of the Middle East.

Daniel 8:3 says that the taller horn on the ram grew up taller and later. The horns both of the ram and the goat represent power and the persons that wield that power. Currently, the supreme leader is the top leader and power in Iran. The president is second. This shuffle mentioned in Daniel 8:3 would equate to the office of the president of Iran switching places with the office of the supreme leader of Iran such that the office of the president has the greater power.

Since 2009, president Ahmadinejad has been challenging and questioning the supreme leader’s position as top power in Iran. Supreme leader Khamenei endorsed Ahmadinejad for president in 2009, but since then there has been a growing rift between them. From 2009 up to last month, the media noted and reported that Ahmadinejad was losing power and might not even finish his last term in office, which ends in August 2013. But now their talk has changed. And it is converging with what the Second Signpost says must happen!

For the first time, the media in Iran is now questioning if Ahmadinejad might try a power grab. When president Ahmadinejad was being interviewed earlier this month, he was asked if he was going to do anything about corruption in government in his last year in office. Ahmadinejad responded with “How do you know it will be the final year?”(see this article and this article) This set off the political community talking about how Ahmadinejad might do a Putin-style power grab where he and a close associate will switch off being president or head of the legislature.

Of course, the Four Signposts says that Ahmadinejad will pull off something more like an outright coup, but it is interesting to see Ahmadinejad’s answer to that one question, and to see the media talk about Ahmadinejad grabbing power. This is in contrast to the last three years where the media basically said he was finished in politics.
We will continue to watch developments. Christ said to watch and pray prior to His return. If the message of the Four Signposts is true, Ahmadinejad will achieve far more than just a Putin-style power grab. And then the great war begins with its resulting great oil shock most likely followed by a great dollar shock.  The Second of Four Signposts will be fully in force on our world.

May the Lord be with us.

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  1. Mark,

    Do you think that in verse Daniel 8:3, we are to expect the office of president of Iran becoming “taller” (more powerful) then the office of Supreme Leader of Iran or the man who is occupying the office of president at that time will occupy the office of Supreme Leader? Or both scenarios are possible?


  2. Good question, Perry. Yes, it could be either or both. The one horn on the goat is said to be that nation’s “first” king or leader. It is a man, but it is also the office of whatever position he will hold. Therefore, the two horns on the ram are also individual men and/or offices.
    It could be the current office of the president that becomes greater, or it could be the creation of a new office altogether. And whatever office it is will be held by Ahmadinejad or one of his allies like Mashaei.
    I have noticed in Daniel 7 and 8 that what is said is just enough to tell you the basics of what will happen. You have to wait and see how it plays out to see the detail.

  3. Mark, I am amazed at two things the wisdom God has given you, and the ignorance and small number of people who knows your message.
    As I write this, I have a message for you, God will in time vindicate you and your work, and will exalt you in due time, and as the Christian community slowly gets the message of the four sign post so it will be the immense oportunity for witnessing to others in view of your prophetic understanding. A horn is about to get a lot longer than the other, please see the link below,
    God bless

  4. Mark,
    How did you get to this point, to understand this prophecies so complex and such a way as to solve this puzzle, its simple fasinating!???

  5. Hi Gabe,
    I go in to some detail in the Introduction of my book. It is a good question, though. I will post a brief list of the steps that were taken to arrive at this message in the theology category.

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