Egypt And Turkey: Now Ready for Their Roles in the Third Signpost

One by one, the secular governments of the Muslim nations in the Middle East are transitioning into Islamist governments.  Three nations in particular are being prepared for their roles in the Third Signpost, as written about in my book, Hidden In Plain Sight: The Signposts of the Coming of the Antichrist Revealed.  The three nations are Egypt, Syria and Turkey.  These nations will form part of a sunni Confederacy.  To fulfill prophecy in Daniel 8, this Confederacy must counterattack against earlier Iranian conquests with “bitterness”, i.e. with a “take-it-personal” and vengeful rage.  I believe this can only come about if these governments are Islamist rather than secular.  I provide detailed rationale for this position in Chapter 11 of my book.

The Arab Spring of last year resulted in Mubarak’s regime ending, and the Muslim Brotherhood essentially taking over in Egypt.  Mohamed Morsi, who was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, became president of Egypt on June 30, 2012.  The Muslim Brotherhood founded the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in 2011 after Mubarak’s ousting.  The FJP won 47% of the parliamentary seats in the lections in 2012.  Another party, Al-Nour which is even more conservatively Islamist than the FJP, together with FJP, has won a total of 72% of the parliament.  I believe we can now consider Egypt’s government to be Islamist, and therefore ready for the Third Signpost.

The coordinated actions of the Muslim Brotherhood across many nations have also resulted in an ongoing civil war in Syria.  I wrote about Syria earlier in another post.  The Assad regime is still hanging on in Syria, but I believe its days are numbered.

This takes us to the third of the three nations I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  Over the past decade or so Turkey has been drifting towards a more Islamist government, from its secular mooring which was set up by Ataturk back in the 1920s,.  The events of this past week make it official that the drift is complete and can now be considered Islamist.  What do I mean? 

The Turkish military was set up in the 1920’s with what one could call a good-ole boy network which was the guardian of Ataturk’s dream of a secular Turkey.  He saw this as necessary in preserving Turkish sovereignty, back in the 1920’s.  The Turkish military would then reset the government whenever it became too Islamist.  The military carried out coups in 1960, 1971, 1980, and 1997.  This is no more.

The Justice and Development Party (JDP) was founded in 2001.  In elections in 2002 it won 34% of the popular vote and took over 363 of 550 seats in parliament.  Recep Erdogan, the current prime minister, became prime minister at that time.  In the 2007 elections the JDP won 47% of the vote.  In 2011 it won 49.8% of the vote.

In February 2010 more than 40 military officers were arrested and charged with the Sledgehammer plot – a plot to overthrow the current government.  Evidence (there is debate as to whether it was real or created, and from what I have read I believe much of it was the latter) was gathered and used in court.  Trials began in December 2010.  The verdict was handed down just recently on 21 September 2012.  About 300 officers were given sentences of 16 to 20 years.

And so it was on Sunday, September 30, 2012, the Turkish Prime minister Recep Erdogan declared, “The era of coups in this country will never return again.”  He went on to say, “Anyone who intervenes or tries to intervene in democracy will sooner or later go in front of the people’s courts and be made to account.”  Or, translated in my opinion, “anyone who tries to interfere with Islamist power and politics will fail.” 

With the JDP controlling the majority of seats in parliament, the office of prime minister and the office of the president (occupied by Abdullah Gul), and having placed the military’s leadership under their collective thumb, that is it for Turkey.  The door has been opened for Turkey to have an ever increasing Islamist government, with no interference from the military anymore.  Turkey is now poised to allow it to fulfill its role in the Third Signpost.

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