Egypt and Turkey: Stage Being Set for the Confederacy

In my last post dealing with the Third Signpost, I discussed how the governments of Egypt and Turkey had become Islamist, so that they were made ready for their roles in the Third Signpost.   Islamism in these governments is now free to increase and “blossom” so that personal bitterness can indeed fulfill the rage of the goat in its charge in Daniel 8:6, as I explain in Chapter 11 of Hidden In Plain Sight

When the Turkish prime minister, Recep Erdogan, said “The era of coups in this country will never return again,” it was while Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was visiting the Turkish capital.  Egypt and Turkey have always had diplomatic ties since they were both parts of the Ottoman Empire before they were modern independent nations.  However, both nations having Islamist governments now sets the stage for more partnership.  Some see Morsi’s trip back on Sunday, September 30, 2012 as the start for closer relations between the two nations.  What caught my eye though was the AP photo in these news stories.  I found it to be a chilling reminder of world events heading steadily and non-stop towards fulfilling prophecy.  Let me explain.

Turkey and Egypt are by far the two largest nations of the future four-nation Confederacy that will form and attack during the Third Signpost.  And so the leaders of these two nations, on the day that Morsi was visiting, together denounced the Assad regime in Syria.  They called on Russia, China and Iran to stop backing the regime.  They apparently would support a democratic government in Syria, which of course would also end up being Islamist.  Syria, incidentally, is to be the third nation of the four-nation Confederacy, as I show in my book and discuss in this post.   

Since Hidden In Plain Sight was reviewing Scripture and interpreting prophecy, there was limited space for discussion of all the ramifications in geopolitics.  I could touch on some but not all.  Yes, four nations will form a Confederacy as a response to the threat of Iran’s conquests in the Second Signpost.  However, what was not mentioned but is likely nevertheless is that these four nations will begin to be much closer to one another politically and economically, long before the crucial moment where the Confederacy is formed.  It will be interesting to see how the details play out as the Signposts unfold.

So what caught my eye in these news stories is this photo from AP.  Just look at it.  Morsi the president of Egypt on the left, and Erdogan the prime minister of Turkey on the right, standing together with arms around each other, representing their respective Islamist governments, forming the seed, the core, of what will be four nations forming a Confederacy.  I look at that picture in awe because prophecy is being fulfilled, and stages are getting set.  Two of the four nations’ leaders are standing together and supporting the emergence of the third, Syria.

This reminds me.  I should post something on the fourth nation before too long.

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  1. What seems to be a pattern is the Islamic awakening in some countries brings democratically the Muslim Brotherhood in to the political scene. This organization is taking over some countries. Some suspect that, when Assad falls (I believe this is just a matter of time), Muslim Brotherhood could win elections if were called. If this happens, then there would be Egypt and Syria under Muslim Brotherhood.

    As the Muslim Brotherhood looks up to Turkey as an example to follow, at the same time, a democratic and Islamic government, close political ties appear in the horizon. I believe your assertions are correct; the initial stages for the forming of an Islamic confederacy under Turkish leadership are being set.

    I came across this Israeli report about Turkey and the flotilla incident and their ties with Global Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe you would like to have a look at it.

    Click to access Turkey_Muslim_Brotherhood.pdf


    Perry Brown

  2. The two look quite smug and confident: too bad it will all be in vain as Anti-Judeans face a catastrophic eternity.

  3. Why would they be under Turkish leadership? Because Turkey has already applied to join the European Union, which may allow the other nations to join as associate members or something.
    Whereas if Egypt were the dominant state, Turkey would probably have to secede from, or not join, the EU.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Good question. The reason I give in my book for Turkey being the leader is because Daniel 8 essentially says so when it says that the one big horn on the goat is the King of Javan (or Yavan). As I show in my book, the children of Javan live in Turkey, Greece, Albania, etc. But not Egypt. Therefore the leader of the four-nation confederacy must be from Turkey. At least thats how I see it. Also, of these four nations, Turkey is the only nation with a world-class modern military.

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