Syria Continues On To Its Role In The Third Signpost

It has now been two years since the protests began in Syria as part of the “Arab Spring.”  It has also been a while since I wrote about Syria which was in this post.  Syria is to be one of the four nations which will form a Sunni confederacy.  This confederacy will be the main national actor during the Third Signpost as I wrote about in my book, Hidden In Plain Sight.  This confederacy will attack Iran after Iran has conquered much of the Middle East during the Second Signpost.  Daniel 7 and 8 reveals there are to be a total of four sets of events (the “Four Signposts”) which must occur prior to the Tribulation. 

“He came toward the two-horned ram I had seen standing beside the canal and charged at him in great rage.”  (Daniel 8:6   NIV)

I believe that for Daniel 8:6 to be true, the confederacy represented by the goat in Daniel 8 which attacks the ram in a great rage (an embittered rage, actually) must have an Islamist government.  I make the argument in my book.  At this time, the two largest nations to form this confederacy – Turkey and Egypt – can now be considered to have Islamist governments. 

As Syria continues down the path to an Islamist government, this past month the following Fox News story said our new Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the United States was providing aid to the rebels who were working to remove Assad from power. 

Kerry announces new aid for Syria opposition, in US policy shift

True to form, the United States has had its fingerprints all over these Signposts so far, being used by God to help the Signposts along.  The U.S. made the First Signpost happen, and has been unwittingly coaxing Egypt and Syria toward Islamist governments in the last two years for support of the Third Signpost.

And now just yesterday, there was a development with the Arab League.  The Arab League is an organization of 22 Arab nations, many of which now have Islamist governments.  The following story from Reuters says that “the 22-nation League lent its support to giving military aid to Syrian rebels.”

In snub to Assad, opposition takes Syrias Arab summit seat

The story also says that Moaz Alkhatib, the leader of the Syrian National movement (SNC) which is the rebel group fighting Assad, took Syria’s seat at the Arab summit for the first time.  This is significant because it means that Syria’s Arab neighbors recognize that the SNC and not Assad is the legitimate head of Syria.  It’s only a matter of time now before Assad’s regime gives way to an Islamist government.

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  1. What a stunning development, Mark! As the astrological eclipses given by God are for signs to those who watch and know for possible timing of significant earthly prophetic events, the change in whom now sits in the Syrian seat to the Arab League may also be a type of an earthly “sign” showing the Arabs have turned their backs on Assad to embrace an Islamic form of government in Syria! So the coming “third signpost” to form the Sunni-led Coalition against Iran is: Turkey, Eygpt (already Islamic gov’ts), Syria (proceeding to be an Islamic gov’t), and who was the fourth country? This is like watching an on-going movie thriller! Except this is in real time and has real dire world consequences! I can’t stop coming to this blogspot!

    Most pastors do not have the time to keep up with Middle East developments because they are too busy sheparding their churches. It is up to you and dedicated prophecy students who follow biblical prophecy to keep alert, watch and inform their pastors and anyone else who will listen to know what is happening biblically. Because the King is coming and the question for us is will be ready to welcome him because we were prepared for his coming!

    Sometimes, I must admit, this has kept me up at night…*sigh*

  2. Hi Julie. Its interesting you say its like watching a movie thriller. I agree. Ever since I discovered this interpretation of Daniel yielding the Four Signposts, I’ve likened events in the Middle East to playing out just like a pre-written script.
    The fourth nation is, I believe, Albania. I wrote a post about it here, and of course I explain why Albania is one of the nations involved, in the book.

  3. Oh, that is right! I remember now…such a tiny nation. Are they already Islamist in national governance? Except when…or if…this comes into reality it won’t be movie-like…but painfully real and makes me wonder if church pastors will begin to ask questions because their congregations are…but I guess we will just have to wait and see on that front.

    It seems we have a confluence of possible prophetic signs during 2015…the possible seven-cycle judgment on September 13, 2015 with the scheduled partial solar eclipse taking place on that same day and possibly Iran behaving badly invading and seizing other Mid-East countries’ oil fields/production. Every fall season is the “Super Bowl” for prophecy students when we start seeing if events coincide with Biblical Scripture. If this comes to pass, our dear President will have his hands full and the man hates foreign policy with a passion and would rather see it go away. But this time, if events come to pass, foreign policy and how it is handled will not be denied any longer. But then, as always, time will tell and our Sovereign God calls the shots as final authority in his world.

    I’ll be watching and reading your blogspot tell then..

  4. Albania is run by a secular government. It has only known secular governments, but there is a growing Islamist element within the country (not surprising I suppose).
    If the emergence of the new office in Iran and then the invasion by Iran, of the Middle East, takes its time arriving, it is possible that September 13, 2015 could be some terrible day for the U.S. directly related to the Iranian invasion. It could be an economic consequence. The U.S. will lose its position as sole superpower if the Saudis and Gulf states cannot sell their oil in U.S. dollars. I wrote about that here and here.
    If 9/11 and the financial crisis of ’08 are indeed precursors, for this third cycle I cannot imagine a more devastating event for the U.S. economically then a successful Iranian invasion of the oil fields.

  5. Well, until then or unless events are some how speeded up for the second signpost or even a different calamitous event all together in September, 2015 or nothing happens prophetically please continue your reporting because details no matter how mundane they may seem could have long-term significance to the prophetic picture. Details will fit if there is a reason. We would be remiss if we failed to do so.

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