In The News: The Eight Candidates for the next Iranian President

The eight candidates for the June 14 election of the next Iranian president have been chosen by the Guardian Council.  It is my belief that these candidates fall into three basic groups for the purposes of the second horn of the Second Signpost.

The first group is made up of those most favored by supreme leader Khamenei simply because they have current positions working for him or have a family connection – Velayati, Jalili, Rowhani, and Adel.

The second group are those more associated with the IRGC – Qalibaf (Ghalibaf), and Rezaei.  If these indeed are the two favored candidates of the IRGC, then I would expect either of these two candidates to win.  The IRGC of course would favor the candidate that would best further the IRGC’s interests.

The third group are neither – Aref, and Gharazi.

Iran Candidate List for Presidential Race

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