ALERT: A Change in What Is Imminent, A Change for the Worse

Readers of my book and blog know that I have said before that the next imminent event is a “shuffling” in the government of Iran where the supreme leader will be made second in command, with a new office taking over as first in command.  This shuffling would give us fair warning of the main event of the Second Signpost, i.e. the great invasion.  Well, no more.

I have come to the conclusion that while each of the two horns of the ram represent two individual leaders, just as the first horn of the goat, and the four horns of the goat do, an “office” is not needed.  The horns represent something more generic such as positions of power.  A position of power can be supported by an official office as in the supreme leader’s case.  But it can also include, say, a general of the military, who is supported by his forces.  This is not as “official” but it exists and it is power nonetheless.

I looked up, and there before me was a ram with two horns, standing beside the canal, and the horns were long. One of the horns was longer than the other but grew up later.  (Daniel 8:3, NIV)

After more research and study I have come to the conclusion that we have already seen the second horn grow.  The First Signpost with the appearance of Saddam Hussein and the democratizing of Iraq over the last 33 years was a warning from God in His Word that the “bad” Signposts (Second, Third, Fourth) were going to start.  And where I thought the second horn forming an office was the sign that the Second Signpost invasion by Iran was about to strike, no, the second horn has been growing up right in front of our faces.  The IRGC grew up in those 33 years also, from just a bodyguard for Khomeini to a power that controls the Iranian economy, military, security.  It was there for anyone to see if they knew what they were looking for.

Yes, the IRGC could use the office of president and elevate it.  Yes, the IRGC could create a formal office that is new.  But I am doubting it now.  Commanders Suleimani of the Quds Force and Jafari of the (non-Quds part of the) IRGC answer to no one but supreme leader Khamenei.  It is either of these men in these positions who have the power that may already exceed the supreme leader.

The two horns of the ram have always been together.  The supreme leader and IRGC have always had this partnership since 1979.  The IRGC won’t let anything happen to the supreme leader, and the supreme leader needs the IRGC for reinforcement.  The power of the IRGC just had to grow up, catch up and exceed the power of the supreme leader.  And we may never know when that exactly happens.  And some authors believe it has already taken place.

So the next imminent event is not a shuffling in Iran, it is the invasion itself.  We saw the warning over the last 33 years.  While the First Signpost was going on, the second horn was growing and readying for the Second Signpost.

I ask my readers for forgiveness in not seeing this sooner.  After reaching this conclusion my conscience demanded I ‘fess up and ask forgiveness.  But there you have it.  To me this is frightening because now the invasion has been moved up in the “queue” to “imminent.”  Possibly the only way to know how close we might be is when Iran gets nukes or if the U.S. or Israel start an attack.  And that invasion will change the world and set it on the path in the years leading to the Tribulation.  Be ready.  It will change the economy of the world not just due to the elevated price of oil and a shortage of it, but also the U.S. dollar will be headed for oblivion.

Spreading the message to your brothers, sisters, friends, and pastors has now become much more important.

I’ll be putting out another announcement regarding the book today or tomorrow.  I will also review old posts on this blog and move the ones talking about waiting for the second horn to finish growing to an archives page.

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  1. Since we don’t hear much about the IRGC or either of those leaders in the world news headlines, I’m thinking the second horn hasn’t grown taller than the first horn quite yet. Perhaps things will change from fallout of the Syrian civil war, with Iran backing the rebels through Hezbollah and the Russians backing Assad. If Assad prevails, it could mean a change in the balance of power in Iran if the support for Hezbollah is coming from a directive of the supreme leader.

  2. Hi John,
    I would hope that that is the case, that we haven’t reached the point yet where the second horn is longest. There is much evidence to debate the point either way, really, but the fact that there is a strong argument that the second horn is done makes me go on the conservative side. The fact that not much is heard about the IRGC or its leaders in the western media means they are doing what they hope to do – stay under the radar. With everything I have run across in this past year I have simply reached a tipping point where I believe it is dangerous to rely on the government shuffle to signal a coming invasion, and that it is better to be ready mentally for an imminent invasion.
    And Syria is turning into a real hub of activity in the regional sense. I see news reports of “sectarian violence” and “sectarian hatred”, i.e. sunni vs. shia becoming a greater factor. This goes along with the idea that the whole Second and Third Signposts turns out to be a huge Sunni-Shia War, triggered by a smaller Sunni-Shia struggle. Syria may very well be the trigger.
    Iran backs Assad because Assad is Shia, and provides a bridge for them to Israel. Russia backs Assad because Assad is their ally.
    Turkey and Syria back the rebels because they are Sunni. The U.S. backs the rebels because it simply thinks Assad is more savage than the rebels.

  3. Mark the whole thing is very sobering! Gives imminence a sharper meaning. Thank you for this “Alert” and for your earnestness in presenting your understandings and very real concerns in an honest and perceptive manner. God bless you.

  4. Mark, Stan Deyo has been saying that he believed that the Iranian General, Suleimani has been a possibility for “the man” for a few months..Then, there is Erdogen in Turkey who has been on a power trip and thinks he is God even to the point of building a great temple or the like for himself..What do you think about Erdogen? Walid Shoebat has been following him for some time..Do you think that holds any truth?

  5. Hi Diana,
    As I show in my book, Erdogan is our leading candidate for the prominent horn of the goat, of Daniel 8, the leader of the Third Signpost.
    When you say “the man”… you mean the Antichrist? One thing the Signposts tell us besides who will be the Antichrist, is who is NOT the Antichrist. It is not a leader of Iran, as that is only the Second Signpost. It is not Erdogan as he or any leader of present day Turkey will only lead the Third Signpost.
    The Signpost interpretation is the only one of prophetic scripture that weaves so many passages and current events together. If you haven’t read the book, please read it. I guarantee you will not look at the end times the same again.

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