Iran Has Been Given Carte Blanche to Start Second Signpost

I argued in my new revised Chapter 10 of my book, Daniel Revisited, Iran controls Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.  I also wrote that if Iran were to attain nuclear weapons, the Second Signpost could begin immediately as they would use their nuclear weapons to blackmail the gulf oilfields.

A reader has alerted me to an interview of Pulitzer-prize-winning syndicated columnist and Charles Krauthammer, on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News.  Here is the video of the interview.

In this video, Mr. Krauthammer confirms that by the U.S. pulling out of Iraq, “we have left the running of Iraq to Iran.”  The charging out by the Persian ram in Daniel 8:3 of course will be much easier when Iran already controls the country it is running through.

O’Reilly goes on to ask Mr. Krauthammer about the new nuclear deal with Iran.  He responded that this deal “guarantees Iran will go nuclear.”  An Iranian official has been quoted as saying Iran has already won.  Mr. Krauthammer also says that “Iran is now a threshold nuclear state ready to break out.”

It’s another secular voice added to that of Dr. Kedar and others that the Second Signpost is about to begin.  As Dr. Kedar wrote,

“…Iran will continue to be what it is – a dark and radical state, controlled by a group of narrow-minded ayatollahs who are stirring up the Sunni-Shi’i conflict and who threaten world peace with doomsday weapons that are meant to impel humanity into uncontrolled chaos, thus bringing about the return of the Mahdi – the hidden imam – to impose the Shi’ite religion on the Sunni Islamic world in the first phase, and on all other parts of the world in the last phase. This is their world view, and it is their declared goal.”

The Second signpost: it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

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  1. The conservative media voices are growing louder and more frequent about the perils of Iran growing as an active nuclear weaponized state having its motive Iranian hegemony starting with their Mideast neighbors and then globally. This is insanity. Even RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-NC) was speaking on this same subject regarding the President’s folly, Iran and this latest nuclear weapons agreement on Greta van Sustren’s show catching the last few minutes of that interview last night. The choir is starting to sing in uninson now and as Mark states, it is when the ram/Iran feels it ready or necessary to “charge out” per Daniel 8:1-4.

    Watching and praying and soon living the reality of prophetic Holy Scripture is tough business…*sigh*

  2. May this message be spread far and wide so as God’s people will not be broadsided when it occurs And may the LORD use it to soften lost men’s hearts to be saved.

  3. Amen Forrest. Prophetic scripture fulfilled will be a powerful tool. The Second Signpost will happen, it is ordained. How we as a Church prepare to respond is in our hands.

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