Well folks, it’s here!  At least the ebook is.  The print book will take a bit longer.  But my new book, Daniel Revisited: Discovering the Four Mideast Signs Leading to the Antichrist is here.


Before diving into the particulars of the book, I must tell you of a couple caveats to beware of on the rollout here.  First, the ebook is fully available.  It can be ordered from Amazon already.  Other on-line book sellers will catch up in a few days.  Amazon is always first these days.

The printed books are another matter.  Yes, you can order them from Amazon also.  However, the books must still be checked for quality printing and if you order now they may be held up for a few weeks.  I am to receive the first copies next week and will give approval or not at that time.  I will announce a week from now where we stand on the print books – whether they are good for ordering or whether we need to wait a few more weeks.

Such is the world of self-publishing.  Understand I’m not telling you to not order the print book, but at this point you might possibly get a bad print sooner and send it back for a refund, or get a quality print for your money much later after a delay.  Again, I’ll announce when we are good to go on the print books in about a week.  That way you can order your book and get it in the usual time of a few days, and be fairly confident you will get a quality product.

Now for the book itself.  It is a substantial second edition of my first book, Hidden In Plain Sight.  The message and the interpretation is still basically the same – what has changed is my own perception of reality – both in Iran today and in the Church’s treatment of Daniel.  The following updates were made:

1) Much of Chapter 10, which is the chapter about Iran today and the Second Signpost, has been re-written or reorganized.  Much of the material is related to the posts here on this blog – how my own journey continued and I came to the realization that the second horn of the ram is not Ahmadinejad, but is the leadership of the IRGC.  For the sake of the readers of the first book, I will be posting here as I’ve said before, a couple sections of Chapter 10 that are completely re-done.  The new Chapter 10 shows an even more alarming situation then the old Chapter 10.

2) The Introduction has been re-written and includes a different theme.  The “hidden” theme has been replaced by a study that goes into the sealing and unsealing of Daniel, how Daniel was sealed, and why it was sealed until the end-times.  To that end…

3) …There is a new Appendix added which is a history of the commentary of Daniel 2:40.  Never thought a history of a commentary of a Bible verse was interesting?  The history of Daniel 2:40 has a few twists and turns.  There were presumptions made by theologians over these last eighteen centuries, and some misunderstandings along the way.  It all contributed to the sealing of Daniel right up to today.  What started as part of the Introduction, took on a life of its own and grew and so I had to spin it off into its own Appendix.

4) An update to the arguments in Chapter 5 of why fulfillment of Daniel 7 applies to today.

5) An update to Chapter 11 talking about recent events in Turkey.

6) An Index!  Yes, can you believe it?  An honest to goodness Index to allow readers to study single subjects across the book.

7) Overall the book has had a major combing over by a world-class editor.

8) And finally I must mention that the cover artist the Lord had me run into for the first book was available for this book and she really did an excellent job in my opinion.

If you have already read the first book, you already know the basic message of the Four Signposts.  I say this for the sake of those who may be starved for funds and think they may be buying a whole new book here.  However, if you want a more complete treatment of the Four Signposts, here it is.  And if you have never read the first book I encourage you to go ahead and get Daniel Revisited.

But as I said at the beginning, I would advise waiting for a week for my next announcement on the printed book, but the ebook is ready now!

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  1. Well done Mark. God bless you. Sharon

  2. Fantastic Mark! The cover looks great! Shalom Shalom.

  3. Yay! Congratulations on round two! Indeed, the prophetic Word of God is PROGRESSIVE revelation (God’s intentional design) and there is no better summation, imo. Thanks for the author’s personal preview of your second edition. For personal prophetic books only, I get paper backs which is why I have so few. I get the rest of my info at the library or on-line and my Word Documents hold most of my prophetic study…oh, you should see my personal comments as I ruminate in your first book! Let’s just say thank goodness for margins! LOL

    Anyway, look forward to get the official “go ahead” from the author for the paperback. If Iran does strike without warning in a military-style blitz towards its neighbors…you will be the first civilian to already know before the fact. After watching “Iranium” from the Clarion Project, Iranian hegemony is clearly the driving motive of Iran and painfully transparent. My question after 30+ years, why doesn’t the US. federal government understand and believe this? But then it will come too little, too late and our government will be played for the fool as it rightly deserves to be and I would consider it to be an indirect judgment of God, imo.

    Best wishes on your new book!

  4. Thank you, my brothers and sisters.

  5. Yes, wow! that cover is an attention grabber and very appropriate regardless of who the horns of the Ram might be or the prominent horn of the goat. Nice job. Ordering my copy immediately. Jim

  6. Mark,

    Wow, this is great news. The first edition I bought the e-book format. This time I want to buy the hard copy. I will wait for your next announcement. Can I order the book from you? If yes, would you send it to Brazil? I live in a city right next to Rio de Janeiro.


  7. Hi Perry,

    No unfortunately I don’t have my own book service set up. In fact that is one reason I had to reject one of the publishers. They said they would publish but I had to take delivery of thousands of copies and I have no space for such a thing. But I will make an announcement next Friday about the status of the print books. Amazon delivers worldwide as far as I know.


  8. I bought the Kindle edition and am enjoying it immensely. Interesting correlation made in Chapter 10 between Caesar’s Praetorian Guard and the IRGC how they started out as body guards but gradually increased in power.

  9. Hey Mark…a relevant, interesting web site defense-related to the US…

    And Perry…when Mark’s second edition is released do check the related book sellers to see if they also ship globally which compete with Amazon. I’ve had very good luck with Booknackrh who ships globally and excellent service. Their reviews are what I’ve also experienced and made my decision for me.


  10. I bought the book from Amazon and it downloaded, but all I received was the sample. Amazon is IMPOSSIBLE to contact.

  11. Jay,
    Did you try 1-888-280-3321? I had trouble a couple times and was able to get through on that number.

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