In the News: Al-Qaida Takes Over Anbar Province

Perhaps you’ve seen the news from Iraq these days and what has been going on west of Baghdad.  Here’s the story from UPI.  Al-Qaida has taken over Iraq’s Anbar Province, as well as key cities Ramadi and Fallujah.  The civil war in Syria, i.e. Sunni-Shia conflict, has boiled over to Iraq now.

Under Saddam Hussein, the Sunnis of Iraq made up the ruling class.  But with Saddam vanquished and a democracy established as part of the First Signpost, Shia Muslims, forming a majority, took power in free elections.

Well, the Sunnis are back now in the form of Al-Qaida.  It seems since they couldn’t take down Assad’s Shia government in Syria, one branch of Al-Qaida decided it was good to try to rule part of Iraq.

If you are asking how this new arrangement might affect the Second Signpost, then that is good, you’re asking the right question.

In the map you can see Susa to the east (where the Persian ram charges out), and Baghdad in the middle with Fallujah and Ramadi circled.  The long green arrow is a possible path Iranian forces might take on their invasion to the west (besides going north and south) on the way to Syria and Jordan.  Anbar Province is shaded tan and that is the area run by Al-Qaida right now.

West from Susa thru Fallujah

Iran’s leadership will not begin its invasion and start the Second Signpost until it is completely ready; until its nuclear weapons are ready to be deployed.  The IRGC has fought hard to keep Assad in power in Syria, and to keep Iraq under its own thumb.  The fact that now a de facto Sunni fundamentalist mini-state has arisen on the path to the west reminds us that Iran cannot wait around too long.  Iran’s interests may become more and more threatened.

However, situations like the one in Anbar Province may only serve to provoke Iran to charge out.  But one thing we do know is from Daniel 8:3-4.  Iran will indeed charge out, and will be able to do all it wills.  That means – in the case of al-Qaida in Anbar Province – that Iran will completely crush them.

In this Debka article about the situation, it states “there is no military force in the region capable of going into Iraq and stopping al Qaeda’s advance.”  I would have to take exception to that, because there is the IRGC and the Basij.

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  1. Not really on the subject of this post, but I find it odd that there doesn’t seem to be any bible prophecies directly relating to Muhammad. He would surely be considered an anti-christ. Speculations anyone?

  2. Thats an interesting question, John. I’m wondering if anyone has thought about it. Perhaps the reason is that as a descendent of Ishmael and part of the culture where one’s hand is against everyone elses, where he just so happened to found a new religion as a pawn of the spiritual forces at work, he wasn’t a major player in God’s story of salvation. On the other hand, Hitler wasn’t mentioned either in the Bible and yet he is the one that set off a chain of events that caused the nation state of Israel to be declared, which itself was prophetically significant.

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