Video Explains the Petrodollar

Here is a link to a video sent in by one of my readers.  It is a simple explanation of the petrodollar system.  I have written about that system and its removal here and here.  When the Second Signpost – the invasion by Iran starts – the petrodollar will be taken out for Iran will not allow the Gulf oil to be sold in U.S. dollars anymore.  And when that happens the situation spoken of in the video at about the 05:10 mark takes place with one exception – deletion of the petrodollar may cause war and unrest, but it is war itself, i.e. the Second Signpost, that takes away the petrodollar.

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  1. Mark,
    Just read your book. Very very interesting. I was wondering what you make of the visions of the chariots in Zech 6. They seem to correspond with the horsemen in Revelation (same colours). Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Giles,

    Glad you found the book so interesting.
    Yes one of my readers pointed the Zechariah horses out to me earlier and Iv’e been doing some work on it. I believe that the visions of Zechariah 4, 5 and 6 are a behind the scenes look at the same things we see in Revelation. And in Zechariah 6 we see four sets of horses like in Revelation. What is even more interesting is that the black horses go north (to Turkey which drives the Third Signpost, which the black horse in Revelation starts), the white horses go west (to Iraq which drives the First Signpost, which the white horse in Revelation starts), and the dappled (could be green) go south where Islam/Saudi Arabia leads the Fourth Signpost. The red horses stay in Iran where the red horse starts the Second Signpost. Perfect line up.

  3. Well, I’d be interested in reading Zech 4,5,6 commentary….especially the wierd one with women in baskets being carried by birds, etc. Have heard it alludes to nuclear war, but not sure about that.

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