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It is my pleasure and honor to announce Nelson Walters’ new website, “The Gospel In The End Times.”


Thirteen years ago I stumbled across Joel Richardson’s writing and learned about the Islamic Antichrist. I then read the Bible again and God saw fit to let me see the Four Signposts. These end-time Signposts are the message of this site, and of my book, Daniel Revisited.

Nelson is a reader of both mine and Joel Richardson’s. After learning about the Signposts, he too went back to the Bible. This time, instead of Daniel, God chose to open up Jesus’ Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 and 25, to Nelson. What Nelson discovered is that it is Jesus’ commentary on Daniel 7, the Four Signposts, and the Tribulation. In addition, Jesus then goes on to tell us, using parables, what He would have us do with all this newly unsealed knowledge; that the church is to prepare.

Nelson is a big supporter of the Four Signposts on this site. Likewise, I completely endorse Nelson’s site and his message. I even undertook the role of one of his editors to help him present his material; please consider that a testimony to how much I thought his message had to get presented.

You will probably notice some icons on this site – of a lion, a bear, a leopard and a ten-horned beast. They are representative of the four pre-Tribulation Signposts. They are the same icons you will see on Nelson’s site – and you will see these four among his nine. They can be used as visual reminders of the events we are to encounter in these end-times.

This new message that Nelson is presenting is truly astonishing. Check it out. The site’s articles are designed for the reader to progress through them from start to finish.  Share it with your brothers and sisters. More than that, share it with your pastors and elders, for church leadership is the target audience.

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  1. Indeed! It is a GREAT website! I’m so glad you are linking your site to his! Exciting to see what God is doing to try and help prepare His Church for what is to come. Are you watching and praying, too?


  2. I’m excited too Good4u1! In one of his site articles, Nelson shows how the story of Gideon very much has end-time application. God tells Gideon to assemble an army. The Bible says that those who were left passed two tests – to not be afraid, and to be watchful! Those are the ones who will prepare and lead the church!

  3. Those of us who are not afraid, are watching AND praying, must constantly speak out to our church leadership regardless of the constant rebuffing, patronizing and denials. If we do not, the Holy God who knows all will hold us who DO know and do not speak out accountable! God help us if we do not obey the charge given per Ezekiel 33 as role of watch people on the prophetic wall…we who know MUST do our part.


  4. Amen sister! I couldn’t have said it better.

  5. Mark, thank you so much for your help and friendship in launching this site. It is truly a pleasure to have had God send a brother into my life to “trade scriptures” (a reference to a title on the website). Nelson

  6. Nelson,
    You are very welcome, brother. But it is also I who is very thankful that you shared with me the things God was showing you. And then to share scripture and “trade” with each other to contribute to the material; to help you with the website – it has been a true pleasure and honor.
    I had many people tell me that God’s time would come to spread the message of the signposts. I saw that the time had arrived when you shared with me what God was saying.

  7. Hi Mark, many thanks for this recommendation which I’ve checked out, as well as ordered your book. First visited your site earlier in the year but priorities meant was unable to dig in depth.

    Thank you and Nelson for your fascinating work which I’m looking forward to diving into at the deep end.

  8. Thanks, Richard. And welcome to the journey of discovery.

  9. It’s interesting to see how God works. God is like the consumate engineer/designer and before the first stroke is applied all the plans have been made. We see that in Genisis.
    We tend to think of creation as something that happened thousands of years ago, and while that may be true, it’s an ongoing project, a journey through space and time that’s only nearing completion now, as I write this. And that’s the part that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. It didn’t help much when I struggled for most of that time trying to shoehorn the words of scripture into the idea that antichrist would come from the Vatican or even that he would arise from the “Tribe of Dan.” And then I came across an explanation given by Walid Shoebat. An Islamic antichrist I didn’t even think of then, but today, I am puzzled how I missed it because no other explanation fits as well as that does.
    Then I came across Jonathan Cahn’s videos of the Harbinger lectures, and even more of the mysterious work habits of God were revealed, the question of judgment answered, and clarification about the relationship of “free will” and God’s will . God says, in effect, I didn’t tell you people all this stuff because I like the sound of my booming voice. After that, and a couple days ago, I just happened to listen to Rick Wiles. I did mainly because General Vallely was going to be on…I didn’t know who this Mark Davidson guy was. As it turned out, Mark knocked my socks off. I had never heard of the 4 Signposts, never heard it put that way, but it makes so much sense! I’d been trying to figure out the lay of the endtimes, and it dawned on me, everything God does is timed meticulously, just as we learned about the scheduling of the Feasts of The Lord. So, I was applying that to end times events thinking they would be scheduled with the precision greater than a Swiss watch, only I was calling them “waypoints” instead of Signposts that herald the arrival of the man of perdition, the one we have to beware of lest we all be deceived…
    The thing is, If you love someone, you have gotten to know them. All these years, thinking I was a Christian, my religion was more like churchianity, I did not know God the way I do now, so I didn’t love God. I think I’m warming up to Him now though, and that’s a really Good thing!

  10. Praise the Lord, David. Thank you for your story. Yes it is a good thing!

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