Erdoğan Continues to be Best Candidate for Goat’s Horn

Turkey is to be the leading nation of the Sunni Confederacy during the Third Signpost as written about in my book, Daniel Revisited. The leader of the future Sunni Confederacy is the great single prominent horn of the goat in Daniel 8.

“As I was thinking about this, suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. He came toward the two-horned ram I had seen standing beside the canal and charged at him in great rage. I saw him attack the ram furiously, striking the ram and shattering his two horns. The ram was powerless to stand against him; the goat knocked him to the ground and trampled on him, and none could rescue the ram from his power.” (Daniel 8:5-7, NIV, emphasis mine)

Daniel shows us that there are two major traits that the leader of Turkey – who will also be the leader of the new Sunni Confederacy – must have: great political power, and great personal rage. We don’t know yet who the man will be who is to be the goat’s horn. Of course, popular theology says the horn of the goat was Alexander the Great, but this is not possible since Daniel 8:17 and 19 say this vision is reserved for the end time. However, with an end-time fulfillment we indeed do not know who it is.

The emphasized words in the text are “prominent” and “attack…furiously.” The word in the original text for “prominent” is pronounced khaw-zooth’ (Strong’s #2380) and means to be conspicuous in appearance and large. In prophecy, a horn is representative of power, and so a large horn represents great power. The word for “furiously” is marar (Strong’s #4843) and means to be bitter and embittered, usually in a personal way. Esau was “marar” towards his brother Jacob, and the Israelites’ bondage in Egypt was described with “marar.” Typically an attack on one’s person, property or beliefs might make someone embittered.

As I discuss in my book, I explore the field of possible candidates who might be the horn of the goat. Two years ago it seemed that it could be current Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pronounced ar-doh-wan). Today, it seems more so.

With both presidential elections coming up next month in Turkey, and the developing crisis in Iraq, Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan seems to be in the news more often these days. Many of these current stories have a common theme with earlier stories such as Erdoğan’s handling of the Taksim Square riots: they show Erdoğan’s yearning for more power, his anger, and Islamist zeal.

In Chapter 11 of my book, I wrote of Erdoğan’s accomplishments and ever-increasing popularity. But then his rough and heavy-handed approach to various situations including the Gezi Park protest showed an angry Islamist side to him that hadn’t shown before to that degree. Analysts wondered if that would hurt his political image.

Apparently it has not. A recent article shows he will be the winner of the presidential election where polls show him at 54% vs. his main competitor at 39%. Additionally, he still yearns to change the country’s constitution giving the president more power, simply because he has reached his limit of terms as prime minister. In another article, the reporter speculates if Erdoğan might be the next Ataturk, the man who founded the Turkish republic ninety years ago. As the story says, “Like Ataturk, Erdoğan is now being glorified by his supporters as a savior whom the nation has been waiting for centuries.” The writer then goes on to speculate,

“The question is why Erdoğan wants and needs all this power. Only to ‘serve the nation,’ as he claims? Or merely for the sake of power itself? Or, like Ataturk, to realize a grand project of transforming society according to his own vision? Or all of the above?”

Or, if you know the Third Signpost is coming and Erdoğan just might be the horn of the goat, all this power is necessary for the man who will be the goat’s horn.

About the anger, this story mentions the many “tantrums” of Erdoğan. Here are just a few photos of his many angrier moments. The first photo is of Erdoğan being angry at the Israeli leader back in 2009 for Israel’s handling of the Turkish boat that was headed for Gaza. Look how red-faced he appears.  After this, Erdoğan stormed out of the conference where upon arrival back in Turkey he was greeted by a grateful crowd.

Erdogsan red faced at Davos 2009

The second is a photo of Erdoğan being angry at the Turkish bar association’s leadership. I was tempted to say that he was angrily saying he will oppose any two-horned persian ram, but, no, he was just angry at the bar association’s leadership.


And here is a photo from March 2014 where he is angry at accusations of corruption in his own political party and so he threatens to ban Twitter from Turkey.


You see, Erdoğan thinks he is on an Islamist mission; that his party is doing God’s work, and that his leadership is historically significant. So he is angry at what he calls false accusations, and at Israel for storming a boat. How do you think he might react when something really significant happens, like when Iran invades and occupies the east half of his country? Do you think he might be angry then? Perhaps embittered? If he is angry now, imagine the embittered rage he would vent on his counterattack to any Iranian, Shi’a Muslim invasion of his Sunni nation.

Again, we can’t know who will be the horn of the goat in Daniel 8, but so far Erdoğan is the favorite as far as I can tell.

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  1. The historic foreshadow of these events features Alexander the Great conquering the Persian empire. Bible historians desiring to “force” this foreshadow to be the fulfillment of Daniel 8 claim the anger of the Greeks stemed from a hundred years prior war between the nations. History of a hundred years duration cannot cause the type of anger the Bible describes. It would be like modern day Americans harboring anger against the Germans for WW1 actions. This is incredibly unlikely.

    Daniel 8 foretells modern nations and events yet to happen just as Daniel Revisited portrays.

  2. If indeed Turkey, is attacked by Iran, and at that moment Turkey is still a member of NATO, the NATO charter applies. Then all of NATO including the USA is automatically at war with Iran; all NATO then is bound to support Turkey. Then the leader of Turkey not only has ample amount of bitterness, but also considerable power behind him.

  3. Mark, I’m halfway through your book. Very well done! We live in incredible times and I can’t help but get a bit excited when I realize how close we are to reaching the climax of evil so Christ can return for his bride! The selfish part of me isn’t looking forward to the preceding events though. God bless!

  4. Hi Henry,
    My feelings exactly. Funny how this message of the end-times is like that – it portends great blessing on one hand but cursed times to get there.

  5. It’s like the Apostle John felt when he ate the words of the little book:

    “Then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said, “Go, take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth.”

    ” So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.”

    “And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”

    “Then I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter. And he said to me, ‘You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.'” (Rev 10:8-11)

  6. Absolutely. And it sounds like a few of us have been reading Nelson’s website.

  7. Now and then, but mostly the Source of his website. 🙂

  8. There sure is a lot of conflict in the earth right now. I’m starting to think that the second seal may have been broken. Iran should be making a move soon. Plus the second blood moon of the tetrad is only 10 weeks away.

  9. Indeed, Thomas!! I have been praying about the same thing! I also wrote the same concern on Joel’s blog regarding the first blood moon passing in the Spring on Passover and just look at the awful result for world Jewry! Tradition has it that if a blood moon happens on a Jewish Feast then it becomes a bad sign (godly warning) to Jews. Well, look at what has happened over the summer and the violent uptick of anti-Semitism that has erupted against Israel and world Jewish communities! Social media is chock full of anti-semitism reporting. Is this “coincidence”? Perhaps. We will have a better verifier as the second blood moon happens on Sukkot this Fall and what happens as the Autumnal season progresses and early Winter begins. If by chance, circumstances worsen for our Jewish brethren…we then in the West are in a world of trouble in 2015. The Ram of Daniel 7 charges out? It will bear close watching. Mark, 2015 may just be the year you get put on the prophecy world stage…but in the meantime…

    Prophecy students need to be paying attention closely for additional correlations.

    Strangely, when I posted this concern on Joel’s blog there was no response from him or any other poster. Not sure what to think of that.


  10. Good we are truly living in some uncertain times. I agree that as we end out 2014, we can expect 2015 to continue to be apocalyptic. 2001 brought 9/11; 2008 brought the crash of Wall Street. Each were seven years apart. One can only wonder what will come in 2015. Be blessed my brother!

  11. Thomas,
    I give this topic some speculation in this post.

  12. Thanks Mark! Just finishing the Harbinger….great read!

  13. You’re welcome.
    I do think its sort of staring us in the face that Cahn finds a possible date affecting this country, and the Second Signpost is about oil shortages and the ending of the Petrodollar. Could it be as simple as 2+2 ? We will soon see.

  14. Islamic State fighter: ‘Turkey paved the way for us’

    If this MEMRI news is correct, then Erdogan is a staunch supporter of ISIS, and is very much co-responsible to the threat of ISIS to Shias in general and Iran in particular:

  15. Hi Folkert,
    This story makes sense, but only in light of the fact that Turkey supported the rebels against Assad, while Iran supported Assad. ISIS grew out of the original group of rebels in Syria. Thanks for the link.

  16. To good4u1:

    As 3 out of the 4 ‘blood moons’ this year and next are not visible in Israel, it may be that the ‘sign’ is for the nations in their reaction and response to Israel in the present war started by a terrorist organization which terrorizes not only Israelis (Jewish, primarily, but also Arabs, including Muslims like the Bedouin), but its own Gazan Palestinians.

    The ‘world’ and many Christians are giving the terrorist evil justification to continue by blaming Israel for so much destruction and civilian deaths and casualties, which are horrible and devastating. It is Hamas using their own population as human shields, while the terrorists, like the Orcs in Lord of the rings, are operating an evil empire of deathly intent below ground. The terrorists intend to discredit Israel fighting against terror and terrorism, and gaining sympathy, which will only encourgage terrorists and terrorism everywhere. The naive Western Christianized world, and the increasingly Muslim-dominated UN are playing into the hands of the devil for his own onslaught.

    The ‘blood moons’ during Passover and Booths both this year and next may well draw attention to Israel, but, again, it may be that this time it is a bad sign (warning) to the Gentiile nations, and to Christians, regarding their attitude to God’s chosen people for His own purposes and glory. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

  17. No, no, Howard, you misunderstand my point.

    As it stands now, it remains to be seen if there is a causal relationship between Israel and the situation she finds herself in and world Jewry at large and the persecution those communities are enduring at the blood moon eclipses on Jewish Feasts. These aforementioned conditions are traditionally held as bad signs for the Jews.

    Gentiles will get their turn, if tradition holds true, which also remains to be seen, in 2015 with solar eclipses falling on Jewish Feast days as well.

    We will just have to see. There is no rush to judgment on my part. I am just connecting dots where applicable and looking for patterns.


  18. Howard makes a point I’ve been considering for some time now. The fact that most of these blood moons are not visible in Israel should be noted. If they are a warning to Israel then should Israel not see the warning? Is it not custom for them to physically see the blood moon before it is called as such? Just a thought.

  19. Well, let me answer it this way. Israel had all the signs in the world that the Messiah was within their midst and right in front of their eyes. Ironically, the vast majority of Israel rejected their appointed Messiah and was warned by Messiah that their beloved temple and center of their Jewish world, would be left desolate to them. Everyday Jewish life went on as usual, but the warning became reality. Why should this be any different? Just because Israel in physicality can’t physically see a luna eclipse does not excuse them from God’s possible heavenly warning. Mark Blitz who reported on these findings who is a messianic rabbi, and if a Jewish rabbi can know, how is that the average observant Jew shouldn’t know?

    I can also apply it more personally. I have never seen the physical Messiah nor lived during the time to be an eyewitness to his physical resurrection. Yet I know personally that I serve and love the resurrected Messiah Jesus (because he first loved me). Would not seeing his physical resurrection from the dead excuse me before God from my sinful culpability? I think we know the answer.

    Here is a verse to consider possible relevance: And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and LET THEM SERVE AS SIGNS TO MARK SACRED TIMES, and days and years…(Gen. 1:14).

    I am not saying that the last blood moon absolutely is God’s warning to the Jews (tho’ I find the time interesting), I am reserving judgment until I can see a pattern. Why am I obsessed with trying to find a pattern, if any? Because God does his work through patterns. He is an orderly and a planning sovereign God, “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7).

    God’s plans are very public but only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to humbly understand the signs.

    However, having said that. This calls for wisdom and discernment with great patience. I am reserving my judgment until I can verify more and see God’s pattern. If I do not see it, then it is not a work of God.

    Just my own experience.


  20. Howard, we continue to pray for you brother, being right on the front lines. In terms of Islam and terrorism and the western nations falling for her deceptions, this verse says it all:

    “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the WRATH of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.” (Rev. 18:3 NKJV, emphasis mine)

    I have been studying what is commonly called Mystery Babylon for months. (Even back when Mark and I were writing our first book.) I have become convinced she is Islam/Mecca.

    Look at the beginning of the verse, “the nations have drunk the wine of the WRATH of her fornication.” Islam has made the nations drunk with her deception and in return have given the nations terrorism. The second part shows that governments and industries have supported Islam. Nations have become dependent on Islamic oil and in return have allowed/forced their media to present pro-Islamic messages for the last decade.

    The current pro-Hamas messages spouting from the media and liberal elite are crazy. No rational human being could support a terrorist state over a nation trying to defend itself. Only a “drunkard” could make such statements. IMO this is proof that we are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes!

  21. Just a quick follow up on my previous comments. Rev. 17 and 18 quote extensively from Jer. 51. Here is the passage that Rev. 18:3 references:

    “Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the Lord, Intoxicating all the earth.The nations have drunk of her wine; therefore the nations are going mad.” Jer. 51:7

    I love the end of the verse: “therefore the nations are going mad.”

    So when you see western media and the uber elite supporting Islam, this is the reason.

  22. Good points, Nelson.
    And it just dawned on me that just the other day I was thinking how much more stupid our society has become in every way; people in general; people in crowds. This indeed might be the very reason.

  23. To support what Nelson just said in his post about Islam/Mecca being Mystery Babylon here is a very good exhaustive look at the workings of Islam overall and Islam/Mecca in particular being the encompassing system that God deals with directly in the End-Times, the book is entitled, “Islam: Cloak of the Antichrist” by Jack Smith. He is a pastor who has great knowledge of Scriptures, biblical eschatology and Islam tho’ he has a different perspective regarding Russia in the mix being a probable player. You’ll have to read the book to understand his analysis, but considering Putin’s aggression in current world events, I’m now reconsidering author Smith’s position.

    America’s quick descent in influencing world affairs is testament that God is stage-setting for a catastrophic event to soon take place before the current US President leaves office. Can’t you just feel it in your spirit?

    Be watchful and pray as the LORD commands.


  24. Just saw this found it interesting in the light of the top paragraph of pg.212 in Daniel Revisited. Something tells me we may just be seeing alot more of this man.

  25. Also read this today….seems things are heating up. This should ruffle some feathers….

  26. @ Nelson…hope you don’t mind but i borrowed your comments on Revelation 18:3. Working hard on convincing and persuading folks to see and recognize the truth.

  27. Gosh I didn’t realize that Erdogan was Greek.

  28. Hi WB,
    Remember, the word behind “Greek” in our English Bibles is “Yavan.” And so who are the children of Yavan? As I show in my book in Chapter 11, they are the peoples who orignally settled the Greek peninsula as well as those who settled all around the western coast of Turkey. In addition, in 1923, Turkey and Greece had an emmigrant exchange where Christian Turks moved to Greece and Muslim Greeks moved to Turkey.
    Also, Erdogan has stated he is Turkish. Antiochus Epiphanes was Macedonian. Did being Macedonian keep him from being king of the Syrians? No, neither does Erdogan being Turkish stop him from being king of not only of the Greeks but of all the children of Yavan.

  29. But Erdogan isn’t king of the Greeks. He is the king of Turkey.

  30. Yes he is king of Turkey and that also makes him the king of Yavan. Check the original language in Daniel 8 – no where does it say “king of Greece.” Thats an artifact of our English Bibles.

  31. So then are you saying we should expect that “as soon as [Erdogan] is mighty” that he’s going to die and his kingdom will be divided into 4 parts? Then, “in the latter period of their rule” a little horn will arise from out of one of them? So Erdogan is just the beginning? And he’s going to die soon and his kingdom divided into 4 parts? Is this what you are saying?

  32. WB,
    The next Biblical prophetic event is the Second Signpost, a.k.a. the great Iranian invasion of the Middle East. This is the ram; this is the bear. The Third Signpost is after that, with the ram and the leopard. If no other candidate shows up to be the prominent horn of the goat, it will most likely be Erdogan. He will head a four-nation sunni confederacy. As soon as the confederacy he heads becomes very great he dies or is removed from office – all we know is that his power is ended for the horn breaks off. The lands of this new confederacy which includes practically all of the Middle East will, yes, break into four pieces. This begins the Fourth Signpost in which the little horn starts his ascent to power.
    So you are on the right track. There is much to the subject – three visions and alot of history. Thats why I wrote the book – to put it all together piece by piece.
    Some prophecy teachers are hinting that Erdogan might be the antichrist, but no, he is as you say “just the beginning.” If the Signpost message is true, the Antichrist will arise after Erdogan’s rule ends.

  33. Erdogan certainly is auditioning for the Antichrist but I do feel he is likely to be the “great horn” of the Goat when he leads the coalition against Iran (and the Kurds). Unfortunately for him, he is “broken” right after his victory. Whether this means his death or removal from power I can’t say…

  34. Yes, Christopher, I believe Erdogan to be the candidate for the great horn on the goat. He and many people might think he is the Antichrist to be, but the Signposts tell us otherwise.

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