The Piecing Together of Albania

While we watch the Middle East, there is that one country that is a part of the Signposts that is not really part of the Middle East but is located in Europe. That’s right – Europe. No, we are not watching for the Roman Antichrist, we are watching for the Islamic Antichrist. This European country is the fourth and smallest member of the four-nation confederacy to rule in the Third Signpost.

Of course I speak of Albania. If you’ve read my book, Daniel Revisited, you know how the end-time nations were derived from the ancient kingdoms that tried to destroy the Jewish nation. Albania is the end-time version of the Hellenistic kingdoms, the fifth historical kingdom. Albania is the home to the descendants of the people who produced Antiochus.

It seems a bit preposterous even to me, that Albania would be involved, and yet the logic of history and exegesis of Scripture led me to Albania. So while chaos is going on in the Middle East and the stage is being set for the Second Signpost, Albania continues, slowly it seems, to be prepared for the destiny that awaits it in these end-times. There has been great resistance by various European nations to allow the Albanian people to come together to form one nation.

It could be that they are mostly Muslim. It could be that they have a history of being the source of great warriors like the Ottomans’ elite Janissaries, or of Alexander the Great.

So it was back in 2011 this story reported that Albania and the newly independent Albanian Kosovo decided to share consular expenses by sharing their international embassies. It stated, “An agreement to merge the Albanian and Kosovo consular services abroad has sparked concerns in parts of the Balkans that the deal is a step towards realising ‘Greater Albania.’”

And so it was in January of 2014 that another story came out that, “Kosovo and Albania signed an agreement for co-operation and strategic partnership, enabling the two governments to implement joint political, socio-economic and cultural policies.”

In the photo we see a friendly gathering Albanian Prime Minister Rama on the right, with Kosovan Prime Minister Thaci in the middle, both of whom are sitting next to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.


So it would seem that “Greater Albania” – the unification of the Albanian peoples – just might be inching along to reality. A Greater Albania would place the Albanian people in the best possible position to assist Turkey and Egypt in their small way and be a part of the Sunni Confederacy. Albania’s 3.2 million and Kosovo’s 1.8 million make a nation of 5 million.  And as Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama put it, “Albania and Kosovo, our two governments, are determined to move ahead together to exploit all the possibilities.” There are indeed some possibilities.

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  1. Just learned today that Albania will be signing onto the “coalition” of countries that will join Turkey. You were right. (9/13/14)

  2. We have to stay honest. This coalition is only to oppose Sunni-extremist ISIS. It includes countries like Japan that will have nothing to do with the signposts. Albania is not joining Turkey to fight Iran – that will happen in the Third Signpost. However, this coalition does show that Albania is willing to work with other countries to oppose a common enemy, despite the small size of the Albanian military.

  3. It amazes me how some people take those bible prophecies to heart! For your info Albanians in general are not religious. There are 6 million Albanians in our native lands in the Balkans and 4 million in diaspora, in immigration. About 40% are Christians and only 60% of us are so called “Muslims” but we don’t practice it. The only reason Albania is aligning itself with a powerful nation like Turkey is because we got tired of the EU delaying our acceptance in the union so moved back on our only ally whose always been there for us with no economic interest for itself. The Turkish government and the Turkish companies are investing a ton of money to build our country up, something that the EU power countries have never and will never do. So yea it makes sense that we will support Turkey because they always supported us regardless of the outcome. We don’t need Europe anymore! You never wanted us anyway! Even though if it wasn’t for our national hero George Kastrioti Scandebeg defending Albania, Europe but most importantly Christianity in the 1400s, all of Europe would have been Muslim by now. We have contributed many Roman and Byzantine emperors and many Ottoman grand vezirs (prime ministers). Not to mention a world wide respected figure such as Mother Teresa. So for Christ sake give us our deserved props.

  4. Hello Ildi,
    I realize most Albanians are not zealous about their religion. At the same time three-fourths of all Iranians hate the regime in their country. Half of Turkey and half of Egypt are secular as well. But apparently these numbers don’t matter.
    If the Signpost interpretation is true, then the Bible is telling us what nations are involved and what they will do, as components of the series of events leading to the emergence of the Antichrist.
    If there are doubts about how smaller numbers of people can control large numbers of people one only has to look at ISIS today or the Nazis in Germany from 1933-1945.
    Turkey helps Albania because Albania used to be part of the Ottoman Empire and as you say contributed much to the running of the empire. Also, about 2-3 million people of Albanian descent live near Istanbul along coastal areas.

  5. Just to clear the air. I live in Connecticut, USA but I was born and lived in Korça, ALBANIA for the first 14 years of my life and I can tell you, it is way better now then it was when I was growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. I am an Orthodox Christian and I have read the Bible. If you read it thoroughly, you will notice that it says the antichrist will be from Mediterranean origin. Doesn’t say which country it just states that he will be born in one of the Mediterranean countries, of which Albania is one. Then again how do we know know that the antichrist isn’t already here. Barack Obama and the devil himself Pope Francescus are accurate candidates. I mean they do say in prophecies that the 112 pope will be the last pope and he will know as Petrus Romanus. Pope Francescus is the 112 pope so do the math.

  6. Ildi,
    Thanks for your chiming in especially with your perspective coming originally from Albania. Since you are an Orthodox Christian I can also call you brother.
    If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to read the book to see the Signpost message. I agree that the Antichrist will be from somewhere within the Mediterranean area which also includes Syria. But I disagree with the old, traditional view which is we cannot know from where, or from what ethnicity he will come, for ancient history combined with Scripture and the geopolitics of the Middle East today shows us the antichrist (1) will be from Syria or someplace bordering Syria, and (2) he will emerge during the Fourth Signpost.
    I believe Pope Francis is a terrible man to be pope heading in to these hard times – he is both a Marxist and a mental midget. He does not have the love and insight that John Paul II had or the intellect that Pope Benedict had. Check the numbers though, I believe Pope Francis is the last one at number 113.

  7. You are an interesting person. What country do you live at? Matter of fact add me on Facebook: Ildi Begolli. I tried to add you but I couldn’t which exactly it was the right person.

  8. Ildi,
    I live in the United States. There is a Facebook page only for the book, Daniel Revisited.
    God bless,

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