Upcoming Interview on Bob Dutko Prime

I have been scheduled to be interviewed on Bob Dutko Prime, with Bob Dutko, this coming Monday, August 25, 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST. The interview will be live, for one hour.  For those unfamiliar with Bob Dutko probably his most well known show is Defending the Truth, with Bob Dutko.

The home station is WMUZ, 103.5 FM in Detroit. The show is also broadcast on Christian radio stations (most likely affiliated with Crawford Broadcasting) in the following cities: Detroit, St. Louis, Birmingham, Albany, Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, Boulder, and Portland.  Hopefully many of you should be able to catch the show.

Here are links to Bob’s Facebook page, radio show page, and blog.

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  1. Got it! Thanks Mark!

  2. Mark,

    I know this may be a little o/t, but is ISIS still a real viable catalyst for Iran to invade Iraq and then the greater Mid East per Chapters 7 & 8 of Daniel? Are the Basij forces still within Iraq fighting against ISIS? It seems Iran has been too quiet for too long about their nemesis, ISIS, which seems to have blocked their agenda to export their brand of “Islam” to the good Muslims of the Mid East so that they turn from their ways.

    Should we look for something else as a catalyst to provoke Iran to “charge forth”? It seems the war drums here at home are growing louder daily since that Journalist’s gruesome beheading by ISIS as a provocation to the US. Tho’ I’m not sure the POTUS will pony up to do what is necessary to defeat ISIS and yet Iran seems silent.



  3. Hi Good4u1,
    Good questions. In this earlier post regarding ISIS, which quotes the book, I make the point that the Second and Third Signposts are one great Sunni-Shia War. Therefore, one probable symptom to watch for is the escalation of Sunni-shia conflict in the area.
    ISIS has brought the Sunni-Shia conflict to Iran’s front door. Iran will not invade until it is ready and so it will commit men and materiel to the effort of holding ISIS at bay to stall for time. The fact that the news is silent on Iran only means that Iran can continue its preparations out of the media spotlight.
    Of course the Bible does not say what the catalyst is. But we are to watch.

  4. Mark, will you be able to get an mp3 of the show and post it?? I’m sure everyone would like to hear it who are not in those towns.

  5. I don’t know yet, but I am going to try.

  6. I would like to hear it too

  7. The producer of Bob Dutko Prime Time told me afterwards that I will receive a sound file for posting here.

  8. I clicked in and heard it live. Great show Mark!

  9. Another Superb Interview with Rick Wiles. Thank you Mark! God is using you mightily for His Glory!


  10. Thanks, Rob. I’m glad you found it. I was able to make a new post out of the interview tonight.

  11. Hi Mark.

    I’ve recently heard your interview on Trunews and I will admit it has opened my mind about the book of Daniel. I’m wondering if you’ve received the audio from your interview with Bob? I’m looking forward to learning more about your perspective!

  12. Hi Mike,
    I’m still waiting. I will post it as soon as I get it.

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