Radio Interviews Available from late July

On the “Appearances” page are two additional radio interviews I did back in late July.  One is with the Schilling Show on radio station WINA, and the other is on the Internet with Messiah’s Branch End Time Radio.

There will be more interviews posted as soon as I receive or find the sound files, and can get them posted.


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  1. Mark, please check out interview with Henry Kissenger. He says ISIS is not the real problem…Iran is!
    Is Kissenger previewing the second sign post?

  2. I just saw that last night, and was thinking of making it part of a post. Kissinger always did know what was what.

  3. Mark I was pondering on some dreams and the end I was thinking about bear that came out of the woods when Elisha was being mocked for being a prophet…really thinking that those in Israel who will not regard the Messianics who live there and the spirit of prophecy from them will go into exile again by the hand of the bear, Iran.

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